Hello, hello, [music], guys, back again with me Bangjo, the review in this video I want to talk about one of Samsung's flagship cellphones, which maybe many of you are fans of this series and now in my hand, I have the last cellphone from the Samsung Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2003. The Samsung, Galaxy, Note Ultra is still worth in 2021, buddy, because the answer is the same. Pourquoi do I think that this Samsung Galaxy Note is still worth it in 2021 for Mom, even though it's a Samsung Galaxy Note that this is a 2020 cellphone. But according to me, this design is from Samsun g Galaxy Note Ultra in 2021. It's like you're not shy.

Usually it's still Southern Luxury and also a premium state and not even if you use this cell phone to hang out, I think you're still not shy about that blog from HP, Premium, Klaten and also boxy conditions. What do you think the screen environment on the Samsung cellphone makes this cellphone look even more premium for the screen specifications, even for the Samsung Galaxy Note 23 I'm not kidding where the phone was born with a screen measuring 6.9 inches and AMOLED. The HP Ux and RS resolution has a cottage plus resolution and also a 120hz refresh rate but for that purpose, it can only be done in full HD + resolution, but actually the screen quality is strong, SD, plus and also full Edge Plus on the Samsung Galaxy Note. Results from this cellphone are both good and super sharp.

This phone is also equipped with a dual stereo speaker setup whose sound quality kicking according to time is really for multimedia matters, and here I'm very sure that your boarding house is yours. buy a Samsung Galaxy Note on Ultra for multimedia matters, I'm very sure that you will like the audio quality and also the screen produced by this Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Son [Music]. It becomes your overdraft, I used that one in 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ultra. The cellphone still uses a reflexive process, namely the Exynos 9610. It is full of itself. Hier you can still add a microSD slot and talk about tasks. Thanks to the support for want you I 3.1 and also Android 11, which gives a great experience super smooth and also very smooth in the Galaxy Note Lettu.

At the time, it seemed that he knew that the Samsung Galaxy Note series was never separated from a stylus called that expand which I rarely use the Effendi Samsung Galaxy Note training, but that Binus has several features : The S pen that I like on the Samsung Galaxy Note, this Ultra bread. How about here I like it This cellphone has a smart candidate feature that can copy the writing from an image. The performance is also, in my opinion, still quite capable, how about here I tested it with two of my mainstay games namely pubg mobile and gasoline impact, and here the Papji mobile phone game can produce smooth 90v graphics with smooth gameplay. I am really sorry to charge this cellphone in games, here affect with default, graphics and novels with default.

Graphics, The cellphone successfully runs the games here and it is quite smooth, but here just in case the Samsung Galaxy Note Thailand review will be better if I used the Interpati fan cooler because of you. Then proceed to the battery sector on the cellphone, [Music]. According to the Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 caves, you could say it is quite wasteful to use my Delius caves. My delius can last only from the morning until late in the evening, how about repenting the website, I think it's just mediocre,? It is also in the graph of Samsung The Galaxy S2 in Australia only supports up to 25 watts, so to charge this cellphone from 0 to full charge. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to fully charge.

Then the legislator is here I, like most of the Samsung Galaxy Note Letchworth, from the camera sector for the Samsung Galaxy Camera sector. The cell phone is equipped with a 108 megapixel main camera, Saint,. There is also a 12 megapixel camera for long-term durability and also a periscope camera. Only Cecil, the photo on sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note trade review is still in my opinion one of the best I've ever used in 2021. According to me, the Samsung Galaxy Note2 Grand can produce really good photos on all three cameras, and here I like the character of the image from Samsung Galaxy Note - Review Ultra. Does it have super sharp images and the colors are really nice, At this moment, I can still be treated to the Samsung Galaxy Note review.

Ultra is one of the cell phones with the best camera and then even, according to me, enters patrols. This cellphone has succeeded in producing really good pictures with this upgrade. With the Samsung Galaxy Note review, a call was generated. Here the Samsung Galaxy Note Rain can be relied on both day and night as well as this cell phone can be relied on for its sector, where the cell phone can record up to ey20 reviews. It is not ideal because the results tend to be broken but if you want to use sharp and smooth recording, you can use a resolution for a non-made casing. Service, the results are really good, so for the main camera,. Yes and Trans7 graphic novel, I can still say that the Samsung Galaxy is still one of the best on the market.

For the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note review of that year had a 10, megapixel front camera. In front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ultra,. This result is on a sharp road and also has a wide range of migrants and young people whose pictures are also.

This cellphone can also produce images whose results are sharp and also very neat for videography in the front room driving Samsung Galaxy Note review This can record up to forecast.ets davies added that you are curious about the front camera recording example of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Ultra because you can accidentally watch the following : video Okay, Guys, now I'm trying to record the Samsung Galaxy Note 2003 front camera, yes, and this time I'm using 4K resolution, every Yes and I guess How about for Another Samsung review is worth it.

Looking for a phone with a price of 10 million here, the Samsung Galaxy Note uh offers a lot of features that are in the Samsung HPV and is in the form of chatting, If you want to use this cellphone for the driver goddess here, the Samsung Galaxy Note still has a camera and performance that is very capable according to the photos and of course the screen from the Samsung Galaxy Note review chain will be very bad for your multimedia requirements. In addition to these features, the color Samsung Galaxy Note II is also equipped with features such as NFC and IPC-e and of course with the last that failed exclusively, namely the support for the S pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 training software. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is really worth it, in my opinion.

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