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If you don't know the smartwatch that I normally use everyday, see you there. The reason is because it has complete features and most important, because I like the design ; I genuinely like being physically oriented. And this time, the successor already exists - the Samsung Galaxy Watch. What's the difference with the old version, here, follow and I'll tell you [Music] Hi all, gowasa, like Samsung Galaxy Watch for this There are two original models of the Galaxy Watch, which has a flip and minimalist design that is suitable for friends who like simple things and the Samsung Galaxy Watch for classic, like the one I am wearing with a design that looks more like a modern and luxurious conventional watch,.

The most noticeable difference between World for and Classic Sports is the existence of this rotating bezel, whose teeth bounce beautifully when exposed to light,. The main thing is that there is also rare power on the inside,. The body is made of stainless steel and the display is also Super AMOLED, with a glass watch made of Gorilla Glass DX and the internal memory is 16. There is also a paper manual and a wireless charger. It's also white like this, but honestly for me personally, I don't like it because I think it's easy to get dirty. If it's white and the strap material is also soft silicone with a model and quick release that can be replaced with other universal straps with a size of 20 mm.

It's also in the second part of the physical button, right next to it, right to. It used to be circular in shape but now it's an overall box, by design At first glance it does not look quite different from the Samsung Galaxy Wars 3, the diameter of which I have is 42 mm and the body is lighter and thinner than the Galaxy S3. It is more out of software side with its features. Only the interface is still similar to Tizen OS,. Here are many Google applications, such as Google Maps, Play, Store, Google Contacts and others for navigation. One right to view easy swap down for Quick Settings switch up to check applications, and one left for Tails or shortcuts for some applications.

This Smartwatch supporter is like Sams daily activity, Body composition ung health media controller, sleep, tracker, Blood pressure or blood pressure, oxygen meter or blood oxygen level, VCD cartridge and stretch All these files can be edited on your smartphone as needed via the Samsung Wearable Application, friends, and other devices. There are two features that I must tell about to continue, but first is body composition. Now this is the first feature that I have seen on a Samsung, yes, Smartwatch. So this feature can be used to see or monitor our body fat, our skeletal muscles, our BMI and our body water. Every day, we are able to ensure that the weather information in this system is not 100% accurate.

If you want it to be accurate, friends, you have to check with the hospital for a medical check-up. The data supplied by this smartwatch are for the first time a guideline. It was pasted on two buttons that this box has run out with our middle and ring fingers. The results will come out and then the shiptracker feature is a smartwatch other than typically it only monitors, sleeping hours, right, in Samsung Galaxy Wars for this We can record the sound of our snoring, guys, so we can laugh when friends normally sleep Are, snoring or not, and we have recordings on our phones. The other features are still similar to Samsung Galaxy Wars 3. You can make calls immediately and speak cruelly.

That is why Nick Andi has a mic and speakers, OK? If, for example, we talk at the same hour, it means it is as when the Power Ranger was like this and yes, But, though the phone is a little far away, yes you can still call songs. It is simply that if you make a call like this it's good to be alone. If you look outside people will say no, but that's cool. The camera needs to be able to see and it can also be water resistant at 5, ATM or it can be used to dive up to 50 m for 10. There must also be a gesture to accept or reject incoming calls like this [ music] Hey [ music ] basically make an Android Smartwatch. It's on this Galaxy, mostly on the Samsung Galaxy, where the features are really complete.

You can use it on another Android: OK, yes Yes, yes Yes, no, usually just come on OK. Let's continue I tested the battery with standard use, shake, connect and continue with the cellphone, I often use it as a music controller, and the battery can last for the duration of the charge for almost two days. The problem is that it only lasts a day or so in my Samsung Galaxy Wars tri. Now that can happen because it uses a renewable chipset with a smoother OS than on other Android wear watches. The chipset is still on the staff. There are several choices for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, for it starts at three million and the Samsung Galaxy World for classic, like I hold, the price starts at four and a half million Expensive or cheap actually I can say relatively.

But if you look at all the features, yes Yes, it's clear that there are no smartwatch rivals besides the price below, with a much more durable battery. Yes, I understand, but we can't possibly get a screen that is as bright as this, not to mention that the OS is definitely different. If there is really a price for this product, nigh pricey or cheap, you can buy or not,. But if it is useful, please share this video with friends who know it will increase your reward. See you in the next video of Ces [Music]..

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