Galaxy S21 / S21+ : Forgot password Can't Factory Reset? NO PROBLEM! - Galaxy User Guide

So you have a Samsung galaxy s21 and forgot your password and are not able to do a factory reset because you have to shut off your phone first to do a factory reset. When you try to turn off your phone, it asks you for a password. If I have this password, I'm not able to turn it off okay, so I'm going to show what to do to you guys. Let us see what happens here so the first thing we want to do is to force it to restart so we are going to press and hold the volume down the power button, we are going to press and hold and not let go as soon as the screen turns black we're going to only let go the volume button and press and hold the volume button.

Hopefully I get it on the first: try, see volume down power, prepare one, two three press and hold both buttons. Let me do it again: Ok, let's do it again, ready to turn the volume down power, ready, press and hold both buttons. Now I am holding volume up and power button and I am still holding here, samsung logo go and let go. Ok, first time it worked and then you just want to go down to the white data, slash factory reset! So what you want to do is simply go down to white data, cut and then go ahead. You want to tap on the power button here now you get this message here, basically : once you do this, it cannot be done or not.

If you want to proceed with the factory reset go down and then go ahead and tap on the power button and then it will perform a factory reset after about a minute or two when everything boots back up, as if you bought it brand new and took it out of the box, and you have to configure it up, you got to choose your language, your wi-fi password and all that good stuff. Ok, so hopefully that helped you guys out for me. I'm not going to do the factory reset, it's going to cancel it, and I'm going to reboot the system anyway.

If you guys still have problems uh comment below, let me know how many times it took you guys to get to the Android recovery menu..

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