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[Music], so this with me is the galaxy s21 fe that has been getting a lot of headlines lately. Most reviewers have been quite critical about the phone because of how late it launched and maybe because of its relative higher price tag too. But recently, one of my favorite reviewers dave 2d had some positive comments about it in his video, thus bringing some fresh perspective on the s21 fe and the reason why I think this phone is receiving a mixture of love and hatred is that it does offer something that no other phones in this price range could do. I am now using the s21 fe as my primary device for around three weeks, alongside the oneplus 9rt to which I have recently shifted.

After this quick message from our sponsor glazed inc, we know what we all do after a new phone right Slap in a good tempered glass and cover for this glazed ink has a cover for you covered with its invisi and real curved tempered glasses, starting at 280 Indian rupees. They last long and application is super easy and unlike your non-brand screen protectors, there are no air gaps with tempered glasses glazed inks. If you think of getting a high quality tempered glass for the galaxy, s21, fe or any other phone for that matter, look no further than it. This phone made sure to make the s21fe, starting with the display here, Samsung, a good multimedia device by including an excellent, almost flagship-level display with great colors - contrast and brightness - levels.

The fact that the bezels on this thing are almost indestructible makes the viewing experience even better. Yes I know that it does not have a crazy high dot sampling rate as you get with xiaomi or ryomi phones, but the core quality and color calibration of this screen are rather appreciable and in fact elevated with the likes of the flagship s21 plus the optimized 120 hertz refresh rate further elevating the user experience and throughout my usage I have never had a single instance of jittery or sluggish ui or any kind of touch response problems. You also get Gorilla Glass here, witness protection so yeah the S21 fes display is one of the best things about it.

However, to bring down the core samsung has replaced the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on its flagship phone with an optical one. Instead, it really has not made a big difference in usability for me as it is equally fast and accurate, but given the price I definitely would have appreciated an ultrasonic implementation more and maybe the entire cutout could have also had a smaller diameter. I do love how this display is complemented by an awesome pair of dual speakers whose output is loud and crisp, as I mentioned in my impressions, video. Here the audio quality has balanced, mids and highs where the vocals and instruments sound really good too, but coming from the s21 plus.

H21 fees in ability to dynamically adjust the refresh rate based on the content on the display certainly had a less than ideal effect on the battery life which I will talk about later in this video. Although it borrows the same cameras from the s20 fe, it is reliable enough to be your point to shoot companion, be it in daylight or low light conditions. You can get well detailed and social media ready images from this phone, and this is a region where samsung is ahead of brands such as xiaomi, Real Me or even oneplus. Here the daytime normal images from the s21fe have that classic punchy, color optimization which makes the photos look appealing. The only aspect where I think it could be better is maintaining highlights and exposure in a bright environment.

This holds true for both regular and ultra wide angle shots. Other than that it can take some really good pictures from its normal and ultra wide angle sensors, and one of the reasons why the s21 fe camera stands out in this price bracket is also because it has a dedicated telephoto lens capable of three times optical zoom. The s21 fe also natively uses its telephoto lens for portrait shots, which results in incredible subject-focused focus, but you can surely notice the slightly punchy color reproduction like portraits here. The S21fu also takes wonderful selfies - the subjects look bright - and the phone delivers consistent results through and through.

You'll need to be a bit patient as it takes around 10 seconds to process a single shot so I definitely feel like Samsung needs to work very soon to cut the processing time via an update even in terms of videos. The microphone quality is equally impressive, with decent background noise cancellation. The only selfie videos where the phone does not have the best stabilization at 4k resolution under 30 and 60 fps mode, 10, atp footages, do not suffer from shakiness. But even so I wish the company had provided better stabilization in 4k by cropping the frame a little since that would have been really helpful to the vloggers overall.

On the camera front, I have used the Samsung flagship phones as one of my primary devices for years and I have been quite vocal on how one ui is one of my favorite Android skins as you'd expect. The s21 fe has the same software experience as other samsung flagships, meaning that the 120hz display is optimized. Amazingly, the dark mode is also well implemented and there are no software bugs or anything unlike the pixel, 6 or xiaomi miui plus the s21 fe, running on the latest Android 12, based on Ui4 out of the box and samsung even promises, three years of major software and four years of security upgrades for this moving on the phone with either snapdragon 888 or exynos 2100.

Here in South Asia we have the exynos variant and its performance is mostly up to the mark, especially when it comes to CPU intensive workloads. Multitasking with the most heavy apps has not been a problem so far and memory management is really good on this thing. However, unlike the CPU, the s21fu could not maintain a consistent graphics performance on my test in demanding games such as engine impact. As you can see from this chart the phone struggles to maintain a steady fps count throughout the gameplay at the highest settings and 60 fps mode, even dialing down the settings to high graphics quality does not help the stability.

I did however find no stability issues when playing pubg because the game delivered average 58 to 60 fps, at smooth graphics and extreme frame rate settings, where call of duty is also well marked, with a constant 60 fps at the highest setting. During all my gaming sessions, however, I did not find any major heating problems, although the phone was slightly warm near the camera module on some occasions - and that is great news - because the snapdragon 888 and the snapdragon 8 gen1 chips have been subject to a great deal of criticism for poor thermal performance under load. In my experience plastic bags get pretty easily scratches which in turn makes your device really old, like really fast.

Thankfully, the frames are made of aluminium, which prevents the s21 fe from feeling like a midrange device total. The vibration feedback is quite similar to what you would find on a midrange phone these days and for something that costs upwards of 50 000 Indian rupees. I do however appreciate the fact that Samsung ip68 dust and water resistance, as well as gorilla, glass, victims, protection on the front. I don't know why it delivers such a poor screen on time despite a modest 4500mah battery, but I guess this has a lot to do with the displaced lack of energy saving ltpo back plate technology. I am a pretty heavy user and the s21fe lasted me for a little less than a full day, while the display lasted for 120 hertz all the time.

But if you are someone who isn't always on their phone most of the time, then it probably isn't going to be a big worry for you with a compatible 25 watt charger which you will need to buy separately by the way it reaches within 1.5 hours. The cameras and performance here are incredible for the price and the great stereo speakers, along with the reliable oneui software make for a satisfying smartphone experience. However, the common question many of you might have is: should I pay a premium for this phone over cheaper options like the oneplus 9rt or the xiaomi 110 pro? ; and this is where the whole value proposition of the s21 fan edition becomes fickle.

This is because, apart from its slightly better cameras and ip68 Certification, the s21 fe does not necessarily offer anything extraordinary for 20 to 25 percent more money. Also, I would highly recommend waiting for the Amazon sale campaign where Samsung usually gets some good discounts like seven or ten thousand and at this price the s21 would make a lot of sense. Also I am putting plenty of other phone reviews on my blog, including some really interesting comparisons, so stay tuned for that..

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