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Hey guys what's up guys it is meridian aperture welcome back to another video and this is samsung galaxy s 21 plus it was released earlier than usual in january, normally they release in march but it was released in january, so goody goody for those who purchased it. It is the brand new s21 plus 6.7 inch display size and comes in a lineup of three devices, the s21, the s21 plus which is and the s21 ultra. Let's start with the design, shall we? It's pretty similar overall to the S20 series, although we've had the curved display we had the last time around. We've now got a flat display on the front on the back. We have a camera contour design, so it's actually integrated in the phone itself.

We also have sand on the back of all models, apart from the s21, which has a polycarbonate back, but I don't see any issues with that: it's more durable when it's dropped and it's not going to crack like glass. This time will help significantly in drop tests, because it will land first and hit this and it is just a big piece of solid metal. It's going to reduce the likelihood of receiving damage. We do have the Samsung logo and imei and ce info at the bottom. On the right hand side we have the volume rocker, as well as the power button between them. We have an antenna band on the bottom of the device. Unfortunately there is no micro SD card support now, so for those of you who want a micro-sd card slot you'll have to look elsewhere.

This is just a dual sim tray, so it can accept up to two sim cards, a microphone, the loud speaker and then two more antenna bands on the opposing side. There's literally nothing, that's a clean slate and then on the top. We just have a couple more microphones and another antenna band. Personally, I would have preferred something matte because it would reduce the likelihood of scratches, but it is what it is: it is shiny aluminium on the front of the device, which means we have the latest and greatest screen technology from Samsung. This is a 6.7 inch, super - amoled display with hdr 10 plus and 120 hertz - refresh rate. We also have a 240 Hertz touch sampling rate.

That is how fast it can track your finger on the screen, so it tracks it double as fast as the screen refreshes itself, and makes everything feel really responsive. Everything is incredibly smooth from swiping to scrolling. The resolution is 1080 by 2400, which leads to a ppi of about 394. Now if you compare this to the s20 series for those of you who have very sharp eyes like I do you will notice that this is noticeably sharper than the s20 if it is in 1080p resolution. If, for example, you have a quad HD monitor and set it to 1080p, it looks a bit blurry at 1080p. It's not blurry on the s20, it's just not as sharp when it's at full hd. However, when it is at Qhd, the S20 is notably sharper, but to my eyes it really doesn't matter.

I would prefer the 120 hertz than the higher resolution and stuck at 60.. If you want the higher resolution of Qhd and 120 hertz, then you need to move up to the S21 Ultra. Viewing angles are fantastic as usual. So if you turn it right to the side it looks like they're - painted on it because it's a laminated display - and it's just amazing viewing angles are just amazing on this device, even in direct sunlight for those of you who like exact measurements, it's 161 and half millimeters in length, 75.6 millimeters in width and 7.8 millimeters in thickness, it's very thin, although they have managed to fit a larger battery here. It's now a 4800 milliamp hour battery which is up from 4500 on the s20 plus.

I'd think that it probably is down to the larger battery, even though it is not much bigger. As I mentioned earlier, it has only a sim tray, so no place for a micro-sd card, but dual sim support does exist. Now they went for the stacked version of the sim tray, so you put them on either side instead of it being a longer one like last time- and I expect that's to give them more space. The s20 series had already razor thin bezels so this is very impressive. It's covered in corning Gorilla, glass Victus, which is the latest and strongest corning in the drop tests. I've seen it does quite well and considering it is also flat on the front it also helps with durability as there is no curve on the display this time around on the ultra.

It is curved but it also does well in drop tests this time around samsung definitely fixed the chip. In past years, the xnus was absent across all areas behind the snapdragon. Battery life performance, everything it was just not very good. So I'll show you my latest benchmark, it runs on the xnus 2105 nanometer chipset if you are in the UK or Europe, and then in the US and China and other markets it runs on snapdragon triple eight. Now I would do some research on your region to double check what chips you're getting, but they definitely fixed it because it was performance more or less with snapdragon and in some areas it is running a bit better. 10 20 in the single core and 32 57 in the multicore score.

The gaming tests and battery tests have actually shown that the exynos outperforms the snapdragon when it comes to gaming and raw horsepower, but when it comes to tasks at hand, sometimes the snapdragon might be ahead of it. There are no frame drops, there is no lag 120 hertz display. It feels really fast and it is genuinely incredibly fluid. It is very difficult to get phones feeling a lot more fluid when they already run at 120 hertz, but if you are playing games with supported 120 hertz enabled it is fantastic. If you want the absolute best screen on the market, then the s21 ultra is perfect for you.

If you prefer flat sides and don't mind the 1080p resolution, which I'm sure most people won't, then this is a fantastic device for you, with the snapdragon version you are running on the adreno 660 gpu and on the xnus 2100 you're getting the manly g78 both of which perform fairly well they are, both very similar in This time, you will not need to worry about this. I've been getting very impressive battery life. When I got home, then I'm very happy with that. I am a two-day person when it comes to mobile phones, because I don't use the battery too much during the day. There is no microsd card slot but there are 128 gigabytes of storage available for 949 pounds in the base model, or there is a 256 gigabyte storage model for 999 pounds.

This is a lot cheaper than last time and they give double storage for 50 pounds which is really nice. They both have eight gigabytes of Ram and everything is incredibly fluid and fast. It's super quick pictures have the same kind of image processing you'll expect from smartphones. Images are very nice and contrasty with a good amount of detail and very, very sharp. But apart from that, if you have a good amount of lighting there is a really good amount of detail from this same sensor - it's using the same camera sensor as the s20 series. Some improvements in color and other fields, but those are all done by software rather than hardware.

We do have night mode built into it, but it is not the best night mode on a phone, but you can get some pretty nice shots, although again they are a little overexposed, it depends on the temperature of the light you shoot in. If you have a cooler light setting then your photos are going to be a little bit out of focus. Here is an example of the night mode image processing. Here's the 123 degree field of view, super wide angle lens then the regular wide angle lens. Both these are 12 megapixels and then the 64 megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom. This is 4k 60 on the galaxy s21 plus the image quality isn't quite as good as 4k 30 but that's because it produces twice the number of frames.

It still looks good, though it does look a bit more digitally processed than 4k30, but we still have optical stabilization, so it's pretty stable and looks pretty nice. This is super steady at 1080p, 60 frames a second. Really it's almost like gopro footage because it's smooth and stable. This uses the 64 megapixel telephoto lens, so everything is cropped a bit in the viewfinder. When I look at the video everything looks very sharp and detailed. You have so much to work with if only 30 frames, a second, but the amount of detail you can get from it is just crazy speaker. They fixed that this time there's a great depth of sound with a nice amount of bass and a lovely treble to it.

It's not the best speaker on the device but for its size and for the fact that the earpiece is sharing with the loudspeaker at the bottom sounds very good. So I'm going to play something from epidemic sound about 50., [Applause], [Music] and the nice thing is there's no distortion of speaker. It sounds really clear, really clean even at the max volume. They are a really good speaker - it has Dolby Atmos - built in and tuned by AKG. If you are a film fanatic watching lots of Netflix or even playing those games, then speakers are gonna impress you and very much, please you they do have all the usual radios. If you have a Wi-Fi six modem you gonna be able to take advantage of that with this device. If you have used with mst exclusively samsung pay, then I'm afraid it is not here.

Then it's not going to be an issue and I've been using this quite a bit at checkout and it works perfectly. The chip is just on the top of the phone here, tap it to the terminal to pay, and it is very quick and easy samsung introduced the Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor with the Galaxy s10 series this time around. It retained the same sensor as the s10 series, while now it has been bigger and is a bit more accurate as well. So i'm going to do that right now and, as you can see here, it's really quick and really easy and I'll put it slightly off center and it still unlocks the device with the s10 and s20.

You can be slightly off, but it will still unlock the device and that is a big improvement because that means there are a lot less missed presses and it is a lot less frustrating when you want to unlock the device because you know it's going to be more accurate. So if I turn it off and put my finger on the screen it just goes on, and you do not even need to hold for long. The fingerprint sensor has been improved and it's a nice change to see no more, misses or anything on the screen. It supports up to 25 Watts of usb power and can charge your phone from zero to 100 in about one hour and half using the Samsung charger from my s20 series. If you can find a good deal, then by all means go for it, and most people go on a contract anyway.

So it's probably going to be about 40 pounds a month or something like that depending on which network or carrier you go with so guys that was my review of the Galaxy s, 21 plus 5g. Please comment and subscribe and hit the bell icon below to receive notifications every time I post a new video. If you didn't see my s21+ Unboxing, please go and watch it on my channel and I'll also be reviewing the Galaxy but live as well as the Galaxy smart tag I unboxed with this device..

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