Galaxy S20 / S20+ How to Setup Face Recognition as Password - Galaxy User Guide

You have a Samsung Galaxy S 20 as well as the 20 plus with the s 20 ultra 'I'm going to show you how to set the password for face recognition. So the first thing is: let's go ahead and go to the settings here. You can simply swipe up on the screen like that and we go to settings down here and then scroll down until we see biometrics or security tap on that. Now we are going to tap on face recognition up here. If you don't have a pin pattern or swipe, it actually tells you to put one in there. The reason is that if your face doesn't get recognized or something like that, you can always use your pin pattern or swipe to login too.

I will click next right now and will go ahead and click Continue. It says: Do you wear glasses? If you wear glasses, you should go ahead and click on yes and then go ahead. Ok I don't wear glasses, I click on yes now I will go and continue. Also, now I'm gonna cut my face. I'm gonna put my face in the square right here: oh wow, it did it already super fast. Okay, now I just click done right here and it's done I'm ready to rock and roll. If that doesn't register my face then I am going to get this pin on here. OK or it is still on user, face recognition.

It's just go ahead and look at it like right now and then swipe up and then register your face and it goes in really fast. Okay, also, if you like your face not registering or if you don't want to use your face or whatever else, you can always swipe up and go ahead and enter your pin pattern or swipe or whatever you have setup there. Okay, so pretty simple good luck,.

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