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The Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 is the best Android tablet ever invented. Who is it me, again I'm the sponsor, if you're looking to learn some design or illustration software, I have some discount codes for some of my courses down in the description. Don't pay full price people anyway to the video Hello. My name is Brad and I review tech for creative professionals. If that sounds like you hit Subscribe and ring this bell, OK, the belt looks disgusting change of plans. It's a bit longer than the iPad but the screen itself is 10.5 inches corner to corner, it's a good size for drawing that is big enough to fit all the tools for most apps while leaving you plenty of space to draw the tablet itself is pretty light and weighs a little under a pound.

It reminds me a lot of iPad Pro last year. The version was a little more rounded around the edges. This time they squared off the corner and surrounded the screen giving it a slightly boxy look, but not quite as boxy as the new ipad pro's there. This year also the addition of antenna lines along the back that makes very reminiscent of the latest iPads the camera on the front and can be used to unlock the device with Samsung facial recognition. The Essex comes with a pen right here in the box, doesn't cost a dime more. It's a nice touch, especially since Microsoft and Apple each charge $100 plus for their pen.

Of course, the surface pen usually drops in price after release, but a scientific study by the Kobo Research and Metrics Polling Society found that people have a preference for not paying the nose for stuffing the tab. If you want to access your camera from your remote control or maybe you are doing a slide show from across the table or something I can see it being useful in those situations. Gimmicky is because it is so much easier to just use the touch interface as it is. You gotta swing the thing like a tennis racket, but that guy's nuts Samsung is releasing an SDK to developers who want to take advantage of these s-pen features.

If I had to bet on it, I would just say that the mark is too small to see a lot of developers spending a lot of time, creating killer apps for people who happen to have the S Pen and want motion control features. Activating the pen on the screen brings up some shortcuts and some of Samsung's S pen design apps like their notes and apps they feature in their sketch. Even the fancy AR doodle makes an appearance here since they added these remote controls. The pen now has Bluetooth features. The pen is built right into the back of the tablet.

What I wanted to know is: Can you attach the s-pen to the back and still carry it around? Let's see how well this thing stays on [Music], okay, yeah, that looks pretty good I still probably place my hand on the tablet in such a way that it covers the pen so that it doesn't fall off or brush against my leg as I walk, but I, don't feel comfortable on a table when a tablet or phones are face down. The glass is or should be resistant to that sort of thing. So we are gonna put that in the box of Brad's irrational concerns. The pen itself is smaller than previous years. It is not as thick, but is not quite as comfortable to hold. It is light-years more comfortable than the skinny one they fit into the phones.

Those are just a little too hard to hold if you are going to have a long drawing session we are talking about more than 15 or 20 minutes. The good news is that any S Pen will work on this drawing tablet. Even the older battery free pens like this four year old, discontinued, Wacom pen, I use, and yes, it even gives you the same precision. All of the drawing features are located in the old battery free pens. The battery on the new S pen is really for those camera controls, those motion controls and even if the battery dies you can still draw with the pen point for Samsung guys. This is not a game, we are not keeping score overall, the drawing feels pretty good Samsung uses, locks, hums technology, and so the pen has a good pedigree.

One downside of Wacom Tech is the palm rejection. It works, but you're gonna find some Paul marks on your canvas or you're gonna accidentally select the wrong layer on Android. That's because the layers and your tools are hidden in many applications, so you do far less damage than you do on the desktop with the errant palm rejection. Now there is some pen wobble that I have to preface it I don't think it is the pen and I don't think it is the screen. I think it's the way the pen interacts with the screen, and this is a little complicated so I'll talk about materials like rubber glass plastic. That kind of thing for a second is plastic on glass sticky. It doesn't feel good to draw on the slide around I.

I just don't have enough control that isn't enough texture that makes me feel confident when I draw, I mean it works, but I much prefer drawing on a textured surface. This is one of the biggest downsides of the Apple pencil on the iPad screen and it's also the reason that I'm using it. A big fan of that screen protectors on my iPads Samsung anticipated that wasn't pen with the s-pen, the nib is rubbery or is a very soft plastic. It slows down your pen on this slick glass and that is a big improvement. It doesn't feel totally natural, but it gives enough control to make it usable. I'm going to cut up this screen protector. That was meant to be for the iPad I'm gonna get a shot [Music].

If I were to use this as my full-time tablet, I would get the screen protector in it and then I would go with the white pen. The harder dab and the main reason for this is I would imagine that the softer nib would wear very quickly on a textured surface. Does that at stretch and look bad and look horrid on the larger screen? Sometimes it does in the case of drawing apps. You have more room to draw in; in fact it is kind of nice. In case you didn't see my Galaxy Note 10 of my favorite drawing apps on Android, you'll be dead. This is currently at the top of my list you can download it for free. It's not that much money and I think it is well worth number two.

It used to be number one, but art flow is overtaking it in recent months, but I will say that this infinite painter has a two finger tap to Undo gestures, so I'm thinking about moving back, we'll see it's a good app. There's Autodesk SketchBook Old Faithful a great app, not my personal favourite, but certainly rock solid. If you need something that looks and feels more like a traditional desktop app this is, maybe this is where to go and number five is I best paint X. It's a fan, favorite totally worthy of being on this list. It has some really nice tools for inking, but it is time for the Lightning Round first. That's right and everything that didn't have a place in this review, but I wanted to mention speakers anyway.

The speakers are very good but there is no headphone jack, I got mad at the iPad pro for this, so I'm gonna do the same thing here, or I am mad at you, Samsung I tried I tried my best I don't do anger. I did say in my phone review that the absence of a headphone jack didn't really bother me i. One could see a reason to not have a headphone jack on a phone, because space is limited. They did find a way to preserve the micro SD expansion slot for security. The keyboard is a hundred and eighty dollars more. That is almost as much as the Apple keyboard cover and has an interesting pendant on it. It is not a big deal, but it seems to me as if Samsung, designed the tablet and thought it.

Oh, the panel turns on the back and then given it to another team and said designed a cover for it and they're like that. A second thing, if you want an LTE version of this tablet it's about to be released later this year, so cool I know that there are people who hate it when I compare Samsung products to Apple products, but when talking about tablets, the iPad seems to be the undisputed King and/or Queen of Space. So we have to so it is four years since the iPad Pro came out and at the time my critique was hey. They were not hardcore art apps. It has changed a lot I am not ready to jump on this bow to people who say that the iPad is a full-blown laptop replacement. We've gotten full desktop apps such as clip studio.

ported affinity has brought us photo and designer to the iPad. Both are really amazingly deep, pro-level apps about to release sidecar that turns your iPad into a second screen for your Mac, supposedly Adobe will release Photoshop, please do not abandon it on android a day or two later. The apps are maybe 10 to 20 percent better than they were three years ago when I reviewed my very first Android tablet, and in that time, the iPad pro has slowly but surely become a pro and yeah. That has more to do with the companies who make the apps for the device than anything Apple's done, for whatever reason we haven't seen that come to Android yet the hardware is there for it to happen, but the software isn't there yet. I have to give Samsung props at the end of the day.

Thank you guys for watching until the end I really appreciate and I'll talk to you..

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