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What is up guys, it's time from the Tech Time here and I am back with another video today we are going to go over Samsung Galaxy Tab E. This is a nine point, six inch resolution tablet at 800 by 1280. You know, you're not getting super crazy specs, but this is a solid contender. You can find them refurbished for anywhere from $80 upwards to 140 and then there are a lot of um carrier deals like t-mobile. A lot of times gives us a way to buy a particular phone, they will give this with a free with Bill Credits stuff like that and this thing is great. You want them to learn how to use the Android ecosystem or to use apps in it and stuff like that. You know, nervous that they are not going to make a call or something because they can start out.

You know quite a lot and it works great, it's the screen. On this, you got a front and rear camera, nothing to brag about but they can do exactly what you need them to do. This thing has you know a substantial amount of weight to it? You got a rear firing single mono speaker, which is unfortunate on the bottom. If you want to make this a sim on the top, you have a micro USB to focus at micro, USB, charging port and headphone jack, which is good thing to have some reason to focus on this. On this thing you had nine points : six inches of 800 by 1280 pixel resolution, 8, gigabytes of storage on board, and a half of RAM.

You have a 1.3 gigahertz, quad-core processor, five megapixels, rear camera, two megapixels, front camera running Android, and then the battery capacity is a five thousand milliamp hour battery, which is really good. Since I've had it since I think, June 2015 and I got a deal on it through t-mobile and and it works great Micro SD card you can expand up to 128. The headphone jack does not have FM band. There is a proximity center, accelerometer ambient light sensor, gyroscope, no barometer, no temperature sensor and no compass compass, but in total this thing has been well-received by a lot of people you are running right now. At the time of this video this thing hasn't got too many updates, but we'll see what we are running at right now.

In the wrong section we are running android, Nougat 7.1.1, which is fine. Runs the 16 by ten aspect ratio which is a little bit different than 16 by nine because of the size of the screen, but I have no problems with anything. The front firing speakers I rear firing speaker could be easily muffled by your hands, but it's people with smaller hands. If you lay it like a pillow or something like that, you might get some noise now about that muffling, but other than that. This thing is great for media content. You know 720p Full HD, but this is a little better than 720p and overall is for the average user. For the price point like I said, one hundred and forty dollars for tablet is really really good. The person had a couple : they were dispensed of by iPads.

Using them wasn't used I used the Nexus 7 tablet. Those were my favorite and still this thing by Asus, still in great shape. That was my favorite 7 inch tablet and I, I use that still my daughter that I mean some of the kids come to play, and they'll use that and and whatever, and it is still going strong. For what it is, it works, but now you know fairly fast that this is a full get. The volume up this is a full make sure the quality is up. This is gonna run for a second at 720p at 60 frames You are obviously, not gonna, get the full quality on this right here, but this thing has really really vibrant colors.

It's a nice looking screen, really I don't know if the sound is coming in, like I said the rear frying speaker so that you can block it out, but most of the time when you're holding it, no issues would have been nice with stereo fire and speakers front firing speakers. But really it is not that big of a deal, because this is a hundred and forty dollars. You gotta remember to the price point of this thing : they have tab a which is more money. Looking at you know, 250 to 300 dollars and there are obviously iPads and there are a lot of other tablets that are a big money. In my opinion you can run them both ways and even that it is a big screen, but it's also nice about the tablet.

This way you can still get a decent screen right here and you can at the same time scroll through comments to videos. So that's what's nice about having a tablet over a cell phone. There is a lot of things you can do with the larger screen, the larger screen real estate comes in handy, so there was a little bit of media content. Nowadays everything is clearly pretty well implemented for tablet PCs. It takes a little time to focus, but for the most part it works fairly. Let's see if we can get the video up here - see if you guys can see it - oh well it'll show it up the red. The decent light got some sun yelling and stuff, but you know other than that you are not getting the best lighting for this camera and the camera works.

It's four times digital zoom which is pretty grainy as you would expect in here. You know, picks audio, pretty good, we'll get the bright sun outside right now. Show you how it does a decent does attracts the cars. Obviously it is no stabilization, but you can't get too much done with a tablet. The 4x digital zoom is grainy and noisy, as I have said, but overall the quality is pretty good. It is a 1.9-Megapixel front camera. My opinion is better than the V 30 front camera, which is crazy for the price points. For you know, video call stuff like that, you know when I get your mother into video calling, this would be perfect, Skype Google, dual, whatever you want to use, they can use it on this, like I said.

You know this is not gonna go out and strike a good photograph. The award has with this thing, and you shouldn't expect it is over a hundred dollars and it is a tablet. Tablets always take backseat, but it's nice to have the front camera. You can do some of that like I said some Skype, some Google Duo and whatever video chat - things you want to do on this you have the option to do, which is great, as I said for kids I got all this really if you would want to use. It might currently use my phone in my computer, but I have the option to use it on a big screen. What's going on in the video chat other than that, I've said, speed wise. This thing works good, has a gig and a half of RAM which is not bad.

You buy a cheap case for this thing and you have a rugged tablet for $140 and it's gonna be great a lot better than those that are just focused on kids. You know and they have the green colors and whatever they want to try to attract you that way. So if you are buying a phone anyways can you do this, sometimes you can scroll this dirt cheap, really not much else to go over on this thing. You got a power saving mode that really works pretty good. Usually, if you need some power but you know most of the time, you will probably be using this everywhere you need it, you've got the private mode. You have reading mode, so reading mode sort of takes away the blue light. It is also like a blue light filter for this SIM card.

You want this to take on the go and you don't want to go in a hot spot to Hook up with Wi-Fi because the children are driving with you in the car. You want to drop a SIM card in that thing and voilĂ ! ; you can make calls through hangouts and other things, like that. With this tablet and again like i would pay 140 dollars, you truly can't go wrong. You can't beat it, you are gonna watch great content on this thing and you are gonna. It's 140 bucks great for grandparents great for the kids great for you great for having a big, almost 10 inch screen to watch media on watching Netflix watch binge watching in the bed. Here you want to catch up on some things on a big screen, but you want to stick the laptop and you in the bed.

140 bucks, Samsung, Galaxy, Tab E, two thumbs up from me. If you are interested in any questions on this thing. Let me know in the comments section : I hope that you guys had a great Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, hopefully scored a lot of things. Let me know in the comments section what was the best thing you guys scored on Black Friday. If you guys are interested in scoring anything on Cyber Monday what'd, you guys plan to get there and I'll catch you guys later in the comment section..

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