How to bypass Google verification in Samsung Galaxy S20 – Unlock FRP - Galaxy User Guide

A farm is a Samsung Galaxy S 20 and I show you how to bypass the Google verification screen today. So, as you can see the phone in front of me is already locked and yeah. Let me quickly do that, let's connect - hopefully I wrote it correctly. So once you are here, you want to go back to the first page right here and we're gonna start taking screenshots so hold or not hold, but press the party and volume down, but he's at the same time, and you will get a message that means storage, the storage permission so deny it then do it once again, didn't I and don't ask again.

It also stops all settings of here we will scroll down to permissions, tap on the search button and we're going to Chrome so we go and from here once you tap on chrome, you can see that there's a button for opening it, tap it and it opens Chrome Accept and continue At this moment we don't want to login and from here we want to navigate to a hard reset that nfo websites. So let's do that right now, [Music] there we go so hard, reset, nfo and once on the website.

You want to speak on the three bars right here and go into the download category, then top on the search field, and you want to search Android 7.1.2 scroll down a little where you will see the download button, then scroll down again and tap OK, and we will be required to actually grant access after it's finished installing. We go now that it's finished tap on open and go into the settings from this source. Go back and up on install once it's done, you want to tap done and then go back, so we can go back to searching and the download category and remove this and now search for settings like so and again, tap on me, download, scroll down and download once again, ok and once it's finished open, install and this time you want to open it, OK and now we're in settings.

So once you have settings open, you want to scroll down until you find apps right here, tap three dots and show system apps, and what we're looking for is Google apps, so scroll down to G, where I am right now, and you will find the Google Play Services and Google Play Store. Disable up, go back on the Google Play Store, also disable up and go back and now Roebuck once more. You can choose the Google option right here so you can continue, and ignore this. The app will be key. It has allowed us to access Google itself as in for the login, so just close up and every time it pops up in a feature you want to close and ignore it. It goes well with it, it's basically done by now and it will keep crashing until we do a reset of the device later on.

So give me a moment and here we go so that you can see that we are now top on to you, and you can see that it's been added. Show system, apps and then scroll to Google, and there we go to disable one again so tap on it, and now we want to turn on go back on the other that is disabled turn off and select restart once more and wait for the device to boot up again, and you can see that the device is back on. It will really not matter because we're going to perform another reset of the device in a moment so tap next and you can see account, add it and it provides the account I added right before the restart of the device and we can basically progress.

That's usually where the previous screen would block us from continuing the setup process, but as you can see now it thinks we have added a customer and allows us to progress. Don't copy and fling next and you can see the app crashed again. We will see that message a couple of times more and if skip skip off the others we should just shut up and okay close up once you see it and do it skill, skill and finish okay. So once again, you have access to the home screen, close this and disregard the apps here.

As you can see the flipping over there over there as basically the app which is crashing constantly because it is not supported by this Android version but we also get rid of it by going to the settings and from here we want to go to or it's going to be a care or not, I’m just gonna search for it. So that's in general management, okay, so I'm going to go so you're not confused. So let's find general management and change settings your general management and here reset factory data and once it re-apparates on it you get a list of everything that to remove SiC in a Google account and it also sees the Google account that will remove right at the bottom.

Let's just hop on reset delete all and the process starts so give it a moment for it to finish, and once it has, we should be greeted with the Android setup screen again and then from there we can start executing the setup of the device completely, as you would normally do, to setup whatever you want now, I'll be back once the Android setup screen is visible [Music ] so once the process is complete, we're going through another setup. Start by changing the language: let's go to English on the next and the number one. The first thing that probably jumps out there is a friend that skip button is not greyed now. Usually if the device was still locked, you would not be able to skip. You actually have to connect and then it will tell you that this is the device that it is locked against.

Let's stop on the scale and you don't want to copy data from a previous device. Next and, more now, you can set up your device as you like, so that you can connect to Wi-Fi from your Google setup for patterns passwords, whatever you want, and everything will work just as it is supposed to do I'm, just skipping most of it once again to save time and finish and boom - we go. Using this view you can see that the device is now fully unlocked and ready to use. So if you found this video useful, don't forget to like subscribe, and thanks for watching [Music] you [Music]..

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