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Hello, Hello, Guys, the TKI Fund Program is in and this time in my hands, namely with galaxies, 22, green and I, have tried it everyday. With the Galaxy S 22, I can conclude that the Galaxy S 22 is very, very comfortable from Xperia C. It gets a compact body and then a display that is usually very, very thin and symmetrical, and when you receive the one given by Samsung with Android 12. Moreover, the expression in my opinion is also one of the best from Android released in 2022. I think this very beautiful Galaxy S, 22 or F-22, plus one of them I recommend this Green color is very interesting for you to buy in 2022. Oh Oh.

Yes, when you look at the side of the body given because I have compared the Galaxy S 22 this time with the previous galaxies 21, there are no significant changes in this part of the camera I. Don't think so, I am not wrong, because even now I think the Galaxy S 22 is still very good and very futuristic. First is the display section which is used, namely the Dynamic AMOLED, two 120Hz and a maximum of 48 heads. It is not a healthy body spray and I hope Samsung will come back next year at least the 23 galaxies will get LCD displays, so that it gives Petri and also better expression here. The Wind notes that my experience is very good.

It is just that maybe from parked developers such as Twitter Instagram there are sometimes leggings still when scrolling, then with the brightness the maximum, no need to doubt that this Samsung cellphone makes the display erupt so far. Think it is quite interesting because it is still high-end class with a compact body. The lagship is in my opinion because Gorilla Glass pictures plus the front and back and the back are in mid class So. Usually the mixture here is always given to hair Flexi Several other brands. Even Samsung used polycarbonate aka plastic last year. Here the class is really good and the gorilla glass pictures and the meeting also feels very exclusive. I then don't forget the engine too again, because this front has a thinner base.

Very, very OK I really appreciate Samsung this time it's really 11 with a thinner base and is symmetrical between the top and the bottom right and the left The Galaxy S 22 fingerprint reader boils really nicely with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader. It's also very fast but indeed when I use a screen guard at this time I use temper glass. I do not know why I feel this way but hopefully it can be a note for Samsung in the future so that the users are more comfortable and feel the lavabra inside, Sometimes I don't feel it when I don't have a cvbc pan in the bag, because the position has been changed with the operating system when you empathize 1 Andrea 12.

They are also very, very good and responsive, so hopefully with the next update it will also offer more leverage and don't ruin this experience or not, Samsung also promises to provide five years for security updates and four years operating system updates continue on Galaxy S 22. One of them is that this can be an excuse,. For the next four years, you will still get the latest Express with your Twenty two character - in regards to the speakers, There is nothing interesting in my opinion. Kin will be better with other cellphones but in general it is OK not too bad, but not very good Entering, the camera section. So the camera system on the Galaxy S, 22 I think is solid.

This year we can say that the level is at the level with other flexi fens, especially with 50 megapixels. The main camera has good photos in its class I, really like the color, the fibrin, and I. This year, such as with better portraits and also with stabilization, I think that it has been improved a lot, especially when video is taken. Sometimes it doesn't focus on certain things, and this is certainly a note for the next software too hi hi hi, hi, hi, hi, hello hello, hello guys Finally, it can provide the best in the chip and the RAM section, So this time the Galaxy S 22 will receive a Qualcomm Snapdragon, bro, one for the Indonesian version, with eight salts, overall very solid. It doesn't matter as much when you use it every day as it does if you use photo results.

Waiting efficiency is also affected because with this chipset thanks to Qualcomm, but the problem is that there is a Samsung geoseul, Samsung Duos. This is a game optimization service where it will protest or regulate when the situation is very hot or the game is very heavy, can't maximize the CPU and also the prosecutor in several applications, for example, when I use it on Kenshin Impact, I can't get 60 frames per second fully, even though I set it with hs60. When I tried it, then the heat was around 39 and even up to 42°. I don't think it is too hot, because I've already gotten this Samsung Duos.

This has also been felt when Samsung secretions as well and Saeful Tiga, which is in my opinion the most pronounced chipset, it's flexible, but it can't be heard in the sense that the performance is not optimal. Now it goes to the battery section, so that this Galaxy S 22 with a small body, The battery also shrinks with the 3700e Maha, and indeed this is what I'm afraid of my first video is impression and cas version es 22. The performance is actually OK with the battery closing, it's also quite OK when I use it once a day. If I use it fully, it's definitely about five hours in the afternoon nedo about 20%. So this is a maximum and 25 wa wireless chargers still do it with 15 leaks of oranges.

Then tried to charge it from 20% and 100% for about 1 hour 5 minutes so that you can get 100% on the Galaxy S 22 So. In conclusion I'm very satisfied with galaxies, I rarely play games with my cellphone everyday, so I'm still very satisfied with the battery given, You are looking for a small body, get maximum performance. It is very easy to recommend Galaxy S 22. You want to get a slightly bigger code and then a bigger battery, and want to get a compatible papi. You can't help but fit the same expression you can get and a bigger body, and some of these advantages it's very easy to recommend Galaxy S 22 plus, That is all that's chasing you about the Galaxy S 22 and, hopefully, you can choose the best handset for you at the beginning of 2022. Comment below.

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