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Even though you have still not forgotten like studio lights? Basically, the sun is good, bro. This past week, I opened a poll for the blind test content of a majority of camera smartphones which I took when I was on vacation to Bali. The cellphone is that three flagship smartphones are under release in Indonesia, the plane to the holder of the number one position on the Xiaomi 12, bro, Faith, OS, 22, Ultra and under magic for Ultimate. This complaint is because it is not different; remember in this competition, camera, Ji-eun never gave an absolute winner and clearly said that the red smartphone will be better than B. The price is not directly proportional to the camera quality. The iPhone 13, promeka that we don't invite anymore because we have started.

There are still a lot of shortcomings in some comparison: Cameras are now, except for video. In this video, I will announce the results of yesterday's poll. Let’s go [Music], Hi, first butterfly let’s start with the main lens first, yes. The lighting range is flat in the wide Xiaomi IG pool. Bro is far superior while Paul is x220.. Umboh is his face because the difference between one flagship, cellphone and another will be very thin in optimal lighting conditions again. What do you think if I prefer photos from home from kids? Look at my child's facial area, the hair to detail the texture in Bandung, I still get it, There is a lack of green leaf color.

It's too green and toxic and so is 12.00 sycamore a little over while s22 Putra is important, in my opinion, smoky, especially in the hair area, OK. This picture is actually ideal, a beach landscape photo but when you shoot it in the sun it is quite difficult to respond between the Venus and the sky. On the IG and YouTube links, everybody agrees that you choose the f-22 offroad obviously because he can get the most yellow sun and it is not too biased while the shadows on the umbrella are lifted up. It is just that, if you look at it in detail, it is missing in the ground sand and in the umbrella poles. The sand texture is good magic multimedia. Ipin continued, the color is very blue. The rust on the umbrella pole can only have traces of overshare overlap.

The chat image is, in my opinion, only 12 Pro, the most natural thing about being ready to discuss the paper, discussing the image which feels darker, slightly different, different situations. IG and YouTube photos from Xiaomi 12 skirts See. The camera is really crazy and YKS and sharpness. I agree with Xiaomi 12 Ihan's profile which is absolute. On the left cheek there is just a little strange Sado but maybe it's just a little different angle. X2 Ultra Short message box has a kink just in the background, It doesn't feel like sunset is too breathable.

Maybe it's not a little bit called, while the side is Exomed Libertyn't Shark, the name once the next photo becomes darker, still using the main lens in auto mode, the majority of you Oppo Find x, quick look Yes, the details are still at 06:00, it is still possible. If you talk about the atmosphere it is actually Xiaomi 12 bro, who gets the most yes, no, it's just that Shadow is too dark. If Magic for Ultimate doesn't get it, it's cute while S2 Putra is too Watch Out. The image chat is the most detailed and the strongest, it's darker. There are some parts in Ukraine, khairo and f-22, which can actually taste better on auto when the car is on. But it is still your main choice for Ultimate Stone, followed by a fine XP Pro. Totally agree, File, The Prodi auto spray is really good.

The colors and contrast are good, but in the night mode the skin tone has a more textured feel but the color is really yellow. So it's hard to choose while Magic for Ultimate is original in texture and balanced colors in the mod. The next one is even more so in the middle of the beach there is only white light at night, so there is a restaurant in the distance. The majority of you choose the f-22 ultra dige Xiaomi 12 Pro is behind it. Why should I choose the Xiaomi 12 Pro in this case because it looks like the tutorial process on the S22 Ultra. There are a few artists who look around the mouth and the hair looks like it's blurry with movement.

The other two smartphones already have a hard time with chapters in this dark condition, it looks like Joe Wait, a minute, don't be in a hurry, All these HP camera shots are incredible, but the electronic discounts at Bukalapak are also amazing, up to 90% on a wide range of products. Click link description of the Bukalapak application dangdut for those who don't have it, and when will you get the discounted products? Right, Discount up to 90%, just open Bukalapak, [Music] Hi, moving on to the next lens overnight? Let's start with the death model in this photo, according to SS2, Oppa feels a lot in the thick sky, which is thicker and the car is also spacious. Personally, I prefer Magic for Ultimate, because it is not too much color contrast in the sky and the natural leaves are not too loud.

Let's look at the ultra white capability of each backlight design. Most people choose the s22 Ultra on the back with magic for Ultimate Intel, while on YouTube it is actually the same. He is far away but the main object of shooting is good while your Xiaomi 12 bro prints it on the edge of the pi sideways between magic for Ultimate and s22. Ultra : personally I choose magic for Ultimate, both able to give good thoughts, but I prefer the Sadness'' character of Anyer which is more natural if Deep Sleep is visible in the SD browser, namely the results of Ning's observation.

If you don't have tips, -tips It looks OK, OK let's go into the dark, for the white birthday lens to sing around seven o'clock, pick it up roughly because the sky is just right, - So that means that it's like a photo of an anime studio, anime, bye, bye I think's your choice and our office is truly Yes here under magic for nude images, So it's dramatic, technically okay, Yoi, but I can’t ride the S20. It's actually good,, it's actually the closest to the original condition,. Yes, es 2012 is also OK, but still losing the two smartphones, for sure for Flo I. Telephoto lenses only promise a lossless Lupe, first let's complex optical zooms as much as possible, because what we are initiated here is not how close the result is to the object.

But your police image of your choice occurs on IG, mostly Pik Magic Tibetan portal, while on YouTube Finex pimpro Leading is instead followed by magic for Ultimate how the facial of GWK statue was originally greenish. The epithelium was really blue. I used my S20 too much, I tried to break the box, so the picture looks Watchout and the details are inferior to Magic for Ultimate continue between Xiaomi and Oppo at noon. I always prefer an optica as it's more demanding or there is too much contrast. Can the 7 exhibits of zomia full-time under Magic be compared to the tnx optical zoom? The headroom can still not beat optical, though Different, try xduoo again try to hold the dark part of the statue that is actually easy to fix.

We try to Mini as much away from the kiss factor from the user as possible, and you rely on Jasman from the next device. Let's see the Hybrid ability, Friday or digital zoom Everything is set at 20 times. Zuk follow the maximum zoom capabilities of the Xiaomi 12 pro and the next file Bro, the most chosen by DJs and YouTube, is under magic for Ultimate. The image of Anyer is visible in mykris cells. We still see the front of these people clearly from the ease of use, as well as an easier boost to lock focus and the image is unstable. Those who know if anyone is curious can't be SMP1 once the Magico, Ultimate, and f-22 Opera. Most of you choose Magic for Ultimate while on IG opo ranks second and on YouTube Xiaomi 12 road who ranks second agrees with the results.

It's with less harsh contrast, requisite detail without sacrificing the right, skin tone antique and this dry. Okay, under can give a good balance between realty and beauty. Only the S20 Putra provides the sharpest detail and too reduces contrast in the essence of a portrait shoot. By the way, about the fourth signs is ice photographed. It's just 1112, there are still small minuses here and there, programmatically and the background is quite complicated. Ed's elements are OK. [Music] Now let's go to the part where we both rarely use the camera. Many of you like the super wide front camera. It seems that the most used ones are Magicforce Ultimate children who have selfie KM with Fv100 Rajat, FW is the advantage. I got Sunny Day mood the details,.

It's really easy and Mikraj is right, even though this count is a bit behind. Relevant experience, also Pro Picsay S20 Ultra, Even though you choose a cooler color, the skintone is spot on and the details are top, while vanectro is taking a more natural path, continue this self program, you many JG Semipro while it's closed quite balanced between Bro files and Magicforce Ultimate. If I see the Magic Ultimate Photos have a slight advantage in sharpness for the excitement, It's a bit lacking in your ears, I took a photo. If there are a lot of SCTV vibros, then that's a little better so both the options are: yes, it's all wrong. Yes, about skin tone and details, I actually prefer the S22 Ultra, which is more original.

If it's a selfie in the dark, the majority of the fans are Xiaomi 12 bros, while IG is mostly Philiphine. Xp Pro with Xiaomi 12, bro and Intel Magic Ultimate behind me is thinner than hi, with the kids, DJ vinesh aphrodite,. Let's start with this back camera video with all the default movies The majority are from participating in the Magic Fountain at the billionaire poll Unfortunately, sometimes they like to underexpose them as shadows,, there are some that are really dark for Vanes Vivo,. They like to bleed with lethargy and they often overexpose even though the color is very natural, I like the opposite of my husband's oversaturated a 12 volt., 30v Hi at Jing street lighting, the main object condition is under the temporary seat.

Yes, realistically you feel more natural and it makes him win Explosion, while the main object is thwarted. Xp Pro, which is intense by the software, is leveled between the foreground and background for export. In fact, other things also look unnatural, namely when the main object looks like it has been hit by beauty. What surprises Yingli is that S20 people who choose to win the explorer for ground and expose the background eat the same 12 This promotion is better able to handle SIMs, continue to the video tonight. Vifro Xiaomi is also slow.. Everyone has a motorbike to make videos.

But if you look for a balance between exposure noise and my details still Filipino x5pro de Only, every site, video, but skin image is Superior for poor conditions or because this is the next selfie video. The maximum resolution is 1080P or magico ultimate still can record the default G30S, while the s22 Oka is next level with for cake 60fps again under Magic fortnite selected by your sad milkita, who was second place by Win XP Pro eh at the beginning, when the sun was still in front of me. Also the stabilization is OK, but when I turn back the old backlight condition is really severe. I prefer s20pro, which gives a more natural skin tone. You can react to shadows and highlights even in backlight conditions, and don't forget.

You have to choose between Vanes, Vivo or Xiaomi 12 bronze, choose 12 volts which can give you better than not too contrast and chat. More color, I — click last audi recording glue, o We didn't have time to do a poll, so we thought about it just now. The browser sounds more than the volume is quite suitable if you want to arrange it in post-production again, it's a little below 20 North, while the penis file size of pong with distortion that can be heard a little [music] yo yo for those of you who are interested in exotic goods or exotic smartphones such as magic for Ultimate,. You can play directly on the MP3 stall on Tokopedia, I've placed the link in the description, just wash your eyes.

Our test didn't like to give rap scores, because we do not want you guys to win after watching this, video in smartphone format or smartphone B has help ai, because in many situations the camera results are better. When the smartphone has reached the Flexi level it's actually good, it more or less depends on taste and what is being analysed, I'm just Inpres, yes, with under magic for Ultimate. The leading camera for the s20pro smartphone is also quite impressive as it has often received software updates, one of which is to improve the camera quality. While File Explorer Pro is not chosen most often, but is quite often in the second position and varies slightly with a smartphone on it.

Of these four smartphones, Xiaomi 12 Pro can still provide resistance, which means that even I occasionally prefer sout from Xiaomi 2 Pro. Although the majority of your other pics are subjectivity again to taste, That's all the video from the key 7 Kali I'm Reza, I satay endezke, waiting for our next poison, Bye, Cup, [Music], hi, hi..

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