Galaxy Buds 2 vs Galaxy Buds Pro | Which Should You Buy?

So let's jump in yes, the Galaxy buds two are here and I have been checking them out on the channel for a while now so that you guys know which is the best galaxy bud to pick up now. If you're watching this then for the very first time smash that subscribe button and the notification bell to be notified for more videos like this on the channel. The galaxy bots 2 come in at a price range of 149 and they are the latest galaxy buds. You know square with rounded corners with usb type c. Charging you've got wireless charging built into them. All the fun stuff that you found here with every single galaxy buds, but once you open it up it reveals a very different color scheme within the cases now the case is similar to the Galaxy buds pro and live.

The sound, of course, is tuned by akg and the buds look very different. One of the things I like about them is that when you open them up next to your Galaxy device they pair instantly, it's a very quick process. They are now much lighter in size compared to what you had with buds pro or even buds plus or the original buds, they're comfortable, and I'm so happy they've gone back to the traditional ear tips as opposed to the much larger, rounded ear tips. Now that you found your galaxy buds pro talking of the other buttons here let's go back a little bit on Memory Lane: Samsung should be using the galaxy buds themselves in 2019. It has a really comfortable fit and they looked really nice and they give us some good sound at the time now.

With all of the different galaxy buzz, the one thing you notice is that the app for each is slightly different. We now have the galaxy buds plus, the butts plus brought with them improved microphone quality and also a longer battery life and again kept that same fit and feel, and honestly it has one of the best fits when using your galaxy butts there and again, the app is different with more functionality and a different layout altogether. Now we come to the one that a lot of people don't like and I see Daniel they are making faces. Have that bean shaped look they've got the new case design and they fit really well and are supposed to have active noise cancellation.

But honestly, I could not hear it much or experience it, but they gave us some good sound and a much improved microphone. But anyway, this app has been on for a while and I'm glad to see that Samsung keeps improving for all the different devices and then we have the Galaxy buds Pro which launched with the s21 ultra and brought in so many features you can see on the app like 360 audio active noise cancellation speak to chat, so many other functions you won't find in any other galaxy buds and it represents here now. This is one where people have mixed feelings as the air tips just now did not have that perfect fit. Now Samsung gear has used this device to fix some of the issues they had across the line.

You will find here out of all five, they're very light, they're very comfy and they fit quite snugly, so that part has now come when it comes to the application. But right now the app has less features than now even the Galaxy bots pro. Bots pro has of course that 360 audio speak to chat. The mids are good uh, a bit softer for me and the lows aka are. Yes, you can use the eq app for it, but buds pro lean in that direction more, but in terms of audio I think it is really on par with the buzz pro. The other thing is active noise cancellation so when I'm walking in the city or got on the train and I've got to say they're pretty much on par with the bots pro the same .

I think for me it felt a little better, but I think in general you are probably one of the best active noise cancellation that you will find in earbuds at least comparable to you know other manufacturers as well as what buds pro bring to the table. When I have had conversations with friends they all said : look, it has been clear and crisp. It looks like you are on your phone, so that of course is a very good sign and I think when it comes to microphones, the bots do a fantastic job. I forgot to mention to also: have transparency mode and you have three levels on it on the Galaxy buds, and they're really good.

You play your music and it's a very good feel now that the question is, which should you buy and I think it's a simple and slightly difficult question, because when you look at the pricing it's a bit all over the place, the buds are kind of refurbished right now. This was live at 129 dollars, while the galaxy buds pro are priced at 169 dollars instead of 199 and the galaxy buds 2 is priced at 149 dollars. So if you are looking for a better fit you are looking for great audio, great microphone and solid active noise cancellation, this is the pair of true wireless buds from Samsung to pick up now.

If you would like to talk a little bit extra like tax 360 audio these other little extras then the galaxy buds pro will do that for you but remember the fit is something that can be a little bit difficult. It usually takes three years to get that right tuning right and I think they've got it here and samsung always updates the application and software so they tend to improve the sound and some of the functionality you would find. Hopefully that gave you guys a good idea of the Galaxy Buds 2 and what to expect. If you like this video leave your thoughts down below. If you want to get the galaxy mods 2, I have a link for you as well as the other devices you can see on here.

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