Galaxy Fit 2 watch review | After 1 month of use - Worth buying - Galaxy User Guide

By the way, in Indonesia, Galaxy features Okay, friends, back to my channel. Amoled, yes, friends, amulet continues that for a month I This make has no scratches whatsoever. Even though it's been dropped a few times, the screen seems quite sturdy is it not? The reverse of the watch face that we can download quite a lot on the Galaxy, there are various types of gear. This is the face or the blog display of the watch. This is a sensor and these are two of the plugs for the charger. There is no USB adapter and then plug it straight in, Okay, for a month using this Galaxy Fit watch it's magical.

It can last up to a week, yes, but in the manual it says it can last up to Sari's car, but I connect this watch to my cellphone continuously, so yes it can be used to the maximum and also abuse it, it can be full for one hour when it rains and use it until one week, Okay I wear this bracelet very pleasantly satisfied,, it's really different from the next brand, yes, that's from China. The menu shows that when you slide to the right there is a striker or you believe that when you see your step, there is also a heart to detect it. This is the distance for us to run or walk, and this is a report of our heart rate. We continue to swing this pressure There is a young sport mode, There is cycle, walking, running, Hi and I think that is in 1 month.

It is very precise, but it is not equipped with GPS. If you want to use it with GPS, you need to carry your cellphone in your bag or in your pocket and use this watch. We measure it when we use this watch and dislike it then. If you feel that your head is a little dizzy. If the arrow is pointing towards the ship, the one on the right means that you are stressed and if the arrow points to the far left, it means that you are ok,. We may also add more forecasts for the weather of today. Yes, and that is what I like the most here are hand wash displays, Wow great now.

There is a display of hands washing, hi hi hi, so we were told to wash our hands for 20 seconds now decide because this is a new product that is released when there is fun for the sake of it. So he added the next feature of hand washing that we go up. Dad is finished during the main menu or the clock. We can set various kinds of notifications. I'm happy with this watch now, after having worn it for a month, and I am very interested in the features in this range because we can chat back and forth. Yes, respond chat, WhatsApp How! Do we just click when WhatsApp is present on our cellphones? There is a report entering the League Hi Hi Yes.

There is no, that is what I am most happy about, because when we are active when we are outside and without having to take out our cellphones when we are on the road there, friends who load the shop,. Let's just say back on the road, bro, I'll call you later. Ok, that's just a brief review for a whole month. I've used the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 watch. Lack of assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

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