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Hey guys, welcome back to Hale's world and yes this is slick Galaxy, Zenfone 3 and it comes with some pretty nifty features such as check it out. So you get the note application, where you can quickly jot down ideas, make different drawings or take measurements. There is also Smart Select, which allows you to take a specific part of the screen and hear live messages. As mentioned, the s pen really opens up a bunch of different features. It's not completely hidden and definitely still noticeable but when you open the camera app and toggle selfie mode, the pixels almost disappear and now you can go ahead and, of course, go take your selfies.

I will admit that it is not the most amazing quality, but still I appreciate the extra screen space without that punch, hole cut out. So it's OK to be honest but if you want a really pro selfie then all you do is open up the camera. Application on the front screen go ahead and click this little selfie icon. Then it will prompt you to open up the entire device, and now you can take a pro selfie using the main cameras, pretty neat, and here's another really cool feature within the camera app. If you see this little icon in the top right hand, side and tap on it, it actually turns the cover screen into a viewfinder.

App is the preview sidebar so you can use the entire screen as your viewfinder or if you click on this little icon it will open the sidebar and here you can see all the pictures that you have just taken because of fold designs. If you open up the camera application to snap a picture or start recording a video by folding, your phone in Flex mode and the settings and controls switch to the bottom. Then simply head ahead, hit that record button and jump in front of the camera and do your thing of course, that is not all that you can do with Flex mode. Your phone and automatically the screen is splined again, and you can watch the video on the top half of your fold while passing through comments or searching for other videos on the bottom.

You can now use handwriting to text, aside from Flex mode, there is still front screen which can be used in different ways too. For example, if you want to watch a video on netflix or youtube once selected and you click play, you can just open the fold in tent mode, then place it down on just about any surface, sit back, relax and now enjoy the multitasking on the Zvolt. 3 has definitely improved with some applications like spotify - files, settings and a bunch more. So it makes navigating certain applications so much easier like on spotify where home search and library is all on the left hand side with music on the right hand side. But if you want to make multiple tasks, you can still split screen applications and save them even in groups.

So, if you tap this icon in the future it'll instantly open all three applications in this multitasking window and if you ever want to change things up, you can drag and drop a new application at its place or you can click and hold on this little box and drag the application to the other side and it will also switch things up. Here is a lot to do, and if all this multitasking is not enough, which would kind of be, you can still split screen applications on the cover screen which is kind of crazy and by the way, if you enjoyed this video, hit that Subscribe button because we're on the road to 1 million and if you subbed that would be [Music]. Instagram is a great example of this, because if you open it on the fold, it crops the app into this mobile aspect ratio.

If you go into settings and scroll down until you get to advanced features, then select Labs, then you will see this option. That says customize app aspect ratio and if you tap it on the next app you can proceed to selected one. Another really cool feature is if, for example, you're in this multi-tasking window and want to put in Netflix or Instagram. It usually doesn't allow you to, because the app is not optimized for split screening or a different aspect ratio. You'll see the exact same thing happens with Instagram and it is kind of frustrating.

So again if you head over to settings under labs you will see the option that toggles multi-window for all apps and this on to and now in future you'll be able to drag just about any application into any multitasking window and it will work each time. If you open the end screen menu and click on those three little lines, you will see this Pin icon and if you tap on it it will permanently pin this little side dock on the right hand side then take a screenshot. But what is cool is you'll see this little hashtag icon and if you click on that, you can now tag your screenshots what's crazy. It even comes up with recommendations of tags based on what is in the screenshots. You can also place your palm on the screen to lock it or, if you are, get a phone call.

If you go to settings and scroll down to advanced features, then click motions and gestures you'll see the option to toggle on fingerprint sensor gesture and if you swipe on the fingerprint sensor it'll open the notification panel now because this phone is so large, it makes typing so much easier and it has like five different keyboard modes. You can click on this icon and it then splits the keyboard, which can be much easier to type on, as you can imagine.

If you click on this small icon then the keyboard changes to a floating one where you can move it to anywhere on your screen, and this is especially useful when you have those multitasking windows to place the keyboard back; just click the same icon and if you don't like any of them, you do still have the handwriting to text option, which is definitely one of my favorites. You just use the pen to write out what it is you want to say and it automatically converts it to text. So if you want both screens to have the exact same app and widget layout, all you have to do is a : If you close the fold you will see the same applications at the same place and if you swipe right, there is the same widget.

The only thing it doesn't do this with are wallpapers you have set separately, but if you wanted to now mirror your screens, you know how [Music] is actually water resistant, so it can go up to 1.5 meters into water for 30 minutes. You will get that little pop-up notification on the other hand that basically tells you that you'll damage the screen. If you use it then I'm pretty sure lots of you know about Samsung dex and how awesome it is. If you go ahead and swipe down on the notification panel and toggle in the decks it will search for any nearby Samsung devices like monitors or TVs, so go ahead and select which one you have then click on start and you'll be prompted to allow this action on your tv.

Once that is done, samsung dex is hooked up and now you can use your fold with a much larger screen. It wasn't the easiest thing, but still the option is available but what I love the most is that a much bigger screen to type out my notes or emails. It comes with some extra nipps as well as a nice little carry case to keep it protected, but it is also a really good case and the full design can be a little tricky. Spigen have a bunch of different cover options like this one, which has a very unique design and is also great quality. So I'll have some links down below for those who are interested but you guys will definitely want to protect your fold..

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