Galaxy Watch 4 - Unboxing & Setup in Indonesia - Galaxy User Guide

See again with ten reviews and this time I have just arrived: 1 piece, a very new package., Coming And I will be unboxing with my friends. The contents, as you can see in the title is the Samsung Galaxy watch for 40mm, I think for a while a bit more boxing,. Maybe this is like my style and the location in Jabodetabek is the same so it's faster, but indeed Lazada has its own. Logistics admits that the expedition itself is called l'express. I am not a Lazada promotion, but I am really happy with Lazada. The delivery is reliable because in the past I also bought a TV that my friends saw. You can also watch my videos too. The anboxing is also available on Lazada and the delivery is fast and it is also free, which is definitely okay. Let's see if delivery from Lazada is right.

While opening I also want to tell you that this is a Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm for Galaxy Watch, there is a price. It's almost three million huh two million 9Skin I got a discount which is not much, but I can buy. It, I should have got this later scanned it, we'll see together we get a strip that makes extreme sports Sports I'm not mistaken. Who gets it or not, because one of the reasons I chose to buy at Lazada is that he said when he was still on the bonus strap. He said it was extreme sport, but - Monument Let's look at him and I also requested the Navy color, I asked for it, but we'll see if it's really Wu Wei in the package, I am no stretch, I don't know.

Maybe it is in the strip or we don't know what? Usually it is a separate boxset because I don't think I got it or what I will complain to Lazada, because I first asked the class. Okay, this Samsung Galaxy Watch is my first smartwatch. I am chosen the grandparents model, the size is 40. I chose the normal Galaxy Watch for the wall, not the Galaxy Watch Forge, there's also the Classic Watch for the Classic, If my friends are confused, it is actually a pro. People understand more that the spec above is the ordinary Galaxy Wars This is the one you could say. Live version is on because the Skeleton is lower. There is a forty milli dimension variant and there is also 42. I chose this because it's the cheapest branch, maybe my hands are not too big.

Maybe I should only use 40 millimeters, but the specs are different. The resolution in the battery is the same so that it's better if the larger size is more for battery size If the watch uses it, it's higher, yes we will discuss it. Isn't there only information, here, forty millimetres above the others, here there is also an explanation about Bluetooth WiFi GPS specifications in Indonesia, for the Galaxy Watch only There is a problem in the international version, but yes in Indonesia there's only bluetooth., Yes, I understand that it is on the biggest one o Galaxy Watch am Agalaxia Classic watch which belongs to the Quran.

This is a cash strap size, There is also a little information here, electricity and others Hi Okay, let's just open it for the specifications, friends, Probably we don't talk too much about it,. Bismillah we open the seal. The default track,. I hope this isn't the promised strip in here. How come the IMEI number is? What is the name of the number? That's Hi, OK, let's take it, OK, let's be patient. A similar model of charger is. The description is this 25 Fort 10ampere hi, hi, the length is standard, it is just you, don't have a charger head. So maybe we can talk to the cellphone,. The Quick Start Guide is as usual. Okay first let us take the watch now Okay. Well, yeah, that's really standard. It's black eh, the material Yes. Let's continue on the back, yes - it's the sensor.

For now there are many sensors that are more directed towards Hi. How to check health like oxygen, saturation, eh, there's also a hack The others, now have more complete health, features there is one of them. It looks like the size may be SM trous, there are 20 to choose from. Perhaps the width makes it good. Maybe I'll first buy a hat if it, for example, is too big or too small or just right when you wear it in your hand. It's still okay, it is likely to look more dashing, but it doesn't seem like it's for my little hands, that's not enough, right? The target is also in Indonesian, guys, eh, I was asked to download the Samsung Galaxy Wearable Samsung Gear,. It is true that the power button below here has a back button. The ruler has a microphone, on this side there is a colon.

It's a microphone on this side of the arm. This afternoon, I think there is a microphone here. And then what kind of cell phone guarantees that fish can be used to make calls? So there's a microphone here, also a speaker here. This is a heart rate sensor and it makes oxygen saturation a lot of use, I don't know either : it is at the top It's three I read it from the description in the Quick Start: Guide, OK. We are done. If it is OK, I think we'll first turn it on with a direct scan. Or here do you think I just didn't see it, but it looks like it is good There is no protective plastic for Kwon who is still scanning the device,. It is an Enno, division device. It does not have a service,. It just turns on when I see it for this small size, even though resolution is not very high.

Compared to this cellphone, it is only 40 millimetres, Indonesian language clearly official from Indonesia,. The episode is clearly official,. Right turn signal is set in Indonesian - right and then we're swinging again maybe hi Okay -. Let me say: OK, let's read the scenes : Again, Galaxy Watch, for this we will simply press it, we will choose OK as the work number is the same.

Until it is heavy India get ready, Hey look at the phone to complete, settings OK, why is it on the cellphone, download downloading software and others on the cellphone? So it's connected to each other OK, while waiting we'll try to compare the clock the hand that I have whose price is certainly still far away d under this watch, the size is roughly the same as the one I have, I've measured it, it's more or less smaller. I hope you can see how much it weighs an AK47 gram, weighs 47 grams, if it is the same, I don't know what to say if it is the same, I forgot about Sagiman. Here he is downloading the plug-in, friends, the plug-in is 100 mb and the internet does not seem good either, Pangga Okay, usually ok, I also Ketut.

In order to confirm if this is true, we are going to continue with copying of your watch. Because the information of your Google account was copied until now cruelly, we still haven't seen that, eh,. The original looks like what the screen looks: like, it's just writing, there's no picture, there is a little money for the picture, but Nick I haven't seen the original, how to share it, but it's been quite a while, guys, for the first time Okay. There are many different types of watch faces and others. Maybe we have to first be picky, yes battery is 30% here, friends from the box, There is already a little limit, be prepared. The menu nevertheless has a watchface Styles Quickpanel - Eps continue many others, restores all sorts of tracks set.

Overwatch start OK sapdan from the top to open, with pane l So. If it is swept and is from above there is a click on my channel, hi,,. Okay, because it is like on a quickpanel cell phone like this to go back to Achse for the watch itself. It's a watch face called Pro eps up from the bottom up, it's okay for body, from the bottom up, This effect is all for me to return to work, vee and again. That's it, just Sweep Ride notification pointed right to the right of hotels ah Okay alum. Maybe this is another menu option: preskom keigo watchface Romance, green Okay. Where can we press power button to go back to wavesdesk? That's all it says and setting Dedot means you have notifications OK That means that if there is this dot, that's Orange in color.

If you see the notification, go to the left to the clocks, OK Google play Ok Clear, all come on. Let us go back here, he's still downloading anyway. There's a lot he is still downloading, download, Que MP3 the notification was strange, Hi, There was activity, the activity body, composition, sleep, weather events, betrayer ICG hadc stress can add others too. So if friends don't know Ida Rigel is guaranteed from the previous generation to watch for wafer was suspicious. He also had sensors to check, like hatred and oxygen saturation, but in this latest version the sensors are much more. He said he made an appointment and he could automatically give us much more information on Dad's health condition. You can say that I'm Atik I can't review right now, it's just a first impression.

Maybe a few days or a few weeks till I can give it to my friends. I see that my impressions are complete. If this version is the one the regular Galaxy watch for which is not a classic, the model is put here. If the classic version is there, Then, what is the name of the strip again, let's put it in normal way, If it doesn't exist, we put it down. It's too long and my hand is actually small. Friend's hands are big. Surely, u can choose that one, but in my opinion, yes. If there is a watchface on the mobile phone, we can choose something else. What's up is there is a classic model, some use emojis, some are digital. Let's try something else, for example, on cellphones, for example, classic models like this, Mom, I'll have to do it later. What is not needed, never, should not be reinstalled.

Yes, the change is immediate good. From here you can go directly, possibly from this hour, but you can MB practice. If it's such as straight from a cellphone, the yellow is also good. Just like this is cool, My God, he said to Hikya. If you want to know, for example, body composition checking maybe we in Egypt Hi Ani. In the middle-end, we ring fingers - okay, The ring finger is the same, so the middle tells put it there and Hi, the smoker is gone, okay, straight here. The body fat is 28.5 percent and it is gone because the red one came in. I should have been at PMI. Johnny was safe, but more or less I was overfit right now. Maybe I am not good enough.

So long as we pack it already read the thread he's cool too Hey Deni now he's reading my hatred hi, hi and everich say Yes, it's higher than the average. Let us measure the value of the set level. Hit, heart rate and oxygen saturation., E-learning does not read, stress conditions. His name is Samsung Help Monitor, So if we go to download, the Galaxy Store will automatically show in Dhani immediately downloads. Samsung Health now appears immediately with friends, Here, the body composition immediately appears, specifically what was read earlier for stress, indices, I think it was read from the last one. Hey Adek's prayer was read by him, hate, i just read this on the 18th Jamal is ms323, so it's really integrated, friends.

There is an inscription on the Galaxy Watch below to support auto, so it does it automatically. It turns out that we don't need to manually do it as long as we use it, but it measures automatically and ends up ok. This charger is OK, the Samsung charger head Hey, So let's stick with the plastic, okay? Here's our magnetic model, friends, stick to that paste, hi, I want to charge 28 percent right away, friends! If it's full, maybe yes, it's not even two hours, so we can now fill it from completely empty. What's more exciting is that this camera is open, and I think it is also a feature which is very useful and will be very useful, namely the feature for the remote camera Hi. We can see it from the Galaxy Watch screen. So if friends, for example, want to take photos they can trigger it.

For example, if I change it to a front camera like this, it can be used as a seater. So if I capture cheers, I can take a picture of it. I can also make a video, OK? If I make a video I will. I can also directly record the video. This photo from my camera looks like this, I'm surprised! You can see it, hi, it is cool Hey, just another feature, here is another notification from me, yes! We can respond, but the review is very limited. If it's complicated to click on it to type it, Used to be the numeric keypad that used to be in the old days,. If you can't use a microphone, for example, you can recite the Koran, WhatsApp, which shows up directly on WhatsApp, after all - Search for it. So look for the application which is related to WhatsApp.

Google Maps is there, Google Maps, etc, It will be very useful if you use it, for sure, apart from its health function which is like tracking sleep, tracking heart beat, oxygen, saturation, and so on. I found the camera, which I used earlier is also very useful. My map is Google maps because most people can just place it away if they ride a car. The iPhone holder is in the phone holder, but if you ride a motorbike, it's really hard for me to use. If you want to search while looking for a map that much directions go up to a place, for example to this place, I immediately ended using the car and pressed the start navigation. Then he said, on the phone, Google immediately appeared. The maps also instantly opened it is automatically like that, or maybe there is a setting.

If you want it to be activated automatically on your smartphone or just on your cellphone, you don't know that you can. It should be displayed just on your cellphone, here it looks like SMK Gini, maybe so that it's easy to read It's a turn of the steps, or it can be curvy now. If to read the Maps of Antaloca directly, the road should immediately change to the driving mode, OK, then earlier I just added the oxygen volume here. Sensor, we have not had time yet. Yes, move your watch, your risk is okay, your results have come out. 97 percent with terminite 91, the heart rate is still 90% good. One oxygen saturation, skirt I, won't compare later with the original oximeter. For example, if in a full review, I can compare it with the original but that should be right for that.

Ok, I think that's enough for this video about Unboxing and fir st impression of the Samsung Galaxy Watch for the full review of the Samsung Galaxy watford WhatsApp. I will make a video review utilizing the possible day and or a few weeks. Maybe friends who haven't subscribed can come first so you don't miss the next video, and if this video is useful for friends don't forget to like and subscribe, we will meet in the next videos..

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