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Again see, you in the review and this is Samsung Galaxy Note 5, that I have been using as a driver Goddess for the past year and in this video I will discuss what are the advantages and disadvantages of this cellphone and, most important, is this cellphone still needed in 2022 [Music] My Galaxy Note, nine I bought in August at a price of almost seven million,. It does indeed sound quite high, yes 7 million for a second cellphone, but what I bought was a signed version or very Samsung Electronic Indonesia, so the official warranty version Even though the warranty was over at that time, but at least all the accessories are still complete and everything is Orient, including the box. All the accessories are not fake because the price is high and he still has the original charger.

There is a speedboat tip, and there is still a recipe for this egg. In the package I bought it is still complete, the price is in millions. This is a stick or one that is not the original Indonesian version,. For you guys - and this is the version with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of storage with an Exynos 9810 processor for the full specs - maybe a friend he can search the church. Let's talk about the benefits of this smartphone as flagship, which was released in 2018. For example, there is a Wars charging method that I have never used until now, and there is NFC which I use. Use it always to fill, faith or flash, and there is also ijtihad wa.

It is resistant and Das is resistant and the screen is cool also, CD or Duke above full SD, and the most important thing is that he still has a 3.5 mm audio jack that has even steped on Flash for 2021 and 2020, because it has started to switch to Bluetooth audio. So for 2021 2021 has a 3.5 meter audio input, according to him, but it might still be the standard of a flagship cellphone, which is easy, in my opinion. The benefit of this cellphone is the S pen feature. So this SP is what distinguishes the Samsung Galaxy Note series from other cellphones. No one has a stylus like an S-pen, and it works well like expand.

This is very useful for me, especially to increase productivity; for example, for real things such as this script, I wrote it down with Samsung Note, so it is truly espere. - I'm not having the same difficulty of taking notes with the keypad, so I think it's more for him to learn. Hey, I can take notes without having to keep looking at Ken,. Besides that, I also use the sp for drawing pictures, for example, to review design drawings or to note size on a page. That size is really used, and also in today's world where we have a lot of sites,. There have also been many digital signatures, towers or digital signatures can also be directly on the phone without having to worry about that and the Samsung Galaxy Note mini is my first series number.

A8 2019 a website that friends can see the Unboxing video here so before purchasing this Galaxy Note I. So before I bought it, I was certain that this SN Duo would be very useful, and there was also a Smart like wind feature, it's also very useful for me. So we can drop a part of the screen and put it on top and we can be a tire for cheating. So EG is sent to see the website or cell phone number, it's still easier and not only that from this smartphone, it can also be called extract.exe. So, for example, if we have an image that we snap, we can change it to text and this jacket copy is also useful.

If we see a link for example, we can't copy it from Instagram or from an image of a poster, wherever we are just a little smart and we extract it and we can go directly to the link using the browser. There is also a Translate feature which is very useful for translating languages, so we don't have to copy the text or the text that we can not copy from the image, like we did. Those who are from the Samsung Galaxy Note Mini may not only play Galaxy Note, but also other Samsung series, namely, the integration with Windows. Therefore I'm a Windows user, not a user of it, and Samsung cooperates with Windows and the collaboration is very good, one of which is Samsung. To Move from Samsung Devi to PC Lite.

Can the latest update and being able to use wireless for Samsung Dex is also very useful, so that between our cellphones and computers? On the computer, we can open various applications, and that we can also multitask also. So not volleyball is a program that is installed on Windows automatically Taimiyah, confused, train I don't know, but on Windows and that youphon feature is already installed and we can talk directly connect our phones to Windows. If your cell phone is more of a function for him such as mirroring, mirroring from our cellphones to a Windows PC is simpler than the Samsung Dex that I and I also use and use wirelessly. So we can open applications on our mobile phones automatically on Windows.

Symbolic and one of the interesting features is that there is a copy-paste feature that can be used between devices, so that if I copy on my phone for example, I can vc it on Windows and vice versa. For example, if you can give Greenshot on a computer, it can be immediately posted into the application we use on our cellphones, for example to WhatsApp or to Samsung Note. Also we don't need to be complicated to copy, for example sending via bluetooth or uploading to a club, but this is really single or something? Is that easy [Music] Another feature that I really like is the Multitasking feature. Now maybe other Samsung series can also do this, especially those using the latest, and so on their phones.

We can use the forehead split screen up and down like what I always use if I'm driving, for example I use Maps and YouTube at the same time, it can also use popups. So two apps + add more b some of my applications Hi, after trying a lot, but after trying 34 applications it still works, but be careful if you use too many applications because it might cause overheating if you work too hard. In my opinion it's just music and one more key feature that does not exist in other cellphones and is still on this cellphone, the oxygen m oximeter which is to see the oxygen saturation in the blood. We really need to check our oxygen saturation levels to ensure health, and this is still playing on Samsung Galaxy Note, namely David on this.

If friends can see it here, if we press Samsung Herbie application it will glow red like something the oximeter that we have at home, and this feature is no longer in ge. The Samsung Galaxy Note Tenot 27 has not been removed by subsequent generations. The last of them stopped until it reached the glare note ; perhaps it was still there in the past,. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had this feature on any cellphone, but several other Samsung Galaxy series still have it and in this year in the pandemic era It is very important after that because it can replace the oximeter If we for a year don't have it, using that phone for example, the camera is bad. Video stabilization also gerneon can immediately see examples of photos and videos on his account Oh.

This is recording using the front camera of Samsung Galaxy Note, Min Ah. The outdoor conditions are bright Oh yeah The angle is a bit narrow, not too white. There's no problem, but what really misses is the Ultra Wide Angle lens feature in Dili. My previous driver was LG Jsix and that cellphone has the Angeles durable feature, and I still use it really and only realized after I didn't use the phone anymore and now I use the Samsung Galaxy Note. Nine I really feel like I miss that feature because it's still very useful at work. I really need to take interior photos in narrow spaces and it's really difficult. If you don't use an ultra white angle lens.

If you use the usual long-lasting angle feature of this cellphone, especially the TW zoom, it really is not good for taking interior photos. The thing I feel most lacking in this cellphone is that I don't have a wha t, The angle lens, where most of Flexi's now have Ultra-White Angels, who are legends. I also experienced other shortcomings, which I mentioned above. It was an overhit but don't worry that this overhit doesn't always happen and it rarely happens. Actually this only occurs when the phone is directly exposed to the sun, namely when I put my wings in the phone holder above the car and dashboard and I drive using two applications at the same time namely Google, Maps and YouTube.

Together, I use Split-Screen, but calm I don't watch the video I listen to the sound, so don't be imitated to watch video, yes and what happens when in the afternoon. If the sun is back on, this trick will show after using it for a few minutes, maybe 10 minutes 20 minutes, a warning that the cellphone is overhead and we need to cool this cellphone and automatically one of the applications will be closed, It will roll out one of the applications, so the only application that operates one because yes, it was overhead, but it's actually very rare i never had it overhead other than in radix condition, namely when I was driving and I placed the cellphone near the dashboard. I don't feel like the phone has ever been too hot. Too often, it is not too much playing games..

However, this chicken is actually still better than the Samsung Galaxy Note NY, which, if compared to often plus, is the gene ASI successor, 3500. In my opinion, battery performance cannot be said to be good. Even though it is not bad at all but I am a foreigner, I always charge my cellphones so wherever I am, - When I drive my car to charge until my office will charge again, I do not really know the actual performance of the battery, but I often experience low battery voltage, even when it dies a few times. It already has to be charged again with normal use and that is also what I don 't actually use full power, because this cellphone has a power mode feature like below this powermud, which means that it doesn t use the full capacity of the screen which should be cool.

He uses it on full SD only and also the processor is used not one percent with this power mud, in my opinion. The battery market is really good, especially if I am using full power. Maybe the performance will feel even worse, but I don't know if it was changed - I always have the ability to charge. It's not really a problem for me, and another thing that I think is a bit unfortunate about this cellphone is finger scan position, which the police actually are behind it. But in my opinion, the finger scan position is behind now - it is really awkward is it? It's starting to use the under-screen fingerprint and there's already a finger down, simply press here. It is like this, if it's a bit difficult for example, I'm driving the car and the condition is locked.

It's a bit difficult if I need to reach back or if I have to enter the password code to open it. It's a bit of hassle, as if my friends are writing on the table with a pen or suddenly it locks and we open it. It's a bit difficult to pick up the finger first scan or be surprised to have to enter the password again and in my opinion that is not enough. OK, that's the advantages and disadvantages of this phone from the results of my usage for the last year. Apart from the ultra-white angle lens which is absent on this cellphone and in my opinion is very important. If friends, for example, do not feel need for Ultra wetles, maybe Nur, I am okay, especially now.

The features are much more complete compared to some of the latest flash even compared to the successor, Yes, compared just with Galaxy Note, Hello sir, don't compare it with Noten Plus, which definitely better but when compared to the Galaxy Note some of the specs are good, like the screen has a higher resolution, Qsd and other sizes are also bigger, and it also has a 35mm audio output which is no longer available on the Galaxy Note N7000, and still has a micro SD slot which is no longer available in the Galaxy Note. The pencil is about the comparison with the Galaxy Note Tenlite which has a lot of drawbacks compared to this phone, such as the IPC diet certification for waterproof and anti-scuff, and also there is no charger color.

So compared to the garage, it is clear that this has been won. So in my opinion the Galaxy Note is still worth having with all its advantages and disadvantages in 2022. That's all for this video, if you are helped by being present for the video, don't forget to like and subscribe and we will meet again in the next videos..

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