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This is definitely a super unique phone and I will be presenting you guys a full review of it today, including the cameras, the screen, the battery life and also the controversial game, optimizing service issue. And although it is a super impressive phone overall, I did notice some unexpected flaws in my day to day use. Okay, so probably the most unique thing about this phone is that it has a pen built inside of it. And at first I was not sure about it, because the pen is quite small and it is also very flat, but I would say it feels very comfortable to hold and I can write as well with it as I do. However, in third-party note-taking apps like Onenote, for example, I've noticed that the tracking isn't nearly as good, but overall s-pen is still super responsive.

It feels great to write with it and if you do things that need handdrawn diagrams or other types of annotations then I definitely think that having a pen could be super helpful. Now I did not really do lots of writing with my stylus, but there were still many other features that I found very useful.

The screen doesn't need to be turned on, and this is probably one of my favorite s-pen features, because the black background, and also the neon colors just look really cool and whenever I have something really important that I want to make sure that I remember I would simply write it down here and then I can actually also pin this to my omnipresent display and this way whenever I pick up my phone I'll be reminded of it, which is really nice, okay? So on other Samsung phones you could draw photos and videos on screenshots.

Since I can actually write directly with the pen, I have actually started to write little annotations and also circle things on my screenshots so that when I send it over to my friends, it makes more sense on its own and I no longer have to explain what it is or what should look at. So whenever I want to take things like group pictures, I can very easily use the rear camera or even the Ultrawide to get a better looking shot. There are also some more fun features like writing on the Samsung calendar and also coloring.

Watching videos is very nice on this phone, but even just scrolling around like on instagram or Reddit the wider color gamut makes all the colors seem a bit more saturated, and I think this is noticeable even on the iphone 13 pro, which has a pretty good color gamut. Also, the s22 ultra screen can go very bright with a peak of 1750 knits, and this is much brighter than the iphone and the regular s22 maximum brightness on this phone is probably way overkill for indoor use, but for outdoor use and also for viewing HDR videos. This extra brightness is really nice, so this screen and also together with the nice sounding speakers make the s22 ultra ideal for viewing content online and also watching videos.

But for me the one large downside of the screen is that it has a really steep curve on the edges. So, especially when looking at bright content, the curved part of the screen looks dimmer than the rest, and I think that this is pretty distracting. Imagine if the top and bottom of this video was darkened. That's like what everything looks like on this phone and also how the curve catches light. Overall these issues aren't too bad, but since the curved screen really doesn't add much or look particularly good, I would much rather have a regular flat screen on the s22 ultra good, and speaking of design. It's covered in gorilla, glass, victis plus the back is matte and the texture does feel pretty good, but it does catch a bit of fingerprints.

There are some on there right now, I'm not sure if you can see it on the camera or not, it has the usual ip68 water and dust resistance, but I do have some issues with the build. The corners are very sharp, so when combined with the pretty heavy weight of this phone, grabbing this with one hand does get uncomfortable pretty quickly, because the corners dig into my palm, but the sides of this phone are actually rounded. So if you use a phone with two hands and just hold it on the side like that, then it is pretty comfortable and I don't think the sharp corners are a huge problem because they can be easily covered up with a phone case.

Impact and Crash-Faces are super sleek and slimmer than a 10 cent coin, but they are also engineered with two layers of chi-tech, 2.0-layer materials. You can go to today created by ella to get 15 off, so the s22 ultra has a 108 megapixel main camera a three times in a second a 10 times, optical zoom telephoto and also a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera. If we don't zoom on the phone, but with the 108 mode you can definitely crop in post with the image still looking sharp, so there is more flexibility. In the 108 image you can see just more detail, particularly when we punch in, but for me the most interesting camera on this phone is the 10 times optical zoom.

It lets me see really far beyond what my eyes can see and of course this could be quite useful for reading far away signs and actually the 10 times. It doesn't have the same quality of the main camera, but it certainly looks a lot better than just cropping on a three-way, telephoto lens. Now the photos from the three-time telephoto lens on this phone look pretty good on its own, but I think it's the weakest link in this camera system, side by side with the three-time telephoto lens on the iphone. We can see that the text is just not as sharp here, and the ultra-white photos on this phone are pretty decent too. There's nothing too special going on here and same with the front selfie camera.

Compared to the iPhone, however, I noticed that the Samsung does smooth my skin out. Software wise, the Samsung camera app is packed with a few pretty fun features now. You take things like the iso focus and also the white balance accurately and then on to a single take where you take a video of something for up to 15 seconds and then from that video. The phone will automatically make a bunch of photos and videos like these with filters, and even this fake 24 hour timelapse video and I actually think it looks quite realistic so overall the s92 ultra has a really good camera system. The video quality of the s22 ultra is also very good with a poor dynamic range, which is not very useful.

The video looks detailed, perhaps a bit over sharpened but it has also very good dynamic range but the hdr capability is a bit of a letdown and you have to go to camera settings and then advanced, recording options and then enter recording videos in hdr, 10 plus and the quality of hdr videos is inconsistent under certain conditions. There are lots of artifacts and I also noticed that when a light bulb is recorded specifically, it seems to think it is the sun, so it paints it this orange color, but when it comes to the performance of this phone on paper it's pretty decent, just like other snapdragon 8 gen, 1 phones. You could very well end up with much lower gaming performance than what the benchmark scores indicate.

This is obviously far from ideal, but at least you can turn off the game optimizing service with the new software update. It is a bit convoluted though, as you have to go into game settings, booster settings and then labs and then toggle this thing off in order to disable Gos and without the Gos, the phone does get really hot under heavy load, so hot that it's really not comfortable to hold it any longer, but regardless of Gos being on or off, the phone is still very limited by heat. After about five minutes of heavy gaming, I'm not a big mobile gamer, so I haven't really faced any issues with the speed.

But if you play some more demanding games, then this could definitely be an issue all right and let's talk about the battery life of this phone now, so I tested the battery life over the course of a day and kept the re-set rate on the adaptive screen brightness at about 75. It was connected to Wi-fi the entire time and I changed the resolution to 2k plus which it doesn't even default to so the battery life of this thing is really good. So, even with this insanely heavy use, this phone can last a full day. It lasts in my more typical use case of the average two days on a single charge, but again I don't really use data or gps.

Also often the s22 ultra supports fast charging in 45 watts, which means the phone can charge really fast when it's almost dead, but do note that it does not come with a brick so you might have to buy a new brick to take full advantage of the 45 watt fast charging. For me, the s pen is quite useful and the 10x Telephoto is really cool too, but this is one of the most expensive phones on the market so I do wish the processor performance could be better and also better raw photos and hdr videos to be artifact free, but yeah Let me know what you think of the S92 ultra down below and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up.

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