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Folks, this video is now again Sven from the guest block about the Samsung Galaxy s, 22 ultra and perfect screen protection for it in this test. I didn't even have bulletproof glass from Flex and even a screen film from Flex. Yes, because I really didn't find much more Amazon does have such good ratings but they come from somewhere in China and you can pretty sure that these are not the right ratings. That's why I remained with a well-known good brand and that's just offer. With the two types of screen protection I did something like that : I checked the protective assembly, haptic fingerprint sensor function and of course the price-performance ratio here, the Neoflex, and we have such a huge set here.

That is the glass tr platinum, 2.0, that it can harden with tv, so you have a small g guessed correctly with a plug and something like that. I haven’t tried it myself, because this set contains bulletproof glass only and the entire thing costs 32 euros. I didn’t want to buy two of them now, but I think Mainz is traveling. That means that we'll do it live in front of the camera and see if I can do it for any reason, because the reviews are mixed, you can say for this product. You then click in the block there with me on it and listed the products here. Also there is the link to Amazon and again the whole woman disadvantages are listed if I am not sure what should be the right thing for you in the video description is the same.

He thinks for a long time that he also has a blog for me, yes, we're going to begin with the neo flex protective film and then we'll close the product and hope that we can do it all with the video so I bought it on amazon for 15 99 2 pieces are in there mpeg with me only one. Actually, we will return to that in a moment, so it works, but it could have been better, but that you have the protective film here. We have the stickers here we are coming at the same time, I'm going to let this run at normal speed here so you can see how the whole thing works because Samsung has very curved display edges and of course it's not that easy to start it all up.

Yes, if you start with all that and also I have a disadvantage, because we have a damp cloth with this sadc which means I will only be me, take an expensive apple cloth here for Samsung and clean the whole thing because of course, I want to install it the way it gets and don 't go over it with a glass cleaner, but I know that's how a protective film works traveling time, namely quite a lot. So naturally there are a lot of dust grains on here. We have the two of course here for later sticking on the second cover, but that is of course much more pleasant because it is much faster and you don't have to hush around so much that new dust comes on it.

So the whole thing looks pretty good I'll see to it that you do it really perfectly I don't have to do it now so well, so do it now ; we'll just do it nicely and don't forget to put our fingers wet ; we're going to pull the film off a backing film immediately and of course we shouldn't get on it with our greasy fingers. You could really make a flap such as that, so that you can pull the whole thing off properly. If you need to nail and always do it a little breaks the film. When you've got the whole thing down, then align with the front camera through the water here. A bit more back and forth's slide. So when you're straight, you just call this slider here, you see just a line like that in the middle of the entire thing.

You could do it just a little more afterwards had this little air bubbles and always paint the frame so light that it also stays really well, but you don’t really need to do anything else here. Now you have a lot of small streaks on it and also small air bubbles and things like that but they disappear immediately after a while a few hours away, so the film doesn't tear immediately. It doesn't look perfect at that moment, so let us start with the advantages. The whole thing really covers the whole front, so it really goes nicely around the edges and when it's all dry, then the entire thing is barely visible.

So fantastic, one must also say that the fingerprint also works without any problems as you can see, although the whole thing has just been freshly installed and so on. That means you don't have to save it again or it does not work in the end, oh, that really works You can also use all the cases in mine es 22 ultra behind a look here. None of these sleeves are then pushed back on the side and those were the advantages. Have the preview image on the front for youtube and written bulletproof glass on it? I will, of course, go away over time because it’s a material that I’ve made again, but it is not so nice.

If you use the s p on it every day and then just after having the scribbles etched everywhere in the light you see that it works better with bulletproof glass so you really have to look. The assembly is of course more difficult than with normal tanks. You do need to swipe a little bit push and stuff like that but if you watched the video that would not actually be a problem for you with a screen protector also compulsory. A film only protects against scratches for ten years. That means that you will have to use it today which I have a bit of a small elevation up here and down there. That means that the case is on and I will display if it falls down. Next disadvantage is a big sticker here, as I sat just, we didn't tell me, buy and whether we didn't have a damp cloth with us.

You can see that the advantages and the disadvantages of this protection here I'll take it off again because in a moment we come to the bulletproof glass tralala we will come to glass tr, platinum, 2.0, bulletproof, glass I'm really excited. There is also a video of flying that can be found through that I also put on that I 'll. Let it run right away, we'll see that everything here is a bit different than those with other armored glasses, we'll see if we do that, get the whole thing done. Yes, that is of course a great cable with which I don't have to connect right now. Perhaps we still have a spirit level, not bad either. The foils should be simple and we have a cloth here to dry off. It doesn’t matter so I will get one of these things first and then we’ll see each other again.

So I have found another cable now because this thing here is very short notice so the socket had to be here directly there in addition to having to pull the television over it. Actually, everybody has a drawer like that that throws the whole old cable in there. It's also problematic, but you immediately see with your fingers with a bit longer the video I have the feeling that the whole thing is so high then, just like that, let's pack things to the side. Then I'll just let the video run by the way here. Let's take a quick look at the whole thing and do it immediately. The phone was put in the middle. And so now this thing is used here because the mobile phone is installed. The whole thing is like this and the mobile phone with the camera is put in there.

I really don't understand why I have a lot of cleaning cloths for a few services in it, but that way you really can clean the display! If you have such a reform there, you can't get time to finish the whole thing with his finished fingers on the display. They then always dry the whole thing because Amazon rating you have also seen that a lot of people write that it does not work or that has not lived properly and trallala. I'll really try that out now, whether it's really a bad product or whether people can just barely manage it. It is there to mask the speaker so that no moisture gets in from these strange ones.

Just take the black one on it at the same time, then we'll try that, now that worked quite well, I hope I didn't stick it too far and the armored glass on top immediately hit me and then I'll see everything right away and yet I'm so far in it that she's down a bit further up. It can't be, but use then you now take this thing here because this spirit level just so easy soy compact the whole thing below here. Now look at this point that the whole thing is straight for me, it's a just yes, they are at least out, and now what's next for me now I'm not really good again. Take out this spirit level from here again: ok, now they push this funny plate up there. I hope it stays like this now take this story here.

Ok, you just open it now you turn it off and then the stuff comes out there Gosh. That is great, of course. Now something is coming and you can see that I think it's a little more in the middle of the display trapp. How you do now here We take everything off again, except this thing here and then the armored glass comes in on it. Then the armor goes automatically and so I'll put it there and we'll pull it out. You should press the Run button and then fall onto the thing.

Now I can see the thing and now the tank does it automatically and then it shouldn't be pressed down with your hand, and it definitely looks like in the video, and this should be distributed perfect now without anything having to be pushed, and there are many air bubbles that have emerged once the whole thing has gone in the edge. It looks also very nice and let's do it a minute at the top and below now. This uv lamp speaks here and there, so that maybe you should watch the video to open it by the way or something like that. Is it means that if we stand here for a minute, like that we might tilt it for a moment, I now have done it, which is also very cool here. That won't happen any more, so we can now take this thing off.

Can peel off this sticker here so that the armor is sticky then I won't put it on it. What do we do then again in Fast forwarding, so click again here. So I did these three steps again with this UV lamp, but everything worked fine. So apparently there was a chemical process going on, and let's take a look there, and look at the whole thing again. On the sides you have to say there is not any of this liquid leaking out. It feels like normal armored glass. We'll be the same at the end, pull it off again to see if this armor, that was only war at the edges. That is always the case when you have a curved display, so what we want to test again is that fingerprint doesn't work anymore, but they do in the description.

That means we are now trying to save it once again and see if it works then why is it now that it can be that it is now in the tank? Let's do it Adding. It is still being prepared and I don't want it to get too long. So I don't notice anything here so shifting is normal. Now it worked for the fifth time ; i think it worked ; even if I press harder, it doesn't make a difference. I made another second, third, fourth, fifth, and that's about it, as described in the Amazon reviews. If you are only dealing with feces or with facial canadian mac hen. In any case the armored glass goes really nicely into the corners and does not really guide it on the sides here. Face still works, ID, fingerprint sensor.

Otherwise, a touch works brilliantly and you don't have any blisters or anything else on it. If you do it right, those are the advantages from which we come to the disadvantages. How would you say the whole thing is, of course, expensive at 32 euros for a bulletproof glass, and you should think about the environmental aspects of the stuff I got here, somehow, because the whole thing then flies into the garbage, If you do, has a normal cable longer - this is easy micro-usb! You must decide that in the end what an armored glass is for you or whether you prefer to use a protective film because you can't use other armored readers because they stick to the edge only and it doesn't have to be that - just blood -.

It has that now has and is actually appears as normal armored glass as you can see and also sticks wherever possible. I hope there are no residues on the display. Here you can see it is already broken, so you can also see that it sticks really well so that we hope the display doesn't have any residues on the edges a bit, but you can do that. Yes test you can say passed, except for the fingerprint sensor. Of course, it's a bit expensive for people. The other Samsung models are a bit flattened. There are also normal tank glasses with the ultra is, of course a bit disgusting or heike said yes, leave your thumb high rated moment. I would be very happy because you will not miss such videos in the future.

U nten in the video description that again the same link to it in your blog? All women's disadvantages are described again and, as always, until the next video..

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