Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Book Cover Keyboard Unboxing vs Protective Standing Cover - Galaxy User Guide

Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in to another video on Tk Tech Corner. Today we are looking at the cover keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, s8 ultra and now I got this as a free, pre-order gift. I think it's been about a couple of months now, because apparently there was really high demand for the preorders and um. Therefore, I had to wait until I got it because I submitted the claim pretty late to be honest, umm and on somewhere. As you can see here there is actually a sticker that says that this was a promotion, a promotional reward, and it is not for resell, so I will definitely not be selling it anyway. It's a promotional item, a bit of damage to the corner there. Hopefully that's not gonna have any uh issues, it just gonna be the box.

It's not gonna damage the product itself, and I start off unboxing this right before we start to look at it. I just want to just move the camera to the left for a second and bring my Galaxy Tab, S8 Ultra into view now for those of you who have been following the channel, and I do watch my videos. I also purchased this protective standing case for the Tabase ultra and I will be honest. I haven't actually taken off the case from this tablet since I recorded that video. So this case has been here for the couple of months that I've had the tablet and the reason. It has this very nice soft touch to it. It's got this silver feel, it has the sort of textured finish here so it provides a lot of grip.

As you can see right there, I mean I do not want to compare it to a surface pro hinge, but you know the surface pro in that regard is so great, but I mean there you see right. It is it that goes as far back as it goes, so that it doesn't go as low as the Surface Pro but when this thing is seated it turns at a really good angle, really useful from a writing perspective when it's lying flat, and this thing is absolutely rock solid. Yes, it's definitely a little bit heavy adds a bit of weight to the tablet, but I mean weight over general full edge to edge protection. I'd go for protection all day, long um, you can see there. It has the sort of textured finish that goes all the way around the sides, so when you're holding it like this you get a lot of grip.

It's got this kind of soft touch, rubbery finish to it absolutely everywhere, a nice grippy and protective case and one main advantage I think. So when you got your kickstand out like this, and your tablet is standing up, you're not having to worry about the bottom getting scuffed up right because it's not scuffed right up, it's completely protected and that's going to be the problem with the keyboard bookcase where it has a sort of hybrid mode on it. Let's put it aside and start opening this up. It does have a hybrid mode right there, and if you have a look at that picture on the box there, it shows that you can certainly use it with the keyboard attachment. It also shows that you can use it in a stand mode without the keyboard attachment.

Now the interesting thing to see is when you are running in stand mode. Does the bottom of the device touch the table or not, because if it does it could start to get scuffed up right may not be the biggest issue, but let's find out and the main issue is. I don't think that you're going to get better - the protective stand case again. For this case, I recently had a link added to my youtube channel and it was going to be 10 pounds, 10 pounds 50 on a limited time offer. On the back side you've got the actual stand - and this is going to clip via magnets onto the back of the tablet - so definitely a difference.

This is clipped around the edges of the actual device as you can see, and we'll try to remove this right and remove it right because I haven't taken this one off at all. Um- I don't know how easy it will be to take the pen off first from the back - I don't know how easy or difficult it is to remove it. I do have a feeling that this is going to go back on as soon as it comes off, because I absolutely love this case. Like you can see there, I have a very hard time taking this off. I really don't know how to take off this thing other than I'll have to begin working around the edges. Any one watching that wonders how to get this case off the material you are about to watch, how hard this thing actually is to get off and if you have any tips on how to get it off easier.

Please leave them for other people and not for myself to struggle. What I actually did is I have actually pushed my finger through the camera system here and where the pen goes in to give it a little push, because this tablet is very thin. I don't really want to bend it and end up cracking the screen trying to take off this case. The first part of the video is just me with this, and now I've forgotten how thin this tablet really is. This is just take a minute to admire this thing. I still got the stickers on the bottom of it, so I should probably peel them off because they are not doing the tablet any justice. Still, the stickers are still there everywhere, I'll just leave them on, but this thing is pretty stunning samsung here and this at the bottom.

This three connectors is probably where the uh is going to stick the case on to this device. So this part here is effectively I think it is fully magnetic and it is going to stick to the um. Now it has a very nice sway mechanism. Pretty much the same to that case now definitely doesn't feel as robust, but it doesn't feel flimsy either. It is solid so let's go ahead and stick the tablet on there and see how that clips up and you can see there is a groove to the pen. You can see that it's certainly a lot thinner in this, but I must say right away. So far I prefer this cover, just for the protection - and I use a device around - I walk around with it quite a bit.

I use it for a lot of meetings in and out of work and while I am moving around with it, I need peace of mind that this thing is protected because they are not cheap right? It is an expensive tablet, so I just want to go ahead and slide this to ensure it is fully seated which it is with the camera system now, fully covered to see it is already getting. I want to put something there because I don't want to damage this tablet and I want to show you the keyboard right there. It has a lovely big touchpad on it in a minute. I can see that it is fully clipped and seated properly around the camera system, not much thickness. The top part here, as you can see, clips off and the purpose of that is because the pen that charges there can stay there and the cover can go back on it.

I like the fact that the pen is protected, and this is similar to the old s7 bookcase. They had this little notch here in the back and you could effectively open the top part of the case there without removing the whole case, get your pen out and when it's there it's safe and when it's in your bag nothing is going to knock it and it's not going to be able to knock the pen off and the pens are going to disappear. It is actually because when you get to this corner of the tablet here, there's a bit of a wobble. So again this case here is the protective stand case when you lay flat it lays pretty much flat, and this little pen holder here doesn't cause any issues at all.

When this thing is down you're writing on it, and I spent a long time writing and I'm not simultaneously into split screen meetings and notepad, I'm writing along. This one is gonna get a bit wobbly, isn't it? This looks awesome right now, but I must admit that. It has a very nice finish because it's almost full size and it is not almost. You can see the two bars here, so it's going to slot into the bottom of this and I'm going to put it there and it's probably going to be a very strong magnet. I'm guessing that's just clipping it into place and that it goes straight into that surface type stuff, going on there right surface and the deltoin ones same type of magnetic system there and you can see the track pad there straight away. But if I hold it a bit closer, maybe it's too bright.

Perhaps if I do that at the angle, you can definitely see it or maybe if I hold my hands down a little bit to try and make you see there. That's it so if I hold it like that now when you have the keyboard cover on yes, it's protected right now. Let's see if this magnetically closes and turns the screen off right, the screen is on I have it closed. It is also not going to flip up itself, as you can see, even if the keyboard cover is not dropping off. That's quite nice that when closed you have really no protection on the edges, so that you've got to be careful when you're throwing in and out of your bag, depending on how much you care about scratches on the side of the device, I do definitely.

Let's just compare that for taking my point of view from a thickness perspective, I think the protective standing case is probably a tiny bit thinner than the keyboard bookcase, because obviously you have nice bass for the keyboard here so it doesn't flex too much so it hasn't made itself flimsy, which is a good thing. If you stick your screen in your bag, the screen is not protected, but here the screen is protected and it is quite a strong magnet holding it in place. A new phone update is available for book cover. Let me show you that for the actual and that is just going off there, the firmware update available for the book cover.

So let's go ahead and just clip that back and let's update the firmware for this did not expect that to be honest, but there we go it's a device which doesn't have any firmware updates these days.

I suppose the firmware update is complete and here we go and let's get out now, I'm going to go into dex mode because that's going to be pretty nice for me, you're not going to see this so well, but let's try it anyway, right? Maybe you have to enable that you have three app shortcut keys here one app trap: three which is quite nice Um, again Um This is definitely backlit and there I am now in dex mode with this thing and now you get a sort of desktop experience here, right?? Let me search for um, tks tech corner conversation, cons, tech corner, that is my channel! Yes, it doesn't that didn't work very well, but the main thing here is: how does it feel when I start typing, it feels nice - It feels like a very natural laptop keyboard.

The actual response for the keys is nice. I feel like I am using my Dell Dell two in one, which is equally as nice as that. To be honest, but I mean that this has a bit of a nicer screen. I suppose it is easier to just launch a few apps than navigating through the whole Windows operating system when you don't need it, but the response on this is amazing. Now that you have this large keyboard and trackpad - index - mode, does it do gestures? It definitely supports gestures, nice, um, multiple desktops, maybe as well. Dam I have the little spots like normal laptop keyboards there. The trackpad clicky - wise is very nice these days. Um, the keyboard feels really really nice. I really am very, very impressed if you know if I want to do some uh document editing on here.

Now, you can see that I'm on word right here and I just do hello world and you can see that typing wise. It's full uk, quite a keyboard, it's responsive, I am using a pc here. I probably won't use the keyboard that much when the tablet is actually sitting on the table as you can see straight on the table, there is nothing protecting my tablet on the table, which is a bit of a downside, because I don't want to keep having to pull this thing from the other case right to put the keyboard on, because I'll probably break it. Hopefully this has been useful for you if you are trying to decide whether or not you should buy uh. If perhaps you didn't get the pre-order from the seller and want to decide which case you should buy, it is obviously a lot more expensive.

The only thing not offering is protection on the sides, so maybe this video has helped you make a decision. If this is what you are searching for about which case you should buy, if that's what you are after, I hope that it served its purpose, I hope it was worthwhile for you to watch this video. If you haven't already done so, don't forget to hit the subscribe button at the bottom right hand corner to help support my channel I'll leave a link to the product um, as an amazon partner. I do get paid a commission for any purchase made through my Amazon Associates links, so I will leave a link in the section below, and please do try and use my link if you are going to purchase the case..

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