Galaxy Buds Pro Review after 1 week - only 2 problems..

Samsung has been in a race lately, releasing four sets of wireless earbuds in less than two years, each with significant improvements compared to the last, including these new galaxy buds pro. If you buy them most will be really happy with them - so why am I having a hard time recommending them after having used them for a week now extensively, and what are the two problems I have personally experienced with them? That's exactly what you'll find out after watching this review as well as which earbuds I would recommend instead of those and why, which are also linked in the video description below. Samsung is again using dual drivers like in the Galaxy Buds plus, but they have redesigned them, and you could definitely hear the difference.

Listening side by side, they promised a balanced sound and wide frequency response with rich bass, silky treble and a large sound stage. The dual drivers certainly deliver deep, rich bass and that treble stands out, particularly in songs with a lot going on such as rock music where they provide great instrument, separation and clear vocals. New and samsung's own galaxy buds lives are noticeably better. They paired without any issue and they connected pretty quickly and consistently. You will also not get all of the features on an iphone such as 360 degree sound, which is similar to Apple's spatial audio or the ability to read messages out and have a hands-free assistant. 20.

now samsung hasn't updated their Galaxy buds app for ios but thankfully these earbuds sound the best in default mode, so no need to go into the app to change the eq like you have to do with the Galaxy buds plus for the gamers out there. These have about 300 milliseconds latency, which isn't great and it is right at the line of usable depending on game and how picky you are. What really stands out is watching videos and movies on those, where there is, of course, no latency because of the improved dual drivers.

The rich, deep bass is much closer than most earbuds to a real surround sound system and all those really low sounds that shake you in an action scene are actually immersive and attract you into the film and with that the vocals are still very clear and easy to understand. Instead of being muffled by the action apple, please use dual drivers and your airpods pro 2. It will take your excellent spatial audio to the next level and please copy that apple with the voice detection feature. This is one of my favorite new features, which allow you to keep active noise cancellation enabled, and when you start talking automatically into the ambient mode and remain there until you talk for about 10 seconds in the real world.

The ambient mode sounds pretty good and is a big improvement from the buds plus and the default normal mode sounds the most natural. Hence, I think a big part of this is because of the much better microphones, take a listen for yourself to see how the mic compares to the Galaxy buds plus and my earpods pro. This is a microphone quality that you can expect with the new galaxy buds pro from Samsung and this is microphone quality with apple airpods pro in real world use. I have not had a single phone call where the person on the opposite side had a hard time hearing me. They responded that my voice was clear and easy to hear great job samsung.

Then they can touch the crazy 11 or so with the galaxy buds plus, but I don't expect any earbuds to last that long, and Samsung claims to give anc on about 5 hours and the buzz charge really quickly when you put them into their charging case together, but that claim is based on use without active noise cancellation with it on and is more like about 18 hours which is still very good, and I only had to charge twice this week by placing the case on a wireless charging pad for a few hours while using But for most people it won't matter, and the case is fairly small compared to many other brands. One of the ways that the pros stand out compared to the older earbuds of samsung and most on the market are their waterproof rating.

This rating gives much more confidence that they will hold great when working out or when you are uh, say, in the rain or snow. They were surprisingly comfortable as samsung redesigned the silicon tips to be much thicker and with that mainly go into your ears like the airpods pro, and also with that added an air vent to release pressure and build up similar to the airpods pro. After about an hour and a half, my ear starts hurting where the buds pro touch and after about two hours I have to take a break from using them, and I am not usually someone who has an issue with earbud fitting regular earpods, as do the pros the sony and the same thing live with the galaxy buds.

My problem is that it doesn't work well enough for earbuds that cost 200 and it's only slightly better than the Galaxy buds plus, which have no cancellation whatsoever and block out a ton of noise simply because they have a sealed design without air vent. Airpods pro noise cancellation is noticeably better and Sonys are even better than that. Because of this, if you look at the Galaxy buds pro for their noise cancellation, I would not count on it being great, and if that is the main reason for buying it over the galaxy buds plus, I would have no problem with it.

The main reason why I can't recommend them is because of how good the Galaxy Buds plus are, and because of the price where they are currently available for 109 brand new and under 80 refurbished, which is a shockingly good price for those? I'll go ahead and leave links down to those deals in the video description, but is it worth paying double for those improvements and then having slightly less noise in some environments? However, no, I don't think so and with that if you want comfort and even better sound quality than the galaxy buds pro and don't need to block out noise check out the galaxy buzz live, which are now 140 bucks or maybe even less, I'll also link those down below.

Overall, the galaxy buds pro are great earbuds and I have very little complaints if they fit your ears and drop 200 doesn't hurt your wallet you will really enjoy them, but seeing how fast samsung is releasing new ones. If you guys want to see my full detailed comparisons and click on the first one to subscribe to see more videos like this and help us reach 600k subs before the official two year mark..

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