Galaxy M33 5G, IDR 3 million 120Hz screen, 50MP camera, but using Exynos. - Galaxy User Guide

Again Samsung Hi hi, but how Samsung continues to offer its latest mobile phones for segmented or middle market options like the one I hold? There is the Samsung Galaxy M33 VJ which is the successor to the Galaxy frills, which was released in July 2021, Now we will unbox, on this occasion today. It says Galaxy, M33, VJ and Samsung and it is already aligned with the XL we can see from the box. It looks like there's no charger, head, there's no charger head, but we'll see, who knows there's a surprise there, below it is the IMEI and there are specifications for Rom 128, GB, RAM, 6 GB, and this color is brown and Samsung Darsih pic. This is Samsung Indonesia warranty, we open it.

The police Nia is usually on a telephony right away but it seems to be a warranty card or a box for a manual and K card. Let's see if there is no software, it is just a warranty card, Here's a manual, here's a warranty card, then in the box there is a Pepsi USB cable. There is already one unit from the Samsung Galaxy M33 VJ, The first one already supports a 120hz refresh rate display, then Da4 camera and 25 Watt fast charging support, but you have to buy a real charger separately. The charger head is gone, at least there's only the SIM injector. Here is the package from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. This is the front view of the new Samsung Galaxy M33. It already supports a 120hz refresh rate with a screen size of 6 and six inches.

But the panel is TFT LCD, even though we haven't opened the panel or haven't turned it on yet. It's possible that it won't be visible by design under the sun, we can see it from the back. It's a glossy, plastic wallpaper and when D and our hands are dirty, the traces are still attached. So maybe you need an additional jelly case or soft case. Now, on the top surface, there is a placement or housing for the four cameras. Compared to this m32, the composition of the 4 cameras does not change. The unique animal has a flash, the toilet flash is placed outside the camera. It consists of a 50 megapixel main lens with an aperture of 1.8.

The phone is still 5 megapixel wide instead of 2.2 then there is also a 2 megapixel sensor, Depp lens instead of 2.4 and a 2 megapixel macro lens with 2.4 aperture for the front, Mas, the phone is still the same, a waterdrop for the front camera whose resolution is cell graphics with aperture Hi Well. There is a speaker on the right then there is a Yes USB Type-C port, I mentioned earlier that it supports fast charging at 25Wh, and this is interesting for the middle class, A 3.5 port for headsets is still provided. If you don't want to buy TWC, the other one is dead, you can use wired headphones, though not provided by Samsung and on the right. Then here on the left side of the body. There is a slot for a micro, SD and a SIM card.

This is shaped orally, as I said: compared to the Galaxy M32, not much changed. So friends, if you want to share li Galaxy M33 or have already a Galaxy m32c, don't be surprised if they are, for example, a bit similar Because Next is the pin pattern and lastly is the password Hi So, for this medium-sized phone, the security system is good and complete. This Samsung Galaxy M33 VJ supports the Android 12 operating system with a base or modification of Onew Ampat point one. So, now you guys have the latest operating system for Class Media, so Samsung embeds the Exynos 1280 chipset, with a 50-meter fabrication process that has a clockspeed of up to 2.4 GHz.

The price itself starts at 3990000 for the variant with 6GB RAM, 18 GB, ROM and 4.1 99 million Rupiah with 8 GB RAM, if interested in buying it. The contents of the sales package are from Samsung G Alaxy, M33, VG, okay. That was the sales package from the Samsung Galaxy M33 VJ, which did not have a charger head and other additional accessories, as predicted. This Wardah to buy had a million bodies that day at a price, just the complete video review of Darius Indonesia. But before that, you can first subscribe to YouTube and Indonesia, like the video and share it with your friends, see you on other gadget and automotive videos. I'll send you my best wishes, [Music] - Hi, Ho..

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