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Enter anti-link vegetable in the description column. Okay, now I'm going to review a cellphone from Samsung whose life when it launched. At that time, this cellphone was launched in the series notes from Samsung Wak, still friends friends who have played with the Mbak Nia jacket a lot,. This must be the Note series or my opinion. It's okay because I'm reviewing it this time and it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which claims to review this time. This unit is in Cooper color, It looks like gold,. Maybe if you don't see it on the camera it's because the mother of science is anti-scratch carbon on the back to add protection.

I was so curious about this cellphone because at that time Samsung put a lot of features in, then the edix division was just added to the 09 series and the Samsung Galaxy S9. The review of Oh, the specs and body of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, here now. The look of this Samsung Galaxy Note 9 This service is by Samsung can immediately synopsis dilan at that time. This is a Super AMOLED with a SGM stem, which can produce better colors, of course, on this Samsung Note 9. Then he has a screen resolution of 1440 times, 2960 pixels, which is where we have always known that Samsung always takes the screen, particularly when it comes to Super AMOLED. If we try to see if it's installed, sorry on YouTube, like this, the resulting color is really good.

It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not have a refresh rate. The screen rises like a modern cellphone. Only for the year 2022 Playstore was created for the Instagram Group. He remains. This Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is backed by a kitchen runway. Only if official entry to Indonesia uses Exynos 8890, the ram is at 6 or 8 gigabytes, don't go PureView. He then has internal memory 128, Gigabyte CPU, Italian clubs to the back of this Samsung Note 9 here and there he uses glass on the back. How is he good in the front or back of the neck? Is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 filling this Coupled with this carbon look and adds protection Continue here. Both 12 megapixels have white and ultra-wide cameras. The white camera has a size of 26 mm.

While you're looking for the photo, he has his photo partner, he has 12 megapixels and he has also a lens size of 52 mm and here he has a fingerprint sensor and this has an LED flash. There's now a speaker, a microphone, then an FC port. He has a 2.5 mm audio jack. Of course, the SPM sp has also worn the steering wheel, yes, that's for the sides and front and back okay guys. How about that. I've seen a glimpse of the specs used by Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and have also seen the body details from the Milan - synopsis. This Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a screen size of 6.4 inches. It uses Super AMOLED with SDR ten, so that the color produced here is If we try to open Instagram like this, the color is really good and it has a screen resolution of 1880 times 2960 pixels.

Even though he does not have the current 120hz screen refresh. But if you want to scroll on Instagram like this to switch applications (yes ) This is really okay, even though it is not the latest HP cellphone, but at least this Samsung Note 9 is still giving us the experience of using a cellphone, that's OK, to make in 2022. If we look at the body design used here, the Samsung This Note 9 is finished. With a flash glass on the back, then both the front and the back are protected both with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. If we look at the bottom, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack. Then here is the main feature of the S pen notes that are already used by the eel. Also there is a power button on the right side. At the top he also has a SIM card slot and a Microsd mic.

On the left side he has only a volume up and down button and also a button for Bigsby Keh Then on the front camera. The resolution of the camera is 8 megapixels. Then also the Samsung Note 9 is capable of recording a high quality video. Ork 60fps curious about the results, don't Steve watch this video, keep watching video [Music], yes, Others have Ultra xt1080 resolution, [Music], more replies, friends, okay, Or not okay or gold, even 2022 Write It is indeed for quality D Passport Video Recording from Samsung Galaxy Note. This is Samsung's trademark, yes, the face moves smoothly. Uh, yesterday I controlled the earthquake because it should have stabilization.

Samsung, Note 9 The results of taking pictures using Samsung, Note 9 Now is the right time for you to draw conclusions about this cell phone. Is this phone worth buying in 2022 or just forget it, and now it is personally from me, this cellphone is still very suitable for you to use in 2022, according to the specs given, still very good,. It is already Super AMOLED BRTs that the colors produced are really good. Then the quality of the video and camera recording, in my opinion, is OK, still for use in 2022. It was still really good and I think that the sexy 9810 can really support your daily performance, especially with the presence of this feature.

This is really capable for those of you who like it, maybe play it on their cellphone If You have pictures or designs to color the cave, screen writings to send his girlfriend or for Mango, briefly. It is not inferior to the latest samsung short sleeves from samsung.net. Think it is around 5 million or millions for the second price, this Samsung Galaxy, Note 9, of course, in the official budget. It has been found at a more reasonable price and also the tree of play is given the experience of using it. When I watched 2018 yesterday, it was really hip tonight. He immediately looked like a searcher. Where Lombok 90999 is usually Samsung, does not like giving Andreas products, now the TV gift looks like it doesn't mean or wants to.

Now it's Galaxy World First, a TV gift and others. It's great, I feel like the launch is okay. That was it for the first time in my video about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which, in my opinion, is worth it. Don’t forget to continue to support us by liking comments and by subscribing to our YouTube channel. Next time it gadgets in the comments column below messages or want to review, Innova or constructive criticism for us in the future so that it can develop even more. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram. It is a gadget channel ; later, for example, I will enter it below because it could also work. Videos will be shown and super tips and tricks for using mobile phones may also be shared on the Instagram channel. Next video, Dadah, er (Music).

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