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Hello guys, David is here and standing in front of me, I already have a Samsung Galaxy S7, one Ultra, still neatly woven into the box, which is much slimmer. In this flagship Samsung and maybe for a Flexiplan section for future or even regular cellphones, In the sale package we won't get a charger anymore,, It really powers everything because Apple, because they dared to remove the charger head on the iPhone 12. The Samsung brand was the party that wanted to be refilled, but now it is also taking part. If San is the easiest way, for the sake of the environment, to reduce electronic waste so that we can buy a charger, head.

That's a greener, earth, right, and can you share information about Super GT at Tokopedia? How can we get up to 80% discount + 200,000 extra cashback for buying gadgets like HP tablet, laptops and of course the charger head is a great opportunity for those looking for gadgets, especially when there is a best price guarantee product that says if we find a cheaper price than that the money back is good for details, Below, I should support the brand decision like that, but for some reason I feel like something is still stuck, I'll tell you more later about the reason, but let's unbox the cellphone first so that you can see the contents of the box to listen to me. There is already a unit of the Galaxy S2 M1 Ultra, which is still a sample.

If we have the Indonesian version we will get an article that looks like this is made in Indonesia, It is also pretty good to be a benchmark for my father here, There is this ice writing because the color is vantablack. It's also very fitting for 2021 because all the extensions whose size supports also VJ, have Samsung writing on the right and Galaxy on the left above, and there's nothing, and you are plain behind here, right, but for the Indonesian version. There will be a note like this which is standard for HP units in Indonesia or any Indonesian electronics that say, Wow Don't Carelessly disassemble or modify electronic devices. If there is a reason why we shouldn't be lazy, we go straight, take it to the service center and others to be more sure.

If I look on the Samsung website, there is a healed, cellphone cable, shows Unboxing. This ultra is cool, simple, but it turns out that this is plastic, which we discussed in detail. What is in the box on the back, there's also a black stamp like this that we pulled out Wow, Okay, At least this concise part of Unboxing can still be enjoyed, plural, for example the brand eliminates the punctuation. Here is a 12 megapixel ultra-white camera, While the name is Phantom Black, the texture is very smooth. In the hand it feels good and the screen size is 6.8. In the live video from yesterday I explained everything, Or if you want to know my assessment of this cellphone, Batosai will do a video review later but it will take time because only now the cellphone has arrived here.

Let us continue to look at the box, which is quite thick, so here it's already empty because it's that thin in here we are going to the Sin Cable Wow. It's a revelation because it's quite wide because there's extra space left, Someone left. A quick start here: guide, no casing. Of course, because it seems impossible for the casing to fit inside, there is a quiz target, support instructions, etc. That, I saw this, and it reminded me that this cellphone does not have a stove for inserting a micro SD card, but at least if you buy a 2563 or 512 GB, that's enough, So we just finished the settings and I will again explain for those of you who have not seen the hands-on video yesterday.

So he uses a 6.8-inch screen with double resolution: Yuki, SD, Plus and what is special about the galaxies is watching Ultra. Besides the screen is sharp, it is usually a default deposit but we can set kjpplus okay. Yes, he can be 48 to 120s, so we are fans of what applications do we use so that the battery is also more efficient. Hence this is the first Samsung cellphone we can also use the highest resolution and the fastest refresh rate. Also the latest chipset from Samsung, the battery is 5000mh and the camera is curious. This part is so this video I will make a reaction. Video I just want to say that I don't like decisions like this but I have to start getting used to it, it's similar to the case of the Headphone Jack a few years ago.

No one liked it, but after a long time it's hard to get used to it - but at least a decision such as this has no charger, right? For the environment, and indeed the waste problem is not something that can be taken lightly. Maybe it doesn't feel that big right now, but if left unchecked the problem will pile up until it explodes, it can't be fixed. Whatever steps you can take to reduce waste is good. The thing that still bothers me is that I still think that the brand wants to make more profit. You know whether the charger that we purchased separately, which adds money, will also be used for happiness.

Let us say for about three years the HP tutoring has been used and there is also a possibility that there will be more advanced chargers in the next three years, to keep up with more advanced HP technology. Again sophisticated, because technology is always evolving and it is like that mobile charging point continuously supports it to tripoin Oh. There are cellphones that support delivery and now there is technology to dig United or Bro and teach them to always follow it like that. When the Samsung cellphone is compatible with this charger, again. After eating hundreds of thousands in restaurants, When you buy expensive things, it sucks even more because you know he has money.

Those who buy premium products should be given more service and bonuses like priority customers at the bank. Even worse, if you love the environment, why use Pot Lightning? If you love the environment with great pleasure then use the police like Shilla. If there is only one person who uses an iPhone at home, the rest use Android with Yes, btc-e can replace each other, so the charger is the same. If you still distinguish between names, a lot of garbage, don't take excuses for the sake of the environment, [ __ ]. If, for example, brands really want to be more environmentally friendly, please don't be pushed by consumers. You can give a cash back program, so that those who buy cell phones can choose if he does not use a charger, you cashback him.

If you want a charger, well that is worth it; people will certainly try not to use your charger like that or try to give almost software for at least the next five years to Apple because pressing it will reduce people's desire to change cellphones as their cellphones are updated as well as possible without using a charger,. We talk about the environment, but I don't think we want to be loyal to our cellphones for the next five years. They want to change the cellphones every year, it's funny to change cellphones every year, economic zones, but under the environment. If for example there is a brand that says let's take care of our environment together, yes it's our responsibility as humans, who live in it.

I personally support it really because who wants a waste-free environment, but if they are told to take care of their own environment, there will be How Come It Is So Bad. I'm really lucky to be able to reduce the size of the box so that you don't have to pay for a charger once you send more cargo. So, I hope this video will give you input. If I don't like cellphones without chargers I will again accompany you. But how you talk about it, it feels like a quite a burden on consumers, irrespective of changing or not the situation. What's important is that you are relieved to talk about a phenomenon like this. The charger is my opinion, so can find dividends. Titan is confused about Mujhse's video about him about not having a charger..

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