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This video is filmed at 30 frames per second in 4k, and I am walking in a park in large daylight - now under 32 degrees, so uh. What happened is that yesterday I recorded the camera review of the a72 and I also recorded the complete camera comparison but when I uploaded the video, a new update for the Galaxy A72 came out which brought the 60 frames per second mode to this phone and also improved its video stability. Also in this comparison I'll show you rear camera videos too. All the videos are short handheld, we will take a look at the camera. We'll take a look at a small speed test then two to throttle and some other test leading to the design and build comparisons of these phones.

So if you are watching my channel for the very first time, it is my humble request that you hit the subscribe button and press the bell icon and also hit the like button. In 1080p uh, 30 frames per second the stability gets a bit better and that you can certainly get an idea about the mic voice. So drop your comments below about the mic quality and everything else about these front videos, because you guys are the judge for these front camera videos, let's jump into the other parts of this camera comparison. The a72 has a main 64-megapixel sensor with optical image This phone has an 8 megapixel telephoto lens 2, which is a first for a Samsung mid-range on the front. On the other hand, the a71 has also a main sensor of 64 megapixels.

It has the main Gw1 sensor and its other camera details on your screen. Camera applications on both phones are identical. The a72 has some extra features like the snapchat fun mode integrated right into the camera and it does have a nice pro video mode and 60 fps video recording for both the front and rear cameras after the latest software updates. Look first at the reds better and deeper on the galaxy, a72 and kind of blown off on a71. My face is well saturated on the a72 and it's kind of warm on the galaxy a71 details as you can see more on the galaxy a72 ultra wide camera on both phones is quite good. The ultra-white of a 71 has a warmer tone. The ultrawide a72 camera also has a cooler tone and higher detail.

Especially when looking on the floor, it is detailed better on the galaxy a72 dynamic range seems good on both sides. I can clear in the portrait mode both the darker and the brighter areas. The i71 not only produces low details but also adds a slightly warm touch to the images, which may not appeal to some users, then in normal mode the a72's image remains sharper, with more details of course, and in portrait mode, both phones make an equally good picture. Personally, I like the depth effect created by the galaxy a72 as it does not completely blow away the details. The color tone difference is very hard to find, but the image is certainly different on both sides, especially as far as details are concerned.

Here is the same image in normal mode, on both sides, and again the color tone. The differences remain the same and even in normal mode the a72 produces higher details than the a71 around eyes and floor of the bird body. Just great, every part of the building is visible. The managed shadows on the a72 have kept the details alive. A71 has also blown the highlights off in high-res mode. Let me know which phone's colors look better to you, the same image in normal mode and the differences remain somewhat similar. The color of this building is better on the a72 check out those details. If you look at the road it is more detailed on the a72 and the road is sort of blown off overall on the a71, the a72 wins for this image, in normal mode the same image.

Everything remains the same and the a72 is again in the ultrawide camera on the better side. If you look closely, the a71 detail and shadow management is bad. If you look at this part of the image, everything is visible through the shadows on the a72 but the a71 has just completely blown them off. Here is a series of normal rear camera images. All these images maintain the a72 with higher detail. It really manages the whites and blacks well, and a71 struggles with the details. I didn't expect this from the a71, but probably samsung has worked too hard on the a72 but probably samsung has worked too hard on it to make it better. It is really difficult to recommend the a71 camera, while a better option in the shape of the Galaxy A72 with the same price is now available.

These images speak for themselves and if you think otherwise, you can drop your own analysis down below. Let us now take a look at the set of 64 megapixels, Normal and UV image. This time in the 64-megapixel mode the A72 will always win. Bricks are red, not a yellow kind of dangling on the a71. The ultroid camera of the A72 does its job better than any other mid-range smartphone ultra wide camera. [Music] [Music] take a look at another 64 megapixel normal and ultraviolet image. Now this image is an atx image on both sides, and here you can see that telephoto camera of the a72 performs and speaks for itself. In the comments section below [Music], I will now attach more rear cameras. As far as the rear cameras are concerned.

All these images are shot in the normal 16 megapixel mode with the scene optimizer in gear and the HDR was set to auto [Music] macro camera, which works fine on both sides. I have said in my previous videos that I am not a fan of the macro camera, but here is what it looks like on both the phones. Just in case you are worried about it, the light performance of both phones is good. The a72 cannot capture images in the night mode from its ultrawide camera and the a71 cannot capture images in ultrawide format because it does not have a telephoto lens. I photographed the selfies using the same color tone same settings and the same beauty mode intensity of two on both sides.

Well, saturated and highly detailed selfies, the a71 flats out the selfies with a lot of softness, it takes the detail off. Selfies are always a subjective choice and it totally depends on your personal taste. You can also drop your own analysis about these selfies into the comment section below. After these selfies, we will move on to the rear camera short videos on both the phones last night. Samsung recently rolled out an update, adding 60 frames per second to the a72 and making some camera improvements. The a72 videos have a cooler tone compared to the warmer tone of the a71. The a72 videos also offer a better sharpness, but the stability can be a deal breaker for some users [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music].

This camera has optical image stabilization but it is unable to provide the videos in the videos even after the recent update. You can switch from the ultrawide camera to the wide camera while recording a video, but on the a71 you can't do the same. I will soon post the 60 frames per second video samples from the Galaxy A72 on my channel [Music] [Music], on to the design and build of the phones. A71 has geometric patterns on its shiny back. It is light whereas the a72, on the other hand, is bulky and is thick, and do not expect its matte finish. To give you a feel similar to that of the s21 ultra matte finish, this matte finish doesn't feel as premium, but it definitely looks premium. Galaxy a72 is ip67 certified which means it is water and dust.

The a72 screen has a refresh weight of 90 hertz and is protected by gorilla glass 5. On the other hand, the a71 display has only a refresh rate of 60 hertz and is protected by Gorilla glass 3. The color accuracy of both screens is superb. It's a treat watching HD youtube, videos or netflix on these phones. It's fun to play games on both devices, but the 90 hertz, refresh rate of the a72 definitely gives it an edge. As far as the fluidity is concerned the A72's display is just too responsive, the bezel profile of both the phones is the same. The camera control on the a71 is big and the a72 camera punch hole is really small, and I like that a72 has also got a stereo speaker on top a71 uses only one speaker, both phones have the buttons and the ports at the same place.

Another key difference is between sim cards. It has a screen saver option in the display settings. As I said right at the start of the video, both phones will get three big android updates and up to four years of security updates. Now I will take you through a quick speed test. These is the same on both the phones and while I have you speak about the application loading speed test, in the meantime, I went to and do throttle tests on both the phones, starting with 100 battery same wi-fi setting same overall brightness level on both the sides, the a72 with 90hz and the a71 with its stock 60hz refresh rate. I started the first and two to cycle and also put a stopwatch on a location.

The a72 uses qualcomm snapdragon 732 or the 720 g chipset samsung has not specified the chipset of this phone and neither cpu info apps show it either. I am using the 8gb version of both phones and and the a72 has 256 gigs of internal storage while the a71 has 1 to 8 gigs of internal storage after the first and the two runs, the Galaxy a72 posted a score of 287k, and the a71 posted a score of 246k. The a72 reached a peak temperature of 36 degrees and the a71 achieved a peak temperature of 37 degrees [music].

Of course the a71 battery has dropped more than the a72, the 5000 damage battery just lost 2 percent in the first 20 minutes, but the a72 has a refresh rate of 90 hertz too, so that extra 30 hertz would quickly eat up that extra 500 mah battery [Music] after the third and two runs the n22 score of both phones fell again and this time the temperature has increased on both the phones and also look at the battery counts. The A72 has only swapped 3 percent battery in the first 30 minutes and during the Antutu throttle test, while the A71 also lost 8 percent battery and its temperature has reached 40 degrees [Music]. After that I ran two cycles of Geekbench test. The peak temperature on the a72 is now 40 degrees and uh.

That is quite high for this phone [music] anyways to push things further. I ran the 3dmark Wildlife Stress Test. This is a 20 minute long test that is heavy on the render on these phones and engages hardware to the fullest. The 3D wildlife stress tests are displayed on your screen. It has lost only nine percent, with 90 hertz'l weight reduced. The a71 on the other side has 15 percent lost with the standard 60-hertz refresh rate anyways. I did the andro bench, storage benchmark, test 2 and the score is on your screen. Both phones load the apps almost at the same time. However, on both sides, when it comes to photo editing, the a72 easily wins it as it exports an edited photo faster [music].

A72 definitely has a slightly better processing power than the A71, but even then samsung is kind of afraid to mention its chipset [Music] pubg mobile gives us the same graphics options on both sides. The Ram management on the a72 needs a little improvement. At the moment, the A71 has better ram management while the a72 kills a few more applications than the galaxy a71. And with that the full comparison comes to an end - and as usual, I will break down my conclusion into a few simple points. The a72 is not a huge upgrade over the a71 in terms of performance. It has the ip67 certificate, its display has 90, hertz refresh rate and it is protected by gorilla glass 5. All these are a big upgrade over the galaxy a71.

It is more beautiful, but the a71 feels better than the a72 because of its sleek build, but obviously the galaxy a72 has also got a big 5000 mah battery and that's 500 mh extra juice as compared to the a71. The cameras of the galaxy a72 are a big upgrade over the galaxy a71, no reason to choose the a71 now especially for those cameras. Samsung still needs to fix the video stability of the Galaxy a72. A72 is launched at the same price as the galaxy a71, which makes upgrading decision even easier. A72 has a storage of 256 MB which can suffice. After this thorough comparison, I found the galaxy a72 as a better overall device.

This video consumed about three days and a couple of sleepless nights so make sure that you drop your feedback on this video and your analysis in the comments section below..

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