Galaxy Note 8/9: How to Factory Reset Password Password to Restart/Power Off - Galaxy User Guide

Hey guys, you have a Samsung Galaxy, note, 8 or no nine and want to do a factory reset. Take note that in order to perform a factory reset, we will have to first restart or shut down the phone and you may have an issue or it has asked you to input your password that perhaps you forgot - and I'm gonna show you how to bypass that now. The reason why you want to do a factory reset is maybe because the phone is laggy or it's experiencing issues and you want a clean slate. There are basically two ways to do this through the hard keys. So when you restart your phone as soon as it's ready to boot, quickly go ahead and press and hold those three buttons. Okay, so if I go ahead and go down power it will ask me for my password that I forgot.

It may now ask for pin code or password to restart the phone as well. However, sometimes it does not ask you like, for example let me go ahead and try to restart. In that way it is not okay, you're free and clear.

However, let's say you have a password on your phone and whether you try to restart or not, just asking you for that password, okay? So the first thing to do is to shut it off and press and hold these three buttons here: the volume button, the Bixi button and the power button until you see that Android recovery menu, then you can go down and then I'll show you guys that 1 second! When booting back up, you must press and hold these three buttons until you are actually in the Android recovery menu. Let's just pretend: if I keep power off or I try to start it. This message asks me for a pin or password or my pattern and I don't know it.

The thing is, we have to catch it before it starts up and we have to press fast on these three buttons. Let me give a demonstration here, and it may take me a couple of times to do this: Okay, so volume down power, okay, ready one, two, three minutes press and hold I'm gonna, wait: it took a screenshot, don't worry about it, I'm still holding onto the two buttons I'm gonna wait until I think it starts to restart. Let go and press these three buttons up volume: speeding big, the power button and I'm going to continue to hold it up until I'm in the Android recovery menu. Okay - I think I got it my first time here.

I am still holding onto the three buttons. Just wait: Okay, installing the system update - I mean, even if you get right here too - you can go ahead and let go. It could show like a no command, and we're gonna wait until it actually boots up in the recovery menu. Let’s go ahead and give it another try while I'm ie waiting for this one OK, so here’s the other phone here. Let's pretend we had the same issue with the password, so I'm gonna press on Volume, Down and Power but okay, two, three minute : press and hold I'm gonna continue to hold and I'm gonna wait until I think it's about to reboot come on.

Ok, yes, you know this went directly into Android recovery here and with the No command here: okay, wow it took a while to recover. If I scroll down, we can go to where it says wipe data / factory reset. It says that if your phone is reset, you may need the Google account information, email address and password associated with this phone to use it again. This means that you know on your note phone if you use the email app and had a gmail address on there maybe you have an email address, maybe five. Once we go into the factory reset and we go to the beginning process, there's going to be a verification process that will ask us for our email, address and password to one of those email addresses that you have linked to one of those Gmail or Google functions.

The thing is that every time a bypass happens, and there's another update and a phone, and basically they fix that problem. Anyways, from here you go to wipe out data / factory reset to now select it. You go ahead and press the power button here to select the page, and then it asks, Are you sure you want to do this? So if I go down one with the volume rocker to go go yes, I can go ahead and click yes and then press the power button to confirm and then, once I do that, you will see down here. It says: formatting data is okay, white date is complete, so the factory reset is not complete and now I go here and is highlighted at reboot system.

Now, I'll press the power button to go ahead and reboot it right now and now I need to wait for it to clear everything up and to perform a factory reset. Let me leave the thing back up and I'll show you that we're back at the beginning of the process as if you purchased your phone brand new, so goodness, a while here, okay, so that has taken me like ten or fifteen minutes anyways. This is as if I bought my phone brand-new and then I can simply start the setup process. Here Wow and take a look at this, it says an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings, connect to a Wi-Fi or a mobile network to verify your identity.

Okay, now I'm going to next I'll go ahead and agree to all of this and let me see if it asked me for my gmail account. Okay I had a Gmail and I said that I had like 20 different Gmail addresses here, but as for a verification of an account so I have to put it into my gmail and then the correct password. Or I could simply put in a phone number anyways..

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