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Hello Hi, I have been with BPD bank for two months and the Galaxy Watch for yes, the first Lubnakom classic version tastes good. This is a Galaxy Watch for 44 mm, more good value, because the show's capability is actually Podo Wae here with the classic version with the rotating bezel, no, I don't think the rotating bezel is even important. The plastic is more elegant and it is more luxurious. Of course, when I am exercising, I play sport, especially when it is not a torn bicycle. The track route is spicy and if you're bored, of course. I use special requirements, I really always sleep.

If you smack this light all the time but this rinke goes to my Galaxy fitri Yes I want an iPhone plate, I'm lazy because Usually, the experience I get is different because the platform is different based on my experience. There must be features that are not optimal and one more thing. What is certain is that I will choose this Do as one of my favorite gadgets this year. Here's the review : [Music] So mine, the 44mm size, turned out to be true, as I thought,. It is a little too big in my hand, especially the long strap I. Do not want to sell it anymore, but he! Heroes don 't use it! Come on and make a fool of yourself. I was forced to buy this band. Yes, which magnetic snacks models are evaluated.

The price is only 70 thousand cheap but the way it looks is not that great but it works and I should have bought a Galaxy Wars, which is 40 mm in size like the color Gold is the one that comes complete with the classic version. I do not think that I need to mention it, and I will discuss this method because in the previous video, the comparison was made with the classic Febri. Mention until it's foamy, hahaha, hehehe and for sure The body has been quite smooth for the past two months. My Smartwatch is a little dirty, especially bottom. But, what makes me a little annoyed is the screen here. It is in the lower left corner. It's like a chat is a bit faded. The problem is that the place is in the glass. We divorced, something faded in.

Like that, I don't know why the screen is. I have no complaints about outdoor visibility, very dependable. Two thumbs up, yes, for the screen, which is so big, it's AMOLED, it should fit The Dream is The features related to the name of the health measurement, We know that this Galaxy Watch for can measure oxygen, weight., weapon, facial body, composition, ICG and other things, including complete capabilities. So I even created this video demo to practice how to live the measurement process. It is also not very slow, but what I don't like is specifically for the Persero blade so. Before you can use the feature to measure blood pressure, What I like the most is the full ability of Kurnia's body.

Composition, I often take advantage of this because lately I am not aware of my health, sending. It is very helpful to monitor my feat, body, fat, body, water, BMI and others, the ability to measure body composition like this term, is rare on a smartwatch. It doesn't work at all, right? I said that sometimes I like to sleep with the doi, I want to sleep with the showroom and the information I get is standard like Smartwatches in general, the data presented can be seen, including informative. Yes - More information about the Samsung help application. This drew a little fan on me; the score is slipping. Yes, I think this is accurate and the fastest among many Smartwatches that I have tried and sometimes I sleep with them.

On that day, I will feel less freezer, less rich, but if the score is above 50, for example in the 70s I feel more powerful, more greenglade. Yes, the score is right on the jenep. -Really reflects the actual situation because I have been on another smartwatch until now. This is a theatrical workout, so there are more or less 90's of sports that can be tracked. I've done cycling n counted dozens of times via smartwatch, yes. The tracking function can be relied on, and there is no such thing as, yes. The tracking process breaks in the middle of the road or an error or something in terms of Muslim speed.

If you compare the results with the GPS of my bike, the ROM element, sometimes the bridges and the top speed are different, The most obvious one is that the refractive measurement is the answer. If the camera is still coughing, the numbers I don't know it's too far, wow, One more thing that is most interesting is that this has a Samsung. According to your needs, they want to slim down with muscle shape, all categories, just select it, there will be a video guide. Follow it just follow it, yes, the smartphone or you or you, for example, Smart TV, just put it on the TV so that it is more relieved, yes, this feature is certainly very different. They say it's assisted by Waqf tracking from the smartwatch, but I have not been following it for 2 months myself.

The fitness feature is the best, just trying - Rado lazy about weddings,. It's really a nice thing to have on Apple Watch. There is a general director for foreign countries. Yes, Hello, and Hello, but yes, for communication effect feature, There are no complaints at all. After downloading, F can be played store, more smartphones can you, Of course. If UTP is better on the Smartphone, it's more spacious, more optimal, more comfortable in Sawang. But again it is a really nice thing to support on your Smartwatch officially though, yes, This is, of course, thanks to Samsung's move to migrate, to move to Tizen OS, to wear OS, yes Samsung's Smartwatch Smartwatch had previously used Zain, and now the market boss2 moved at least to the OS. It offers a more daily battle feo3.

If I can only get Breadlife 42 hours, 59 minutes the juice isn't as intense as I. The battery condition runs from 0% to 100%, It takes two hours and five minutes Wow Suya Even though the battery is still tiny, the smartphone has a minor deficiency. This shortcoming doesn't appear anymore. So there was one time when Doi was warm as a charge. I used me for tracking the bike and then something surprised happened. Yo, wis, stagnate I was blown to keep it cool, but it happened only. Once, that is, at first I remember Doi didn't get a system update yet. After I received the system a few times which gave three more problems. Non Stop There are no problems here, so it's very safe [Applause] lately i'm surprised that the Galaxy Watch for yes costs 3 million.

If you want to have a cheaper one, then you can choose a smaller size, 50 mm. It is not overfed, it's Samsung, and this operation is the best smartwatch software ever, and I assumed that the movement can be tamed again by the nurse. This smartphone will then be perfect, but if it is a hack or a battery or face, I think Doi is a bit superior, guys. That's all for reviews for Ready to Wait for Likes, if helped by Freeport. You need strong, IG and Twitter too and see you soon..

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