Galaxy Z Fold 4- FIRST LOOK - Galaxy User Guide

Also, in the last few weeks we've been hearing about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and its possible design. Many tipsters came forward to say that the aspect ratio of the handset is changing a bit to make it wider and the phone will adopt the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera system. Well, that changes today as Onleaks shared the first look of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. These are based on official CAD renders so expect to be 99%. As you can see, Z Fold 4 looks a lot like its predecessor, but there are some key design changes. The rear camera, design, looks like the one on the S22 Ultra, except the sensors appear to protrude more. That is because Samsung finally uses a flagship-quality camera system on the Z Fold 4.

Three cameras are inserted directly from the S22 Ultra, 108MP main camera, as well as the 10MP 3x telephoto unit. When unfolded, the Z Fold 4 measures just 7.1mm thick and that's the reason. The camera sensors are more extending than S22 Ultra. The change in dimensions confirms that the Z Fold 4 is actually shorter and wider. The cover display, although not as wide as the one from Oppo foldable phone, was It does look larger though. Ice Universe says it's as wide as the iPhone 13 mini, and if that's indeed the case, people shouldn't have any problem with that. The phone looks boxier this time compared to the Z Fold 3 and interestingly Samsung has actually increased the thickness from 6.4mm on the Z Fold 3 to 7.1mm on the Z Fold 4 unfolded.

We're not seeing any increase in the battery size, but most likely it has to do with the new and bigger camera. Despite the thickness of Ice Universe, the Z Fold 4 will be significantly lighter than its predecessor. He says the Z Fold 4 will be lighter than the iPhone 13 Pro Max. He says it will weigh less than 260 grams, which would be awesome if indeed true. Z Fold 3 weighs 271 grams by the way. Onleaks reports that Samsung has made a change in the hinge. We know already that they use a single hinge. The smartphone will be available in three colors – Beige, Black and Gray. The charging speeds of the Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 have been revealed with that said. The Z Fold 4 will have the same 25W charging standard as its predecessor, but we're seeing an upgrade for Z Flip 4.

It will also have a 25W charging speed, up from just 15W on its predecessor. The Z Flip 4 with a respectable 3700mAh battery, 400 more than its predecessor, will see a huge upgrade in its charging and battery department. Samsung will organize an Unpacked Event in late July or in early August to launch these phones. Be sure to subscribe for all the latest updates and as always, I will see you tomorrow... Peace Out..

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