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...[Applause], what's going on guys, Travis consumer and today we're going to be spending a real day in the life with the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. We are actually testing a lot of stuff today, because I don't have a ton of experience with full devices. If you haven't had a fold device before, we'll go through this together and see what it is like to actually have one, and so you guys know that we are actually shooting on the Zfold 3. There are actually two front facing cameras, one on the outside and one on the inside. This one is pretty much what you would expect in 4K shoots and all that good stuff.

If I open like a youtube video but as you guys can see it pretty much disappears now it is a bit pixelated but it blends in well enough so if you are watching something it is not an issue but let's see what the front-facing camera life is like with this one and because I can see the screen over here already, oh big, it's a big difference, you guys. It will definitely do the trick, but it is not going to win any awards, especially compared to the front camera on the front of the device, but now that that is out of the way we have a lot of stuff to check out with this phone getting used to.

Being this thick and getting used to opening it to random things is not what we're used to so, we're gonna see - what points During the day, we find the usefulness of having a larger display at our disposal. So that fold is an interesting device that does take some getting used to handling the beginning stages for me is all about finding what your default orientation will be. If I'm going to spend more time on a page or an app and no matter which way you hold it, there is a certain becoming used for both modes, the standard default mode when it's closed and the folded mode, it's thicker than your standard phone, and as I said, this phone is really slippery.

You just have to manage it, in a way where it doesn't fall out of your hands like if we can get a case like in stores, we'll go to, like if I don't know a T-mobile or something and see if they have one they might never know I've thrown this thing in my pocket. I've had it slip uh, so it's definitely a slippery phone, have to keep that in mind and when it comes to like unfolding and holding like this, when it's like pretty much in tablet mode uh it's a bit easier. So it's a two-handed device but you can hold it with one hand - no problem uh, but right now I got youtube open and the thing is: which way? Now I like to hold it like that right now, because the glass green gives me a little bit more friction, so it makes holding it easier, no sliding around.

It stays in place that was just an accidental drop, but it doesn't slide around. You see my fingers here compared to up here but there are benefits to holding it on this side, even though it's slippery uh, obviously there are no fingerprints on the screen and you don't obstruct the speakers over here. Thanks to our response, oh we don't have one of these and I will say whether it is folded or unfolded both screens take some getting used to the folded version. The screen is narrower than what we are used to this screen is going to feel like everything is just a little bit squished in, so that does take some getting used to but when you go into tablet mode, of course.

This is bigger than we are used to so there is a little bit of an adjustment period for both ways, but I feel like most people will default to this, and then you know they go to this when they want to immerse themselves in the content and while uh typing on the subject is actually kind of interesting uh. It seems like when I type something I want to do it in the larger mode. The bigger screen gives you the full keyboard experience which is kind of odd and it is split across the screen but it's really easy to get used to the only real thing that takes some getting used to is having to swipe. That's the only thing that is odd, but for the most part it's pretty easy to get used to all right guys.

So I just mailed the real, quick, look who decided to jump on camera? Let’s take a quick selfie a real girl? He always calls out to mama awesome, look and say: cheese, yeah! What can we do you mind staying for another? Can we do another with the front-facing camera inside? I don't know if you guys see this, but his body is starting to go towards the edge of the couch he is trying to leave me with cheese that one is not so hot that you're cute but all right, leave off right out of here. Man, you don't want to hang around austin come take a picture with a cookie real quick, come here, buddy take a seat cookie, come here right, austin, say: Cheese, you are looking at the wrong camera cheese! It was overexposed and I guess the hdr kind of brought some color back here especially.

I like this one definitely getting the okay shots but still I think I would want a camera that performed a little better, especially since it is not like pitch black in here. Normal stuff, you want it to look good, but jay hold on check. Take a look at the difference between front-facing camera on the outside and then inside. His Mom you're supposed to be going to a gym class yeah you come out a bunch back then, when's. Man come on I'm working here, okay, so austin has gone to his gym class. Now I am going to target and to see if we can find a case Jay. It might be a fools'errand to try and find a case for a phone that is not officially out yet uh, but it will make me sleep better at night, so check this out.

Guys literally got in my car phone was in my pocket and now it is almost everywhere this thing slides out of my pocket almost every time. Some of you might be wondering. Why is it you use Google Maps on the phone when your car has navigation, like you know, for the people out there who don't have navigation on their phone uh? We want to test it and see how it would affect the battery life for the day, all right guys. We are at 66, so you drop a little bit all right guys, so no accessories for the z-fold three I mean that we have it early. I actually got my hands on a case from samsung and I would say that if you guys use it with it a huge difference.

I do not have to worry anymore about it slipping or whatever I feel a lot more confident with it in my hand since honestly I'm still getting used to this new form factor, whether that's closed or open, all right guys. So we went out really quickly of target uh, but as I was going to use my phone I noticed that the sun was peeking out just a little bit more than it has been all day. 60 couldn't really see well put it at 100, looks good outside so nice and vibrant, and if we go inside at 100, still nice and visible so use it outside you max out the brightness you're, going to be more than fine to see on both screens outside with these screens. Certainly was not an issue as these two are pretty solid screens.

The front is an updated 6.2 inch display at 120 hertz and obviously things on the screen look very smooth, it's narrower, so it takes some getting used to when coming from a standard phone, but like with all Samsung phones. So things look good here also, except for that crease, but the screen is also 30 harder compared to the last generation, which means it's more durable and allows s-pen support, not just in the s-pen, though you'll have to use the designated z-fold compatible pen so as not to damage the screen. It's harder and more durable. It's not the same as the standard smartphone glass, the s-pen actually retracts when the display is used to keep some of the pressure off and not cause any damage from use.

If you're a fan of the s-pen, you'll be able to use all the features that it brings to the table, but carrying it to the fold seems to be the only downside in my eyes. There is a case that allows you to carry it with the phone but this combo is going to cost you about 80 bucks. Those of us who are back home just finished eating some food. I was a little on social media, and like you would expect from instagram. They haven't made a tablet version of the app, but there is a setting that you can toggle on, so that you can go into settings, jump into labs and customize the app aspect ratio, and in here you can go to instagram, which defaults to 16x9, and now we just make that full screen, and when we go into instagram boom.

What is great about this is that typically if you close the phone and uh. say you would be able to jump back into Instagram, but now it allows you to jump right in, you wouldn't have to reset the app because it follows the same aspect ratio. Of course, you want large full screen apps, but if you want to do multiple apps at once, you can also have the multitasking, so you can jump right into it like a video and then do a search whose searches are oh. I'd like to say my search history here: Yeah if you rotate quite pretty much it does the same thing now. I’m not going to lie when I first got this device it stuck like a sore thumb out. It is in your face, but after a while it kind of blends into the whole device.

Danny got his Man doing his gains here and you know when you get a lot of light. Let's face this side, and you see that you see that, but for the most part, watching it is dead right and check this out, guys so let's say that you're watching content right. You can actually take advantage of the fact that this is a folding device, and then boom out. This is how I would view content while i am eating. We will also talk about how this works with the camera, and remember that we kind of talked about the best way to hold the device while watching a picture, so check this out. So once it's on the table, you hear it a lot clearer when the speakers are placed on the table versus the other way around you just don't get that little sound boost you get from being on the table.

And one final thing is that while we are here there is a lab feature that you can access to get a little more control when you're there. In this view it is called the flex zone panel flex motor panel, the Flex mode panel that we trust j flex zone sounds cooler, so that you can turn it on, and when you go into some apps like Let's say crunchyroll you have access to these controls down here. So, like you see right here in spotify, you get all the same controls but you are also playing the Pause button here. The only thing that is missing for me is the fact that it does not have all the cameras that the s21 ultra has, I know a lot of people who got the fold and instantly fell in love - no instant love here. I am still trying to get used to the concept but...

little by little yeah, you know, jay you don't fall in love on the first date, man. Oh jay, that's so sweet, I'm telling michaela that going about doing my everyday things is more and more enjoyable as I get used to fold gaming with a bigger display. I played way too many mobile games and honestly this thing adds fuel to the fire. We did talk about front camera now, but now we'll talk about the rear camera, so you know we have the best subject in the world cookie monster over here. Let's actually use the bigger display jay. If you have the bigger screen it can, it can also use it to take pictures. Give you a better idea of what you are making a shot from so that you don't feel bad about it. People take pictures with their tablets, you know.

Let's do a portrait'simp , of you, girl, cookie. Ah, I said the magic word: that's not a bad portrait shot. I like that these are great nice portrait shots, so it looks like dinner with Austin has ended just austin. You don't like what I made you on the chef, yeah look, looks like dinner with austin cool. Obviously, look at the camera, smile happy and we got a good shot wildly, so you can take great shots like that. If you want to take like a group photo or something that you don't want to leave out, you can go ahead. This thing on some thing set the timer and just run into and get your shot. This kind of thing is also going to be great for time lapses. The camera will take you off if it is something that you only need to stay stationary and get a shot.

It's like a built-in tripod so guys that I pretty much know buddy thanks for putting it on my face. I love it so much that I'm going to give this guy a bath so that he can get into bed. It's a little too bad huh? Let's go take a bath, say goodbye to the people, because your part is over yeah, say bye, austin, say bye. Overall the camera quality is decent for photos and videos. The same as the last generation, but from what I've seen with some friends of mine, there have definitely been some software improvements so you can expect slightly better photos if you are upgrading from the Z-fold too. The photos and videos are definitely passable and do the job but they aren't on par with the shots on the s21 line. Now we ended up in our day with about five hours of screen on time.

My experience has typically been about four to five hours of use and you would think that a bigger phone like this would be able to pack a super huge battery or something, but at only 4400 milliamp hours. You end up with pretty average battery life, but when you think about displays this thing is pushing you out, though you can't be too mad about it. This is definitely a phone you buy after putting some thought into it, though there are a lot of things you need to get used to with this type of design but you'll be able to do things that you can just do on any other smartphone. I find myself increasingly enjoying it, but I do think that this is for enthusiasts rather than the average person who just wants to upgrade their device.

It also has a pretty hefty price tag compared to other high-end devices, but this is cheaper than the last generation. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how this line grows and develops. I think samsung's usage of the z-fold 3 has absolutely caught my attention with this line, but I can't wait to see where it goes, but that about wraps up for this video guys. If you were cool girl who gives this video a thumbs up, I'll catch up to you guys in the next one, then it's your average consumer peace..

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