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This segment had disappeared from the range of Xiaomi phones in 2021. They had the Xiaomi MI 11 Lita, but the cellphone was not a Flexiplan, If the last time they had a flagship smartphone in 2018 with a compact form, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi MI 8 which had a 6.2-inch screen. Xiaomi's return to the flash pump segment indicated that consumers actually wanted a premium-class cellphone but was not too big. There are still other interesting things that the cellphone has, all of which will we try to describe in terms of the shortcomings of this Xiaomi 12. The module has a color that always matches the temporary back cover.

The rear camera module has a Xiaomi MI 11 in the shape of an ellipsis with two black and color colors in the same color as the back cover, and then the front camera of Xiaomi 12 is shifted to the top center. Xiaomi MI 11 has a front camera hole in the top left. As regards the shape of the screen, Xiaomi is no longer curved on four sides, like M iss, Blast practically curved, the Xiaomi 12 screen is only on the left and right edges. After you know What is the difference in the design of this cellphone that is Xiaomi 11 Let's go deeper into two testers, namely chrisj from the YouTube channel tag tablets and the YouTube channel slime Views : Amazed by the design of this cellphone, especially because of its compact shape.

They feel the Xiaomi 12 is really comfortable to hold, not only because of its size, but also because of the Bell quality and good finishing. The unit Kris Ge tested was the Xiaomi 12 variant of the glass back cover, while the one tested in review was the variant with the green synthetic leather back cover. Both of them are able to protect fingerprint files because they have Mad polish, but the one that uses Agathis leather material looks rather exclusive. This variant is able to increase grip because it does not slide fast when the port button is held in place and the accompanying components. It's not different, like in the Xiaomi 11 side which channel if it medium is this cellphone a perch for the volume and power buttons.

The bottom side has a USB cord, main speaker, microphone and dual SIM slot without microphone, while the left side is empty. The top side is occupied by a secondary infrared speaker, grille and microphone. Both dimensions of this cellphone are 150 2.7 x 69. com, nine by 816 mm, with a weight of 180 G for the glass cover variant. While the synthetic leather variant has a width of 152 points seven times 6099 by 8.6 6 along with a weight of 179 G day, 12 has the right size and is not heavy. Even the Xiaomi 12 screen is capable of withstand 12-bit depth display colors. So it's no wonder that this cellphone screen is translucent to the color standard, deceive 3 and gets an a plus from the eye. Display, then bye, Xiaomi 12 supports adaptive 120hz.

Payment is also able to reach a brightness of 1100 when the cellphone is used to set HDR videos. Comparatively, the contrast ratio of this screen is 5 million Rupieah compared to one other tester. Aswin fierce on the Lizard English YouTube channel stated that the Xiaomi 12 screen is very bright and very smooth, even though it is very smooth. You don’t have to worry that the battery will run out quickly because Xiaomi 12 is equipped with two modes that you can choose. The first is automatic and adjusts the Rich Reflection setting based on the second custom activity, which allows you to select only 60/120 settings. Several features are also included to increase the user experience while gazing.

Some of them are light sensors, 3, 60, ° for or brightness - anti-flicker, heart rate sensor, fingerprint scanner sensor and always on display, specifically anti-flicker. This feature is important to reduce screen flickering symptoms. This symptom usually appears when the screen is set to the lowest and highest brightness levels in the crisp. This feature is very effective in reducing screen flickering Xiaomi 12 screen is protected with us by Caca Corning Gorilla Glass when used in outdoor conditions. That is Snapdragon 8G one made by Qualcomm Soc 8 core is designed with a new CPU architecture with fabrication of 4 quarto Land claims that this Soc is faster and more power efficient than its predecessor Snapdragon 800, 8800 memory. It occurs in many sectors, including CPU GPU and a.

ab facial intelligence for example GPU capabilities. Consumption then, like the components in Snapdragon 8gen, one for the CPU, There is a Prime 3.0 gigahash interview, three 2.5 GHz Crebox cores and four Aufar 1 Creative Cores, 8 typical kids. This is evidenced by the presence of an internal x65 modem as for mainboard Xiaomi 12 Snapdragon 8gen 1 Dawin collaboration with lpddr5 steps and ufs3 internal memory, one in Synthetic benchmarking carried out by the fresh g-snack Dragon 8gen. One looks to be able to have a high performance impact on the Xiaomi 12 as information, The unit tested by Kris ge is a variant with 8/128 GB of memory on the Antutu 9 HP application, which has a score of 950 6873 which is fairly high.

The score is a combination of several tests, including CPU [Music], 218000, 635, GPU [Music] 432282 and memory 140 7480 Go to the 3dmark Wildlife Application to see the capabilities of the gpu specifically Hi. According to Kris ge, the total score of Xiaomi 12 is 9807 with an average FPS of 58 points seven. This result shows the ability of ybpu is high, but not extraordinarily testing continues on the Android application hates the speed of internal memory of the phone. The test results show that the Xiaomi 12 sequential read speed reached 1610 65 MB per second while the Alya 1250 key wyld. The speed is in accordance with the latest UX31 standards regarding CPU capabilities test ghyben application Xiaomi 12 also got a single-core score of 1151 and Scorpio Z Core 3521.

The score was also very good and indicated that the application opening and closing was quick on this cellphone. The crashday was slightly different from the test results. Aswin is fierce, but in picture r it's England, but the scores from the two testers are still in a similar range. Only synthetic benchmark application scores don’t always describe the performance of the phone in real conditions,.

Let's see what the experience of the praisers looks like when they use the Xiaomi 12 for a few days, including when he plays the game Aswin Ganesh on the English Lizard YouTube channel, he admitted that he didn't really feel the overheating issue or throttling symptoms of decreased performance on this cellphone, It consists of three components, namely the recent vapor graphite sheet and the gravenna sheet, each with a surface area of 2, 10, 345, mm2 and 226 mm2. So what f Xiaomi 12 is used to play Mobil Legends games because YouTube from the Philippines is an eccentric review, testing out some pa games, ranging from Mobile Legends, CEO, D-Mobile and Ginseng impact.

The first two games can be played smoothly without lag with the highest graphics settings, specifically the impact YouTube channel torments, Xiaomi 12 by installing s60v graphics settings. Other graphics elements are also set high except the motion blur that is flipped off. This game runs smoothly, even smoother when speed mode is activated. If the user activates the developer mode, the tester in the ground, YouTube TV accent how to play games invests for 1.5 hours, the cellphone also experiences an increase in temperature, but not until 60°, Celsius Lex and the shutter. Only the accent tagged was to judge that it occurred not because of the graphic settings according to the complimenter, because the battery percentage was below 30%.

The system will reduce its performance in order to prolong the life of cellphone 4 Xiaomi cameras arming tai, VGA camera. Now more confident by increasing the size of the camera sensor to one by one point: five by six inches, originally one by one 33 inches on the Xiaomi MI 11. The sensor is integrated with a v188 PDF aperture 2014 m lens and an optical image stabilizer and a QS electronic image stabilizer. This camera is equipped with ice and can record up to 1080p full HD resolution at 30 and 60 Force 5 Xiaomi 12 Battery carrying a 4500mah battery This size is in large category. 40 charging protocols are also supported based on the tests conducted by Kris Ge via the PC market application. 30 Xiaomi battery 12 records a maximum usage time of 14 hours, 23 minutes, Hi results.

This can be achieved if the mobile phone is set to a refresh reg of 60 oc. These results also mean that the Xiaomi 12 is ready to accompany its users for a full day. Kasmin reveals fiercely that the charge of the battery from zero to 100 percent only took 39 minutes. 6 speakers, Xiaomi 12, inheriting the stereo speaker configuration from Xiaomi b11 means that there are two sound alvorts found at the bottom and top of this cellphone. This speaker is tuned by Harman Kardon and supported by presets from Dolby Atmos. In short, the sound produced by Xiaomi 12 speakers is solid. This HP speaker is a bit louder than the Xiaomi 12 Pro.

A lack of Xiaomi 12 a cellphone will be very impossible if there is a shortage even if it is a flagship smartphone, of the many shortcomings we will describe, Relatively a minor side of the house, design of YouTube channel Xiaomi rewick mountain said that the surface of the Xiaomi 12 body was quite slippery. A phenomenon such as this is naturally experienced by most cellphones with a glass back cover. Naturally, this will not happen on the Xiaomi 12 with the synthetic leather back cover. Installing an additional case will prevent the phone from being slippery. Apart from being slippery, this cell phone does not have an IP rating or water and dust resistance. The SIM slot on this cellphone is equipped with rubber so that water doesn't enter the two small sides of the camera.

It's a shame that HP is a premium class, but can't do video recording at resolution 4 on front camera, practically the Xiaomi 12 front. The camera can only record video at full HD 1080p resolution, At least it can provide more detail so that the video doesn't break when cropped,. There are already many middle class cellphones whose front camera is capable of recording video at 2K resolution. Kris, Ge and Aswindi Anas feel that the video produced from the Xiaomi 12 camera is too bright. This problem can be resolved when Xiaomi has the software update, Xiaomi doesn’t seem to want to give away this type of camera for its flagship model, base, three smaller sides of the screen and connectivity.

This can refine the display of content, but the power consumption of the cellphone is not Siboro 120hz. Meanwhile, the connectivity problem of this cellphone is already capable, even though the 3.5mm Sau Biyu can no longer be found. You want to use a wired headset, it's more important, but not yet on this cellphone is video output via the USB c port, practically a sign that you can't connect this cellphone to an external screen, television via cable to watch videos or play games. 4, black and overhead : Xiaomi 12 comes with the Android 12 operating system with interface miui7teen. It's only that this interface is still not stable according to Kris ge's view, because once he felt the presence of Lex in his daily use it was already set at a refresh rate of 60hz.

Minor symptoms appeared when Kris Ge opened applications such as YouTube and Twitter. In addition to electricity, he felt that Xiaomi, 12 Jampang has a fever because he is reluctant to use the 3dmax application when he does a stress test, but the cellphone crashes immediately within 1112 minutes. This flagship cellphone immediately issued a notification that the device was overheating. Kris Ge then concluded that Xiaomi 12 could indeed deliver rapid performance with Soccer Dragon 8gen.

This happens when the given task is not done for a long time, but if the task is heavy and done for a long time, such as playing the petrol impact game with high traffic settings, the cellphone will not be able to maintain its highest performance and the overhead overhead will be faster if the cellphone is installed with a Kris. The Ge is still guessing what caused the overheating, either because the Snapdragon 8gen did produce excess heat or because the heat dissipation system of Xiaomi 12 in Kyle was less effective. What Krispi experienced was a bit different from what felt like an accent tag.

The views emphasis, reviews mention that the Xiaomi 12 will indeed experience overheating when it is first used to play heavy games, but according to him, the cellphone will no longer experience this because it already knows how much energy must be expended to handle high workloads, Overheating symptoms can actually be overcome with software optimization. In this way, the system will limit hardware capabilities so that performance can be stable and the temperature of the cellphone is still within reasonable limits. Non-gaming flagship phones are indeed common to have hardware limitations. The presence of Xiaomi 12 shows that Xiaomi is aware that there are types of consumers who want a flagship cellphone with a reasonable size.

That is cool and it should be appreciated that the company led by Le Jun was not careless in creating the Xiaomi 12, mainly in terms of a design that is not only comfortable to hold, but also has been seen as comfortable, considering it also spreads across the display sector, namely the duet of the screen and speakers. Harman Kardon's slick Tereo, makes Xiaomi 12 able to provide a fun multimedia experience, especially battery life, is also quite good. As a result, only this cellphone has some problems with optimization, both software and hardware, camera shots and performance for heavy tasks are not optimal, even though it is fast and stable. This is what the CEO of Xiaomi wishes Jun, so that the Xiaomi 12 series can compete with Apple iPhone phones.

Crucial problems can, of course, be redenominated when Xiaomi rolls out software updates. However, the Xiaomi 12, is still a good phone.. You, who thicken premium HP with a compact form : hi, hi, [Music ], hi, hi, Hi, Ho..

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