Galaxy Buds Pro Full review: Worth the upgrade?

These are Samsung's new Galaxy buds, Pro earbuds they are 200, active noise canceling and a completely new design with new drivers. So how do they stack up against other noise cancelling wireless earbuds and are they worth upgrading to? It is nice and compact and has usb-c and wireless charging. The buds pro come in three colour options: black and violet and they are fully waterproof with an ipx7 rating, the highest. Nevertheless for a set of samsung earbuds I received the black version and the buds did fit securely into my ear. I was able to run with them without a problem, but I gotta say that the buds plus fit me a little better overall, they just kind of nestle in my ears and have a little rubber fin that helps fix them into place.

The nozzles and tips have an oval shape and I didn't get a tight seal for whatever reason and it really impacted the noise cancellation performance more than ever before, even the sound quality. It seems a little blasphemous to use apple ear tips with a Samsung product, but I pulled these big, yellow tips off the beats flex and stuck them on the buds pro and suddenly the noise cancelling was a lot better. I have a noisy hvac unit in my apartment that blows air and I went from hearing it a little too clearly to have the sound remarkably muffled pretty well, basically on par with the noise cancelling of airpods pro.

My ears are a little bit weird, so you might do a lot better than I did, but I'm just pointing out all this because it's pretty crucial to get a tight seal, especially when it comes to noise cancellation. As far as sound goes, I did lose a little bit of bass without a tight seal, but after I switched to Bass Enhancement mode in the app, they sounded just fine and once I went with those big yellow tips I turned off Bass Enhancement to get a better sound, samsung told me. It's focused much on the sound quality and says that these have an 11 millimeter woofer for deeper bass and 6.5 millimeter tweeter for richer treble and I heard the difference in my listening tests and they sound better than the buds plus and the buds live.

When you compare this to the buds pro, I'm not sure these are quite there with some of the very best sounding true wireless buds, like the Sennheiser momentum, the true wireless 2 and the Grado gt220 that give a slightly more refined sound but with a tight seal. Okay, let's move on to the features along with the active noise cancelling you get an ambient mode that lets you hear the outside world as well as a few notable bonus features. The first recognizes when you talk and automatically lowers the volume of your music and turns up the ambient mode. It's the same feature: on Sony's wh, 1000x, mark iv over your noise canceling headphones, it's pretty cool unless you talk yourself too much or have frequent one-sided conversations with your pets.

In that case, you will want to turn it off in the app. This feature works with all Android phones, not just Samsung's galaxy - models, but it is not supported with apple ios devices. It's called 360 audio samsung says that it features Dolby Head Tracking technology that allows you to stay in the center of the scene when you're watching a movie or tv show. Samsung smartphones and tablets like the Note 10 or Tab s6 that I use and will likely occur near the next with the Note 20 and unfortunately it doesn't work with any non-samsung android devices, but as soon as I try it out I'll update my text review on Cnet with comparisons to apple spatial audio but apologies for not covering it in depth.

At this time, as with previous galaxy buds, there is also a low latency gaming mode and the earbuds automatically switch between your galaxy devices and automatically pause your music when one of them is out of your ears or both out of yours. For that matter, however, there is no true multi-point bluetooth, pairing for switching between a computer and your phone, for example, and these do not support the aptx streaming audio codec. For people who care about that, you can use the left or right earbud independently. That means you can use a single bud to make calls or just listen to audio. Not surprising though, the buds pro performed well in my voice-calling tests.

Samsung claims to have three microphones plus a voice transmitter unit called a vpu and are equipped with noise reduction technology that helps eliminate wind noise. In particular, the caller said that when I was doing the Airpods pro my voice sounded a touch clearer, but the noise reduction was great and people said that they could hear me well. Battery life with noise, cancellation may seem a bit disappointing to buds plus owners. In the end, I would say that the best thing about the galaxy buds pro is their sound and that quality will be their noise.

These are mostly a really good set of true wireless earbuds and they should improve with firmware updates and should also price down a bit, but like the buds live which fits some ears better than others. How they fit will ultimately determine how good you think they are. Thanks for watching, and let me know what you think on the buds pro in the comments. Especially if you've already used them take care and stay healthy..

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