Galaxy S9 Ghostek Full Case Lineup! w DROP and Water Test! - Galaxy User Guide

Today we will be taking a look at the full case, lineup from Ghost Tech for the Galaxy S 9 Big. Huge shout out to the snake for sponsoring this video. Let's go ahead and get started before we dive into these cases : make sure you are subscribed to this channel and have hit the notification bill for more coverage on the Galaxy S9. The entire ghost tech lineup includes at least two times the military draw protection, which means you won't crack your screen. They can be thrown across the yard and they're going to provide the ultimate protection for your phone. This does provide that the two time military drop protection I like the fact that it has an aluminum alloy frame.

One thing that normally you lose when you put a case on your phone is that metal feel ; most cases have either a rubber or hard plastic cover and I really missed the cold metal. It makes this case feel ultra premium. The atomic slim offers a 2 layer protection with a polycarbonate center and metal aluminum frame also that you will get metallic button covers with reinforced seams that also block out dust and debris. I really love these metal button covers because they're not going to wear out over time. Of course all your cutouts here are perfect for the camera and the charging port and a 3.5 millimeter jack headphone jack. With the multi-layer design, the cloak 3 has also doubled the military drop protection.

The precision cut button cover our chrome finished, which really makes them stand out. The cloak 3 also has a non-slip diamond grip which means you are not going to be dropping this phone very often I like the fact that it has that clear bag so that you can see the beautiful design of the Galaxy S 9. Cutouts are again perfect for the camera, the USB charge port and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. If you're looking for a case that has both a sharp design and is also multi-functional, you're going to want to look at the exact two. It includes that non-slip diamond grip, so you won't drop your phone as often, and one awesome feature is that it does include a five card wallet pocket right there on the back.

This case is still super slim and the one thing that really stands out about the exact two is that it has five different material layers built in inside the case for complete drop protection. A lot of wallet cases are super bulky. This one is super light and you can still easily access your 3.5-inch jack, headphone jack and recharge port. It also includes a military protection two times larger than you will find that it has reinforced corners, which will provide even more impact resistance. You have soft touch buttons for maximum use quality and of course you still have perfect cutouts for the camera charge, port and 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

This case is going to protect your phone from all the elements with an article to case your phone can survive, drops from up to 20 feet high and get one hour waterproof protection. Soft touch grips for maximum shock absorption. The touch sensitive screen guard also means that the Gorilla Glass file in your Galaxy s 9 will not be susceptible to scratching, which is just another added aspect of these cases. If you're looking for stylish protection for the Galaxy S, nine look no further than the Ghost Tech case - lineup I'll, be sure to include a link in the description of where you can pick up your ghost tech case today.

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