Galaxy Tab E Unboxing & Hands On - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys - here from c4e tech and today we have got the Samsung Galaxy Tab E with us. So in this video let's go ahead, unbox it and take a quick look inside here’s the box that the tab comes in, so we have Galaxy Tab E branding here, we have regular stuff to the side and a few quick specs to the back. So basically, two hundred forty three points : four millimeter WXGA - LCD 1.3, gigahertz, quad-core, processor, 1.5, gigs of RAM full HD, playback, 5, megapixel, camera 5000 mAh battery. Let's put that aside for the moment, we've got the Quick Start Guide warranty card, that's pretty much it and we have a micro, USB, cable and travel adapter. So let's set these aside and it's kind of strange that Samsung doesn't include your phones.

Yes, I do understand it's a tablet but Samsung is charging a premium for this and the least they could do is to add a pair of earphones again. That's me lemon and thoughts in the comments below, so getting to the Dhabi itself. Here we go feels a little heavy, where another it's supposed to be in at 419 grams. Let me just hold my scales yeah, so 489 grams. So, that's pretty good and it does feel a little weighty in the hand. We have a microSD card slot here, a primary microphone at the bottom power button, volume rockers for the 3.5 mm headphone jack and microUSB port. We have a 5 megapixel speaker and a nine point speaker in front.

So this is 800 pixels by thousand to 80 pixels Samsung, branding a friend facing camera, the physical Home button, flanked by recent apps and back capacitive keys. The pixel density is 157 PPI on this guy, again quite low, and this is not an AMOLED display. So let me quickly run through setup, so that the Galaxy Tab E is powered by a quad-core Snapdragon processor. That's with 4 cores at 1.3 gigas, each of which processor I'm not exactly sure Samsung has not mentioned it on their website, which I feel is not that good. Let's quickly download some app and let me look that up, but before that Android 4.4.4, all the version of Android wear TouchWiz on top we've got multi-window and ultra-power saving mode.

So let me quickly sign into my Google account and let's just look up what is the processor on board so guys I downloaded a couple of apps just to check what this tab is packing underneath and it seems to pack and unpack and inspect from SCA Raid 3-0 chip. So this consists of four cortex a7 cores at 1.3 gigahertz age, so that there is actually an equivalent of Snapdragon 400 that sinon says is the redmi 1s, so that's a pretty low-end chip, and especially from a new manufacturer, or rather a lesser-known manufacturer, unlike Qualcomm, so and in the time I've actually been downloading stuff and trying to Google something on the spectrum. The tab has been I've already had some response problems so I'm not really happy on this tablet.

5 megapixel rear camera again, not too impressive Nothing special, a low resolution display costs. And sixty five hundred rupees, who comes out with these prices like I really can't understand why this device exists so anyway I will go ahead. If you guys actually want to see me, do one five thousand milliamp hour battery under what else is 1,5 gigs of ram or a little bit of a no-name brand. Let me know that thanks a lot for watching till next time. This is last year of signing c4e tech, but I forgot to ask you guys to like and subscribe. If you haven’t already done that, you have a great day, buh bye now..

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