How to bypass password/pin code to reset for ALL SAMSUNG GALAXY Phones? - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys, you have a Samsung galaxy phone and forgot your password and you are trying to do a factory reset. However, you can't do a factory reset because you need to shut off your phone and then press the hard keys first. But when you press Go to shut off, your phone still asks for your password here. Well, I'll show you how to bypass this password. I can't even power off now because I need to print it in my password and the thing is I need to turn off my phone and then I. Once my phone is off, I have to perform a key combination to boot into the Android recovery menu, and from there we can do a factory reset, but I first need to get into the Android recovery menu.

How exactly do we bypass this password to go ahead and shut down the computer? What we want to first is to go ahead and force it to restart as soon as it is about to reboot. We want to go ahead and press the buttons to get here into the Android recovery menu for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now. We want to press the volume down and the power button down We want to press and hold this, and then it'll go ahead and reboot as it is about to boot up. Next thing is we want to press the keys that allow us to enter the Android Recovery Menu and for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is the volume up, the big speed and the power you need to press and hold these three buttons at the same time.

Okay, so first thing is that we need to go ahead and do a force, restart power, button volume down, ready I'm just waiting, 1, 2, 3 press and hold do not let go those two buttons. We want to switch to the 3 buttons ok, so I'm going. Let go and those three buttons right now: volume up power, big speed and then I'm not sure if I got it or not. I'm basically in Android recovery here and then from there. You can go down to white data simply / factory reset, and then select ahead It goes ahead and presses on the power button here and then tells you that this cannot be done again.

A factory reset will erase everything on the phone as if you had purchased the phone brand new and from here you would go ahead and highlight volume to go down to highlight yes and then tap on the power button to go ahead and to continue the factory reset. For those of you who have another phone that is different: Here's a Samsung Galaxy s7 and the key combination is a little bit different, particularly because it does not have a Bigsby button here and it does have a home button and if I try to close the phone off. Let me go ahead and press if I go ahead and try to shut off the same thing so with the Samsung Galaxy s7 model basically it's the same thing: I will press and hold these two buttons wait about 15 or 20 seconds and then switch the key combo.

That will put me into the Android recovery, where I can go ahead and choose the factory reset. How do I find the intro recovery with the S7 here with a home button? Okay, I need to press and hold and until the Samsung logo appears and I can let go. Hope this sets us up in the recovery menu. Also, we're gonna go ahead and try it. The volume down button is ready to omittise one, two, three wait, 15 or 20 seconds until I think it's about to lick down, and then I'm going to switch to those other three keys here, in a way, wait: gotta! Let's try it again volume down the power, okay, ready one, two three press and hold I'm still holding on the both buttons and i'm gonna wait to us about the reboot I'm going to switch the three buttons.

Now if I switch the three buttons I will do so. The stalling system update I will wait for this and then this should go into the no command and from there we should be able to boot into the Android Recovery menu. Until then, let me just leave it like this and we should go to the Android Recovery Menu. Now lets see what happens, I'll leave it on the screen right now, let's give it about 15 seconds or so come on get in there get the Android recovery menu come on. We go Voila and then the same thing from here : use the volume rockers, you can go down to wipe the data / factory reset to select it press on the power button, and then this is telling you that this cannot be undone. If you want to proceed, you highlight the s.

Click on the power button, select it and it's basically going to do a factory reset. :-) Let me know if you have any questions. If you have a specific phone that you want to know, a key combination just comment and I hope that your folks out anyways..

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