Great Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 replacement strap : - Galaxy User Guide

Here in this video will talk about a raid like the first video book Samsung Galaxy V2. Now, from purchasing a Samsung Galaxy A3 2.2, friends who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 get Bundling Package with bonus, Samsung Galaxy Tips2, this coincidentally, the item. This strip is red., Hi, I'm right, so I prefer the stretch color, It's dark, leaning more towards black. Now we can compare how the quality is on the market. There are actually not many stores that sell what the Samsung Galaxy Fit stretches. If we look at the quality of Bill, it's rubber compared to original from Samsung, it's a little different, it's a bit small, it's large for it, [music], Hi singer.

It looks like the Samsung that is the original Samsung, especially because of the thickness, It's the same as the Samsung and is a little more flexible than the strip, but is quite comfortable to hold, and this hook is Hi. I'm going to put together an event to install it, Hey Don't from the bottom up. How to install this fish will be a bit difficult for us to enter. So the easiest thing is to install it in this section, the menu section, the menus must be brought, and this part of the top we include from here, hi, Nike is interested, Hi, it's entered. At this time the default is from Samsung. It still looks like finishing, but this can be tolerated. The name is also a substitute, not the original and the price is also quite inexpensive.

The price is quite cheap, with good stretch quality if we wear a suit yo yo lounge, the lounge Indonesia Hi. So we have a choice of colors that we can change every time. Maybe we use the clothes now if this one is the same Hi, only the difference in the stretch, but this is quite smooth. The finishing is comfortable, smooth, beautiful. Do it [Music] Okay, so friends, please you can order this online. I want to use [Music] I only need to decide what store to use. Okay, Okay's because I am using the G-dragon Sophie and her shop are directly from China and the delivery is also quite fast, not as fast as before, watch the shipping from overseas. It took a while to deliver, but this time delivery is quite fast.

During the next video I will explain how I eat. I use this Samsung Galaxy V2 and wait to write my review,.

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