Hi, in this video we are going to test the performance of Snapdragon 8gen on the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra. I have prepared a laptop here. There is a smartphone for the time and here is also a song to measure the temperature. We will first [Music] and tell to come back with the afternoon lecture Okay, So in front of you this time there is already a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra. The screen is a bit dark. Is it not the table screen? It looks darker, but it doesn't matter. Let's start here, the battery is 100%, yes, i'll charge it to the brim and make the temperature myself.

This is again a smartphone around 28° Celsius here, I have prepared 10 applications, let s first make product Yep, here are 10 applications, There are l, ima games and 5 additional applications just for testing such as benchmarks, and there is also multitouch from the drum to test the screen sensitivity. This smartphone has a score of d960 8600 million. That's a pretty high number, yesterday was es twenty to regular at 890000. It gets a single score of 1200 and the multicore score of d3400 and it's like right away. Let's go to tridimax benchmark, here I've tested using the white, extreme stress test. Okay for extreme stress: the bag is the next day at 2571 while the lowest luckscore is 1780 for flexibility with stability still below 70 percent, ie 69.27.

This is a sign that this smartphone is a fast-recording, but it will be detained if the temperature is hot for example. Only later we will see for the performance of playing the game Like. What then? For Multi-touch is the identity of a flagship smartphone it should be 10 fingers but we'll see. Then there's a real drum here that we are I test the sensitivity of the screen. The sensitivity of the screen or the term is called Full HD IPS Touchscreen. Al refresh rate is the number of screens we see in one second. Top sampling rate is the number of frames that we can touch in one second. If you make it I, don't know the details for sure.

But what's clear is that for touch sampling, red cs22u training? This time, here I have prepared a laptop to see the infrared that will be obtained by Smartpho ne It is, using an application called Okay let's just start playing the first game, which is Mobile Legend, with the battery. We have entered the game and ready to start the timer right away. While we're looking for the game, just go here: let's do a classic solo here, I'll activate the FBS meter. You can see the number 60 at the bottom of this screen. This is the first item: I bought uh Windtalker. Let's try Cicil Miani Oh, there is the balmond carts, okay, it is small enough. We get kil ooh, how dare we Hey, OK, Let's just post right away, yeah, we'll play quick, so it doesn't take too long.

We try to push the mid call because the rate has been destroyed below it. We fight Juve in the middle. We'll pulse so play just possum. The chemistry seems like FK: we are still trying to post, Is it not difficult in the eye? Alone, can we, puce, Hey, back,. We can join the two dimits [music ]... oh, it is dangerous, Jono : We got kill [Music] Wow, we are dead, OK, we're alive again. Now we're going back to the meet. We can get Lord and FPS. You can see this is in the sixties, So, it's pretty stable, yes. It's stuck down to at least 58 and that's normal G. There's a body here we can download Yes. Let's go straight ahead, we are already very sick OK. Let's be careful; we can wake up immediately n. Y Overall, Mobile Legends is really safe to play.

You can see that FPS is below 60 is average 5860 tomorrow, it's wrong to play the mobile legend in Ultra Average setting is safe, Ok. We want to test the remaining battery. We play for about 15 minutes,. There you can see 15 minutes 30 seconds and the battery is reduced. Eh, around 90% means it has been reduced by 5%, Meanwhile, for the temperatures themselves, let's see that it is OK for the hottest part 36, because the chipset is top, guitar 36-37. Don't make the settings here. If I'm not mistaken, default game settings are OK display OK. At least once Nikita will play only two maps because Asphalt 9 is the game,. Okay that's it, let's go straight, take us to San Francisco, Hey, Hey and the Arena Khaliat land as ready.

Now we are in eighth place, Wow, two of our scattered cars lying This time we take the Nitro, we can fall into 1 car Oops – key Okay. We failed to reach the podium because our mission had to finish in second place or better. Here we go back to San Francisco because we were earlier failed. If you want to check the pot right away again : Huh, okay, a person dies, Wow Yep every blow, hey a little more. We finish in 1st place: okay, okay, play well overall, there are only four minutes left for performance. It goes in that it becomes like a frame drop that rarely happens and I think I played the game twice and didn't find a frame drop just for the battery itself. If for about four minutes of Maya played, you could say it is reduced by two percent which used to be 95 is now 93.

The drop off from the mobile Legends stadia dv360 - Top is still the same as Andi 32. But if you look at the top it's down, i.e. you could say that this Asphalt 9 game is lighter than Mobile Legends, since the previous Mobile Legends setting was also ultra-in. The point is that it is possible, so you can say that it's quite heavy Okay for the second game, like that we play the mobile game, Legends Sorry, Asphalt 9 and now we go straight to the third game, which is Pubg Mobile.

Ok, we entered the Papji mobile game and now let's just play for the stopwatch to see how long we've been playing, and here we will just play the werehouse, so it does not take too long, and here we want to see for the graphics, This can be up to ultraedit, he is ultrace at Ultra frame rate but here we will use extreme FDR so that we can get 60fps as this We're moving in extreme FDR. Okay and let's just play the game in the warehouse or training center. Now it's 60, versus and making Sentosa's safe Gyroscope run smoothly. Let's start with our target we don't need a lot of poles, 10 kilograms. It hurts, wow, we're rappers 1kill C, wait: King peeked peeked wow. Ok, we get 6 kilos, have a look Idih Okay, let's go slow, ok 8 kills fast 9 kilos, ok Wow this bazooka hi Boss.

Please help pah Hey guys! Yes, but we have to win okay, Hey managed to be patient. Hai Wah search, ok15 kilos, Ok 36, 16-gil weh where. We gained 18 kilos, we won Woi MVP for stts. Yes I haven't typed before. But if you look at the graph here are 60 So, you guys can play very smoothly in extreme conditions and if you make your own opinion, this is the remaining 90% of us play about eight minutes, yes. Meanwhile, for the temperatures itself, it is in the number at the top, yes, it's back in 36 37, okay 33, by the way,. This is a little better than es twente to regular, because SWT to regular was in the range 40 at that time. The next game is FIFA mobile, okay let's go. I started from FIFA Mobile. Yes, there are still 60s in the lobby and we just play.

We'll go with the opposing player as normal, let's skip to the game. Everyone else was just testing HP's performance, so I forgot to make a eh Hey? What's the mirror, but I hope I can go there, OK?, gold, nice, Timo, werner, 10 Ok, Okay, we will pass the breakthrough immediately Take it back with Ivan's team now, oh, the train, violation, okay, first half has been running for 37 minutes,. We are still one point clear: over Evan's team, we try to control the game. Oops, Golki has been captured. Evan's team failed to attack the key. The second half begins. This time our Team Evan started Kick offs. Cke Yep can now be reclaimed in front of Werner gold team goal. Yes 20 Hok e kickoff is returning from Evan's team.

This time they're 20 behind and we're trying to grab this breakthrough bait ready. Timo is yet again omitting this pass. It turns out that the score is still 20 minutes 77. This time, werner goes back to the police trying to manipulate the attack he rubs out. There has this and Okay Jump Kick and Gogol three blanks from Chris John the Police, clicked OK, OK 84 minutes. The team that Evan left behind can't attack Uh yeah. Just an injury time, we'll see if we're poor, let's give them an attack. This time's the team Evan's, oh,. So to play the game, uh. What you see on fifamobile and FPS are average at 60 vs., so it is entirely drained, okay. So about eight minutes of playing, the battery becomes 87 percent of him.

If you make the temperature as high as I think that it is still the same, 38 37 OK 3536 Yes Just a little bit you're at the bottom 34, 33 OK. And lastly, let's play a game that you know. This is a pretty heavy game and yes you can say that it's very heavy, namely Kenshin impact and let's go straight away, We are already in the game and start with the settings. Let us first set this to OK, 60 fps low, OK and we will see FPS. Now it's up to 43, 44 kenek again, 4645, I think it is resistance and it can't be 60 fps 45 OK. Let's try to run it first time. Ok, now FBS OK down to 30 yeah around that much, even though it's still the lowest and it looks like it is on hold. When we go down in this game, we do not want to go for a normal, walk, hey, hey, oh yeah.

The pictures are nice to look at but yeah, That was because the details are pretty good, so it looks a bit heavier. Ok [Music] glue, You can see below because I'm still focused, it's a little difficult in the 30's yes. It's the same, I guess, so it doesn't go down to the 20s, but still in the 30s because the performance is supposed to be on hold. We are going about until wait 10 minutes, later, how is that okay? It's still running under the bridge, the FPS you get is no more than 45 FPS, which means that performance of this SWT Ultra is limited, hat, even though this smartphone is actually capable of, It's a shame that Samsung gave it up as it did not want to be fashioned, It was too hot and could cause it to break quickly. It's why Samsung is holding back its performance.

You can see that it is now even translucent 27; it's in the 20s and yes, Ah yeah, for the battery itself it is at 82, %. We played for 10 minutes and the temperature is about 40. This is good which means that Samsung is targeting this phase. Also, if you use it for a long time, it should be fine, but thanks to it. Those of you who like to play games, especially Genshin Impact, will actually hold their performance in other games. There aren't more than 40, so ama just be safe. Please remember those who watched this video you will like comments and share with your friends so that your friends will get useful information from the afternoon lecture. Okay, thank you for watching this video to the end and see you in the next content..

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