Galaxy Buds Pro Review!

When something sounds really good to me, I can't help, but what was really disgusted about? So these are the galaxy buds pro another new pair of wireless earbuds from Samsung they have been watching a lot of these lately. Personally, I don't really like girly things, but these are more of a muted purple which makes them a little more versatile. I really like the design, but if I have earbuds not so fitted no matter how stylish or attractive they look, the most important thing is for me. I've been using these with the medium ears tips and find them to be quite comfortable, even if I was wearing them for three hours straight. These just won't stay in his ears if he's lying in bed, even if he turns his head slightly, they will pop right out.

I say this: If you're the type of person who squints a lot during their workouts or simply likes to smile very big, the earbuds will slide slightly out. Then you might accidentally hit the touch controls when you go to push them back in, and it gets a little messy. The ipx7 water resistance rating means these can handle sweat or rain with no problem so you can definitely use these for training Speaking of those touch controls they are basically the same as previous earbuds from Samsung they work well, but because of their shape I do find that I accidentally trigger them a lot when I adjust them, like I said at the beginning these sound amazing. Samsung offers some presets to tweak the sound in the Galaxy Wearables app.

I listen to a lot of hip hop r & B and I really enjoy songs with strong vocal artists like Jojo Maxwell, michael jackson, yeah. You get a balanced vibrance but still a slightly warm sound. So music doesn't sound like it's coming from a tiny speaker in your ear, but instead all around you music can sound a little harsh on max volume but I never have it on full blast anyways. The idea is to put you in the center of a movie in terms of sound samsung, not too clear about which apps actually support this feature, but I've tested it with everything, besides more volume.

The big difference for me is that there's more separation between the different layers of sound, I guess you get a little more sense of spatial awareness, it's also kind of trippy because when I turn my head away from the screen the sound gets louder in the humps facing the screen and the lore and the bud facing away from it. To be honest, but you know what 360 audio makes listening to music way better. It gives me this live concert vibe almost like you're there with them, but for basic youtube talking head. Videos indeed turn it off, because it makes everything sound really hollow. I'm kind of disappointed with the active noise cancellation to keep it short.

Usually Headphones are better and are way more comfortable to wear, especially on long flights as I usually don't use AC like any battery life has been excellent. More than good enough for how I use them at least, with active noise cancellation on, maybe 10 less hours per charge, but given how unoppressive the future is, I take better life over it any day, oh by the way this is what the mics on the bus sound like a good right voice. The idea is when the buzz detects your voice it automatically lowers the volume of your music and turns the ambient mode on which audio goes into your ears. It takes a second to kick in but works great, especially if you are interacting with a lot of people throughout the day.

When working out I also experience that sometimes it kicks in when I was really heavy breathing, which was super annoying, so they probably will need to tweak it a little. Samsung has been slowly building out their product, ecosystem, and seamless connection is one of those features you'll only be able to enjoy if you use the latest galaxy tablet. The buzz pro actually switches automatically between the tablet and the phone based on what device you are using in this moment. The buzz surprisingly will switch between the tablet and the phone when playing content on apps like youtube and netflix.

A lot of these features will only work when you pair it with a Samsung phone, more specifically a Samsung phone with at least one ui 3.1, which is currently only available on the galaxy s21 lineup. If you own a recent Samsung phone, heck Hekia fit nicely are comfortable and sound amazing, auto switching between devices, voice, detect and 360 audio are all great bonus features because noise cancelling didn't really impress me if that feature is important to you. Hopefully you'll miss out on some of these features, but I think the sound quality, as usual, makes up for it..

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