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Hello welcome guys, welcome ID technique. This time I held a Galaxy S 22, which is usually green in my opinion, is very beautiful in 2022 and what I am holding this time with eight x Salt and 256 GB of storage from the beginning of Samsung, launching I am more interested in the Galaxy S 22 is normal compared to the Galaxy S 2012, because with a smaller display I think it's more interesting to talk about than the Galaxy S 2012, although in general it would be easier to recommend and also many are interested in the display.

About 6.6 incidents used in the Galaxy S 22 plus here will discuss the version of my impression and this Galaxy S 22, which I think you definitely need to know and before I discuss more when cs22u will provide an unboxing experience for the Galaxy S 22 TV box like last year’s Galaxy, S 22, Green Let o This time the front is covered with a layer and also the back is open. It now does not get the default screen protector. So, in the bottom there is then PC, sim card, three and speakers. On the right side there is a power button and also a volume up-down button on the left side. After coming out of the box it is really boxy compared to the previous Galaxy S, of course.

So here's a file that feels like a first hold an iPhone 12 due to its boxy edges, although there are in my opinion a few cracks at the edges. The edges are not as boxy if you compare it to the iPhone and then it is also very interesting in my opinion, and the single game is also related to tomorrow, which is more than likely I think? One thing that I find disappointing is that the Galaxy S 22 is related to the 120s used, so the rumors were initialised 120 had to be dug up. Ss22 and es 2012 were rumored to have Audi spray At the beginning of this event, it could then be said that it went down to 10 heads even though it didn't say ltp. This was confusing because our expectations with the display used on the Galaxy S 22 were too high.

It turns out that Samsung has revised it, so that the lowest maximum is 48, Hearts 120, so it still uses ltbs. So this is the same thing we can say with technology that the previous reaction to s21 was at all negative. Samsung's display is in my opinion still the best. In fact, the expectations are slightly lowered and The Galaxy S 22 that did not get the free one But in general and the 1300 that is used in the Galaxy S 22. You don't think it is a problem in Audor,. It is a little brighter compared to its brother, but I don't mind. I tried the impression version, it is very, very good The display is still very good, really good on the Galaxy S 22 this time into the design section, which is also the body in general.

In my opinion, there is no difference compared to access 21, except that it will be thinner on the front display and on the back and edges, which are very complex with the boxy design. And there is no difference between Ultra plus or the usual now compared to the previous one, using the latest Gorilla Glass pictures plus used in the Galaxy S 22 series. Getting the top I think it is very good compared to the previous plastic, so you still get an exclusive experience. Then his mind also got aluminum armor that Samsung claims promotes that this is the best aluminum, but I ask you again. The point is, if for example you fall it is better for you to add a casing to make it more secure with a smaller body.

This camera is still 3 camera lenses, but overall new compared to the previous Galaxy S. So in general the camera system used in the Galaxy S 22 is indeed a hair flash compared to other cellphones of other brands and if you know of any expert row can also be the one that doesn t only in the class s22 or s21 Ultra Galaxy S 22. With raw files, you can get photos so that the obtained data is obviously larger. Then Samsung doesn't forget to provide photography – now that is, The focus is on taking photos which, again, in the video for the launching of the event and other interesting features, will be discussed in the full review of the Galaxy S 22 that I used, I think. Then there is also the object, restore feature used by Google pixel.

Overall, the operating version is very good for use in Indonesian galaxies, hi hi magazine goes to the chipset section and the first RAM is spicy RAM, first published for xx22 or galaxies 2012, with eight GG in general. I use it's OK and if you want to add more, yes and with the Galaxy S 22 this time in Indonesia, you will get the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon edgen 18 gen1 by the hair flagship from the wacom chipset series. Even though x-1200 is interesting, some of us are generally Snapdragon Edwin. This is indeed very interesting and very good, then I use it Persib Resinya, yes, there is no significant difference overall. If the xx22 is a bit disturbed, I think that the battery is a little smaller than the last year.

The s22 gets only 3700mah with PT efficiency, which can be said should be better with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Eden one, but the display is still the same. The maximum slashes in 48 days to 120x, so my expectations can not be very high in the sense that it is also possible that this will be worse than ice 21 years ago with regards to charging. So this can only use a 25watt charger, 45watts for galaxies 2012 and also ultra with the Galaxy S 22, I think it's more birth compared to adapters in other brands, which can reach almost 100 pieces too, but in general it's OK to wait.

Only a maximum of 15 for those who can you get when you charge the Galaxy S 22, okay, that's all facials related to you guys, it's related to the S22 Hi and I remind you that the worst thing is, in my opinion, the battery, So there will be many more examples from the photos which I think are very interesting, and experience in general with the s2 line 2, which is in my opinion the cream. As long as it is attractive, then the display is compact and expressive. All for those of you who want to share it. Comment below or ask questions about the Galaxy S 22 or even share your experiences with the Galaxy S 22..

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