Galaxy Buds Pro Earbud Review dengan Fitur Melimpah

I want to talk about Samsung Galaxy Baspro. Someone remembers that the Galaxy Base was released only two years ago, the first generation, and that Samsung has succeeded in releasing four generations in the past 2 years, and the latest is the Galaxy. This basworo is the color of the Galaxy Buzz, You can see it all over the case and in some parts of the base of the galaxy. Uh, it's a matte purple color, and especially on the outside. It's, a bit metallic and a bit purplish. When you put it on your ears, it is a bit conspicuous because it is very effective. This basspro case is in the shape of a box with curved corners and inside. There is a place to add the bass, clemency plus it is plugged in and it has a light for the charger.

Indicator, Pablo is full and healthy and in this section, there is a charging indicator light for the case, This is the size, small and tight. It's also easy to carry everywhere and it is really nice to put in my pocket. So if I want to use God, I just give them pants in the sales box for the Galaxy Baspro, there aren't many kinds of these. So for friends who bought a Galaxy S2 one, it needs to be given by looking separately and here are also given additional silicone tips with these sizes and outside. We have it on Galaxy This meatball has an inflatable silicone at the end. It doesn't make it easy for the glitter to fall from our ears. Also basic for sound insulation. Why, because I use keywords like this.

The concept doesn’t come off easily because it’s slippery ; Twin is available. If I use this or not as long as I've used it, I've never felt this suddenly note I haven't yet to connect the Galaxy Baspro to a cell phone, The problem is that on a large-usage Samsung cellphone, Galaxy W B is already installed. It usually stays off automatically when connected to Bluetooth. It will set up and later install additional applications for Ibas tasks. The problem is that one drive at a time has no supporting application,. Also, you can't use additional functions and deeper settings to make the meatballs work. Seeing the galaxy for the previous generation did not have time to get a plus and the Galaxy Baslet on the iPhone had an application,.

It maybe just a matter of time before Samsungbet releases a sports support application. So, just wait, friends, on the iPhone, using the deep sound quality of Brooke's Gachibass speakers, I tried using various types of music, ranging from loud oval music. Until the base was researched, music can be clearest and in my experience, using gachibass plus compared to that it is much better than the nature of the 10 sound recordings, thanks to the three V microphones, No less good. There are three microphones in here and there is a voice - pick-up unit and Winshield - technology. This Winslet technology works so that the sound is recorded when it is windy, for example when riding a motorbike, but it's heard almost always using love.

Problems even I have used this gazebos pro while putting my cellphone on a different floor. Ok, one of Kuma Gashi Basro is fit Nur. Having the least use is the dilute feature or active noise cancelling.. So with this NC feature it can muffle the surrounding sound. So the hum of the train engine and friction of the track is quite well submerged with the wheels. These eight can't muffle all the sound in basspro - Garage, roughly speaking. So we can enjoy music more calmly. We can hear people's voices at home, or we can hear the voices of people around us when we are naked, again. When we talk about gachibass programming, we automatically pick the active board up. On the street we met Regita's friend, so that the project boss hears our voice.

It is activated automatically and we can talk clearly with the other person. For example, it can be used for flight stock music or it can also change the music on the next track and can be changed as well as what you want to do. or lowering the volume or even activating bixby, A new feature in the basspro galaxy is a audio divot. So the sound of the feature can be louder, like in a cinema. If we, for example, are listening to an action film then maybe if there is a small cinema like this makes something deep for the cinema. So use it again to watch the cinema so that your tribe sounds from various sides. When there is pause in jede games. Already use want for standard 3.1 version for the Galaxy Baspro battery.

It can last for non-stop use approximately four hours, 51 minutes from 100% battery. Yes, it's not during Galaxy boots + Shift. My experience is that the boss process can take up to 11 hours to my ears, hot water, but this is enough in the case of the Galaxy Buzz. So the great thing is that it is about to run out. It will automatically charge in my experience. It takes an hour to charge the great battery from ten percent to 100% and it works for many times the contents of the special. So you don't need to bother looking for a kab el and charge Hi,. The casing can be wired or wirelessly connected to the bottom and for those of you that have the latest Galaxy S1 Gas, Industries cellphone you can live stream your charge to the casing, so there's really no need for further news.

The speakers are OK, the microphones are okay, and the features are abundant, but this one is a bit pricey, three million rupiah, definitely a list, so it's already worth mid-range phones,. The price has now dropped in online stores. Stores, I saw that it was around two million and so I was sick. There was an appeal to Galaxy Baspro and many people have 2 versions : language So. The price went down at the online shop. If you have a budget I suggest vegasgroup Okay, Thanks for the review. w Galaxy, Bass, Project I Trend, see you next time..

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