Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G | Official Introduction Film

Bold new contour camera design, the fastest chip in galaxy and intelligent batteries last your day. Introducing Galaxy S21, ultra precision, camera elements and cutting edge technology revolutionizes You can take epic hi-res photos straight from the video groundbreaking director's view, re-imagines movie, making in real time you call the shots choose between ultra wide wide and when you want to get up close telly or with vlogger mode. It's all in a single seamless movie file ready to share super high resolution doesn't stop at video. The epic story continues with an enhanced 108 megapixel sensor that captures rich color for true-to-life photos.

Our breakthrough dual tele lens system brings the world closer to you with zoom lock. Multi-Frame blending and enhanced ai deep learning transform low light into bright and vivid photos when the knight calls for video, enhanced noise reduction makes adventures brighter than ever and making every move 60 frames per second through four lenses in 4k. Our smoothest display ever is also the most intelligent on a smartphone of 120 Hertz, the refresh rate optimizes to what you are watching. While I Comfort shield intelligently adjusts blue light for you with the fastest chip in the galaxy, unsurpassed speeds, an epic camera experience complete with dedicated Samsung knoxville for the highest level of security hardware and intelligent 5000..

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