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[Applause] [Music] Hi guys welcome to my channel. Today, I have unboxing of my new Galaxy c43 that I purchased this device recently on a reseller. So that's why I bought it and please don't forget to comment like subscribe to this channel so I can make more videos like this if you are interested and let's just get started with unboxing [Music]. Now that you saw that brief unboxing of the device, I'm going to go ahead and do the initial setup like go through putting in your email and stuff like that um, so I will go ahead and set it up real quick, and then show you what I'm starting with on this device. I did a little bit of a customization and just wanted to show you how this is gonna look for me for the next few months, at least or maybe the next few weeks, and keep in mind.

I wanted to put in this case that I ordered from the Samsung galaxy website um from and this case is in the leather cover in the camo color and it retails for 79.99, but I was able to purchase it for 50 off, so I got this cover for 40. So that's a good price considering how much they are brand new retail, which is brand new and it came directly from samsung. Also is relatively good in the general sense of the word. It's probably not a good deal because you can probably find a case for a cheaper price point. You know somewhere else, but I still decided to go for the official case. This is the front of the phone and I think I should set it flat.

This is one that I got in Japan so it has all these characters like uh, pokemon and nintendo that are copyrighted or you guys got them. So I'm going to remove the sticker from here and I'm going to place that on the front like this. I heard a lot of people say that this case can break easily and I hope that it isn't the case. For me it looks like it is right there, okay and then we're gonna put the other side on the back. This one does not have any adhesives, but this is very smooth, so that should protect the back from scratches, and it has this little Samsung tag that I like to remove.

If that is something that you look for, this was actually in china, and I don't know if you guys know, but the previous folds were still made in Korea, but now with the new mass production of these devices um, this one was actually made in Vietnam. I thought that was a little bit like an interesting fact, okay, and that snapped pretty nicely. As you can see the cameras are now flush with the case but it doesn't create a bit of a bump on the side to protect it more. So I'm thinking of buying a protector for the case here for the cameras on the back and then my boyfriend suggested I buy not the full length one, but just the little circles on top of each lens. So, that's what I'm going to do and then show you how the case looks like this and then how it looks like that.

I don't know whether it has a specific name. But I don't think that's the same for this one because this is literally like a full band on the front. So this is the cover-screen that I have on my constantly on display, and this is just like a christmas - one, because you know that it's the Christmas season, so it's like a little snowman with his house and he is standing in front of the house. Um I'll just tell you the names of all the themes, things that I used on my phone right here, later on in the video so you can know all the names - okay and I am also going to list them down at the bottom of the description. As you can see, we have a pattern going on and that's why I was saying that I may not keep this Um theme for long, but I am at least gonna keep it for the next couple of weeks um.

Also the first thing I did right off the bat when I set this device up was to change the font and download the onion theme. The theme I downloaded is so festive that I, like I say it is, and then um the font. I also changed it and I'll show you how I did that in a second and then how I added my widgets. So when I open my phone, this is the first screen that I see then left or right if I scroll. I will have the Newsfeed app from Google on here and I just want that so that I can read the news om throughout the day and then, if I scroll left, I set up a few widgets here. So I set up the phone frame widget from Samsung. You can download this from the galaxy store, and here is the calendar widget from the calendar that comes pre-installed on the device, and this is um.

You know that I like always to have the widget of my calendar just to make sure that I can keep track of any events I have or mainly my bills. So I keep a list or the dates of when my bills are due and I just like to have them there, so that I remember to pay them, so that below I have written the shortcuts to some of my apps that I use on a daily basis on a daily basis and very often, and the first one that I put here is my remote app, which this will help us. Me start my car in the morning remote start, and I can heat up my car before we head out eh? The app next to that is the sirius xm, and this is just so that I can listen to music when I'm at home.

I have this little portable radio side track and the little ringer, thankfully it's really nice, and then next to that is the Instagram app because of which I use a lot of instagram and so I'll link my username here somewhere on the video so that you can follow me there. I do more often there about just my daily life, if you are interested or are just curious behind the scenes or like what I do. There do not hesitate to dm me there and I would and we will immediately answer and then here are the two games that I'm playing right now which are of Ragnarok origin. Actually, I haven't tried the tft yet sorry, but I just opened the Ragnarok origin and it works perfectly fine.

So that's a good thing here on the bottom is the phone widget or the phone icon and this is basically to do your calls and then there is the messaging and basically that's my text messages and next to that is my internet browser and I use samsung internet and google chrome interchangeably depending on what I'm trying to do, and so obviously my chrome is signed into my google account. So it's a lot of safe stuff on there, but then this one is more like I find it like a private browsing or less as tracking one. Sometimes it just depends how I feel and then is next to that the camera app and that's basically to take pictures and then um. I have an empty screen again when I scroll again left to right, and this is only so.

So in here on the first screen I have a little widget for the analog clock and I just think it looks kind of cool. I don't know why I think that it's interesting and then next to that when I scroll left, I have news app again and this is just like better viewing and I always want to read the news throughout the day. So I keep that there and then if I scroll to the right sorry to the left, I have three widgets and the first widget is just my calendar, as I mentioned before but this time it is just a full view of the calendar in the cover screen. It was just like the list of the upcoming items, but I have just a kind of a snap view or quick view of the entire month in here, which is nice to have.

I want a quick glance then in here it's like my main desktop and I can have more of the clutter or more important stuff or more detailed information and then next to that I have the reminders, widget and I don't have any reminders right now, but I normally keep a list of the things I need to do just kind of day-to-day tasks and then once I get them to's, you know uh. They get away from my list here, but this is basically just to keep me on track of any things that I need to do throughout the day and then in the bottom is the Samsung notes widget and this is basically a quick access for me to record a voice.

I have it here and I like to use this because if I get video ideas, then I'll quickly jot them down and then I'll have the information and then I have it here in the widgets below, sorry in the shortcuts below. I have more abs than on the cover screen, because if I remember correctly I think I have a 6x6 or 5x6 grid, and then the front. The shortcut, so it's easy for me to open it and watch any korean dramas on my phone and then next to that I have the little icon for the shortcut for the Secure folder, and this is where I basically keep my um. Like my things for Instagram or youtube studio for my channel, I place that information there and just like an extra layer of security.

So I like to have it as well and here on the bottom is the same shortcut: that is in the front which is the phone, the messages, the internet and the camera. I haven't done a lot of customization other than add a few widgets and a few shortcuts, because I just got the phone but this is basically my initial setup I'll do for the next few weeks and then maybe I'll add more later or customize. You guys should let me know if you're interested in watching any more videos of customization for the device. Now I'm gonna share with you the three key items that I receive and or questions that I get a lot and that would be what theme did I use? So the first thing that I just wanted to show you is the umm, the font.

So you go to your settings and I'm gonna, so go into your settings and look for Um Fonts as your first thing and then search font and then if you just put f it will say font size and style and then you click and then here at the bottom will show the font size and style and it's under the display settings. So then on the bottom down, you can put download fonts and hit download fonts, and it takes you to this part of the galaxy store, where you can download um different fonts for your device. I don't know what happened anyways um, so that the one I have is a top free one and that's the one that I downloaded that I like to download and it's this one called.

I think it is here in 2nd place, it is called sandal, but I don't think it is here because I already downloaded the files, but you can look at it, you can click on it, see a sample and then click install. So even if they are in korean you'll see like the letters in korean and even the samples um, you can see the images but I installed this because it is oh, I just installed this and then hit apply and then, even though it's main design for korean letters, it still gives the font look to my English language um device. The next thing is for the theme you just long press on the home screen. You to the galaxy theme store and then find so many different options, a plethora of options to download, try, buy, etc.

I like a lot of the paid ones but I also like a lot of the free ones and so, since I just bought this phone, I'm like I am not gonna buy any now have to really be convinced about which ones I want, but I downloaded the one for christmas right now and they have some free ones for the holidays. So I'll show you just what I have here, but just so you know, in the theme store you can also download whole themes or download them individually or download them like that. You only want constantly on displays, which is kind of like what I have on the exterior and you can go to that section and they have top free and top paid ones, as I said, and then I'm gonna show you what I have my stuff.

The theme that I am running right now is the mary x m-a-s, Merry Christmas and it's made by Minoo, and this is free so you can download it from the galaxy store and apply it to your phone. I didn't show you my icons, but this is like the calling one it is super cute because it has these like bells for Christmas or for the holidays and then you can see a little preview of how everything is going to look and then for my aod or my never on display. I have this one, which is the christmas snowflake cottage and it is made by beijing julie, hi technology, co ltd. I may have butchered that name, but hopefully you understand what I'm saying and, like I have mentioned before, I will be listing them in the description so you can find them on the galaxy theme store.

I can't actually link to them, because these stores are only available for you in the app store and I don't think there's a way to share them, but you can see a preview of what they look like so they are super cute and that's it for um boxing and initial setup, hi guys here have a little disclaimer. Android 12 was supposed to roll out later in the year for this phone or later this month, but I think they have been running into some issues with other phones that did the update, where the phones are bricked with the update for Android 12, so that could come later in the year or probably early next year. I hope that you enjoyed it and if you did please consider sending it along and also commenting below.

Please don't forget to subscribe and like so I can continue post more videos such as this in the future. Bye Have a good day [Music].

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