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Just like last year, we have two flagship phones: Galaxy smartphones, yes, have an edge, continues Samsung’s pledge to ship a phone with a curved screen. From afar it may seem very similar to its predecessor but there's more to it than meets the eye, Hey Guys, john VIII, of cell phone Lena and you're watching our video review of the Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. We won't get into every part about the phone just because it closely follows the performance of s7. With that in mind you are getting a phone that is blazing fast with its Snapdragon 820 chipset. It definitely is one of the more complete custom skins out there and certainly finds the space between power users and those who prefer something more basic.

How has the quality greatly improved over its predecessor, thanks to the stronger app for the earpiece and the great clarity the line exhibited on both ends? Despite that, however, the headphone jack delivers a more pleasant experience with its stronger output and of course remains mesmerizing when it comes to watching videos. It works exceptionally well with the automatic photos captured, but are superb as always, but the biggest improvement is in its low light performance.

In fact, the larger 1,4 micron - sized pixels captured with the new dual pixel - technology in conjunction with faster, focusing makes low-light images look brighter than their rivals and that's without too much noise or degradation in its overall quality and the same can be said about its video recording - performance. There are plenty of resolutions to choose from, but all firm with sharp details, allowing lightning-fast focus adjustment, clear audio, recording and snappy exposure adjustment.

We notice that the camera lens cracked, it is tough to say what happened but maybe something has hit it in the middle for it to shatter that's a little bit worrying, but we hope that our case is an isolated one and the first noticeable change here with the phone is its larger footprint in between the s6 edge and the s6 edge plus.

What's really important is that this doesn't feel like a bone with a 5.5 inch screen because they can trim the fat and keep the ratio screen to body at an impressive 76 point: Zero nine percent Best of all they have improved the design by eliminating the taper we saw with metal trim bezel at the s6 edge last year, so it isn't as sharp around the edges anymore and when combined with the fact that the note adopts 5s curved rear edges, it simply makes it more comfortable than last Now has an IP 68 waiting for water resistance, meaning accidental spills, submersions and using in the shower or while it is running outside are all fair game for this phone.

Let's I mean I really impressed because how many phones can do that, especially ones with a killer design that packs a fingerprint sensor, a heart rate sensor, quick charging, wireless charging and expandable storage? The larger footprint means we're also getting a bigger display, to be exact a 5.5 inch quad, HD, Super AMOLED. More real estate is nice and at the same time remains lower solid qualities. The only difference is its lower net luminance of 493. Its less than its predecessor, but doesn't affect its performance adversely under direct sunlight. The introduction of the dual curved screen last year really brought on features. This time they've extended the edge variants to 550 pixels for starters so there is more room to display content.

Not only does it add another multitasking element to the experience, but the addition of downloadable edges makes it more versatile and there are even shortcuts for macros such as instantly running the camera app to snap a selfie as opposed to doing it yourself, and then switch to the front-facing camera. Third-party support is the light from the start, but this is something that we can expect to grow in over time. Unfortunately, even with the bigger 3600 milliamp hour cell inside, it seems to just get us through one day of normal use. Users will probably need to recharge a lot, but Samsung has improved its charging efficiency since it takes only nine minutes to bring it back to 100% and best of all, there's also the convenience of wireless charging too.

Yes, we know it's expensive, but the difference here is more reasonable given the fact that we are dealing with a larger size phone and not just an SMU clone with a dual-curved screen, adds to that. The addition of water resistance and expandable storage makes it a complete package. Do we have a phone that packs so much cutting-edge technology into one single device? Sure, but we do have it here..

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