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I think some Apple users will actually be better suited to buy this instead of an iPad if Android tablets are anywhere near as close to this in terms of quality in a few years ago, this would have saved the industry as a whole but I'm still very happy. This video is sponsored by Squarespace an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to build an amazing website about four months ago. I reviewed the cheaper Galaxy Tab S5e and I've really enjoyed using it, but overall I could not recommend it for most people because of a reason, which is no longer an issue with the tab. Together with the 16x10 aspect ratio, that makes it clear it is more suitable for video than the main tablet brand base.

That started out flat then took a subtle curve, which actually makes it more comfortable in hand than either the iPad pro or the air. It weighs only 430 grams and that makes it feel the most slim in your hands with a five point. I really praise the ease of the s5 with quad speakers, which besiege all iPads and surprisingly stamps I managed to make them even better and slightly louder. This time Samsung went for an under display fingerprint reader and it is quite a bit faster and more consistent than the Ultrasonic sensors in their flagship phones. That is because it uses an optical design that requires a screen to be switched on at first but I would definitely take this trade-off for the faster and more reliable sensor.

One big value proposition is the inclusion of the s-pen in the box, which has a button on it and is magnetically charged on the back. If you buy a Samsung keyboard, there is a magnetic slot that will keep it perfectly in place and I really like the keyboard other than a single complaint, but before I leave a shout out to a company that I absolutely have no complaints about our sponsor Squarespace. I've built many websites using Squarespace and I've recommended them for more than five years now. Multiple platforms and Squarespace is by far my most recommended method if you want to build a portfolio site, ecommerce site, blog or anything else. They have got you covered with great cross-platform designs to choose from, and built-in security certificates and SEO tools to choose from.

This means that your website will rank much better in searches, and that's all included for a low price, making Squarespace not only easy and awesome looking, but also fantastic value. Head to / Mac stack for a free trial and if you sign up, you get 10% off your first purchase of a website or a domain. The new Samsung keyboard is quite innovative for an Android tablet, because it has a multi-touch trackpad. Now it is small and takes some time to get used to and even then it will not match a great laptop but for those who are looking for a laptop like experience it is really nice, especially with Dex I. Absolutely love the kickstand, which is super adjustable with just the right amount of tension.

Also, it is quite pricey the same as the ipad pro keyboard but for those who do a lot of typing it will be a nobler. My biggest complaint with s5e was the cpu and even more so the graphics which limited performance and longevity. Samsung packed a Snapdragon 855 into this thin chassis and while it's not as powerful as the iPad Pro, which beats out a lot of laptops, the real performance was very good. I added a handful of 24 and 42 megapixel RAW images with white room and it did fantastically. The only time I noticed it being slower than an iPad pro was when denoising through our images, but even that was a slight difference. When I exported 10, RAW images with the tab at 6 I was actually quite a bit faster, I'm not sure why, but that was the case.

It is very similar now as far as the experience, dusting and out is the comfort when you have been gaming for a long time because of these curved edges. The S Pen button did nothing, whereas with the Apple pencil I could just tap on it to swap tools, which is very convenient. It is top notch, but it is the software and the optimizations that really keep the screen tablet up and to be honest, I'm really not sure how much better this will get in the future. So for most people, it might be more than enough, but if you want access to a huge library of apps that are optimized for tablet use and for pen use, you might now be out of luck.

Samsung has a secret weapon with their tablets, and that is decks, which is a PC - type interface that can not be used without or without a display. This is great if you want to be very flexible with multitasking and unlike the iPads, you can actually use it with full mouth support and, of course, the trackpad, which is fantastic to start wrapping up. It is well worth the extra cash over the tab s5e, but if you are on the fence between going with ns6 or a ipad, that is going to be a tough decision. Personally, I would definitely choose the Tab s6 over an iPad air, but not over the iPad Pro.

I do like the Tab a6 more especially for things like Web use, video media washing music and other simple laptop-like uses, especially with this trackpad, and it is also a better value with more storage coming with the base and the S Pen included. The iPad has a few features that make a 12x an absolute beast and performance smoother and that 120 Hertz screen and Apple pencil makes writing and drawing a much smoother and lag-free experience. Essentially, you can buy an iPad pro for 674 dollars within 800 dollars, which does help close the gap. Value I'll go ahead and leave a link down in the video description to this deal, but if you are someone who knows that you absolutely do not want an iPad that's totally fine.

I think that you are not going to be disappointed with the hardware you’ll love, almost everything about it, but make sure you expect a few hiccups, particularly with third-party apps..

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