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Hello, a channel dedicated to those who are a Samsung user, so even those who like stamps already and who are not yet part do not waste your time, and today let us unbox and print the Galaxy a50 and three in 5g version. Let's open this box here and yes I know that this knife is a bit over-tongued, but at these times we take what we have in our hands. Reminder here for you to also be a part of the Samsung Xiping Community here for us to open the little drawer, soon more Galaxy, 53, 5g, 64 Megapixel camera with Adicelf stabilization, 32, Megapixels and 5,000 million battery. It can last up to 2 days for those who do not talk correctly, of course, always in specific conditions of usage. I 6.5 inch display 120 Hz amulets.

He said that the storage but you can expand it will also increase the life of your Smartphone. More RAM memory, 128gb of storage and IP 67 protection will be important in the future. It is a certification that it is resistant to water and dust. This ip67 certification will allow you to dip for 30 minutes in fresh water up to 1 meter deep. Let's see this charger here more closely, my life suffers and with these small letters, but we have a 15 watt charger, but the one at 53 5g and allows you to charge up to 25 watts, ok and the transfer and charging cable that also comes with it is just that the model I have in my hands is a good blue clear. Take that plastic Eta blue hello matt.

If it was a smoothing in relation to this height difference, right from the module to the body of the device, then it ends up making a curve,. It has a lot of plastic on the sides. I'm still going to take these little elastics, don t inject little drawer, pay attention ok?, to put it in the right hole, this on the side. Here, the microphone in Don't Smart, the pin in this little hole here. Otherwise you will keep your microphone and here in the little drawer, we can use both sides to place two operator cards in the sim or use one on the sides to also add a micro SD card to protect your internal storage, input type C speaker on the bottom and since it has stereo sound, so we also have a speaker here Escondidinho na at the top here.

This tiny hole is another microphone to assist in the recordings and on the side we only have power button and volume button on the right side. But crowd has these patients, if you don't notice, you don't even look right then, after it gets g rudado na glove Get out of there, let us call it now. So we can check a little bit of the interface so you already have a really cool animation screen on the lock screen. I've already done some initial settings that mainly update. It is without a cut with the most current version of Android 12 with the year ai 4.1. It has a very long life with it, and even more with the and the other questions I tell you throughout the video These are the apps that come with it.

Ok, this was the software that I installed here to see some things in relation to its specifications and the first thing you obviously do when you pick up your Samsung smartphone is to put your Samsung account the next video here on the channel I promise. Here is a cool thing: I don't know if everyone knows you can just enter the QR Code by another smartphone. It already appears here at the remote entrance, so I put it in connect and check it out, and it will talk. I can place it on another cell phone, with the same Samsung account as yours. There is of course yes and then look I did not even have to put my cool password right, I'm sure a lot.

We didn't know so you who liked already, see SELIC once registered your personal Samsung account look at the advantages you will have with your a 53 I'm going to enter here. You will gain access not only to Samsung Cláudio more functions, a lot useful as, for example, Samsung I ask you to save your password It is a password vault that Samsung searches for your phone. In case you lose your mobile phone there is no eventuality. You then use Samsung's own application, which also remembers that you have access to a secure folder or either you can set up a secure folder or those applications which will be inside will be password protected. I also recommend you to start using the panel for more productivity, because it is not a shortcut for applications.

Also, it's an interesting resource that you'll have on your Samsung interface And. There's no white bar here, that's precisely or Samsung pay That is you can make contactless payments because it has an NFC feature, I. Think I lose a lot of space with this navigation through the virtual buttons. Using this type of navigation, I have much more area on my screen. If the button and add the applications comes farther down, so I gain more area and I keep doing my navigation by gestures or if I have to go back. If I need to put apps in the background, Trace and insurance is all here but it has many other navigation features that you can only want for me, and you will need our good lock playlist, which are Samsung modules developed by Samsung itself.

That is why I say that this is a channel targeted towards Samsung customers. If you haven't subscribed yet, don't stop and check the previous videos mainly, because I am sure that you'll start looking at your Samsung smartphone in another way in relation to the displays, are six. 5 inches, that is a big screen with an oh boy - display, that is the colors are more vibrant, the deep black. If you see this in the settings in the display, you will notice the smoothing of the movement that is already in the default as high, and it means that it is already configured as the refresh rate of 120 Hertz. This brings greater fluidity to your touch. When I tell you guys, just leave it as high I navigate a little slide.

Your finger later change to the standard that will drop to 60, and you will see that when it is at 120 Hertz the fluidity is very different to the touch. It is much smoother and more delicious, but as a counterpoint it will spend a little more power. If you don't mind that you change to default, So when we click on the battery, we have not only the saving mode, but more confirmations, battery And then because of the update to Android 4.0 or a version 4.1 you have here. When you can charge your battery up to 100 percent, you also stress the battery. You want to keep your smartphone for 45 years without having to change the ATeria So, you'll have to stress it as little as possible. Let's learn a little bit about its camera app so that you can come here in the more option.

The Pro version brings the Pro version where you have more freedom to make certain settings in your photography to change the opening time of the exposure. It is a mode for those who have a little more knowledge in the matter of photography. Then again it is only for photography, yes for video, so if you could do other things in relation to video, for example, to configure the ISO focus in question. Also, if you want to use a Bluetooth headset with a microphone then this was not the Video mode. It's right like those filters on Snapchat so we don't have the single take here that very few people use or know about the features that it offers.

So I need a video of the single take For those who have doubts about this mode and in video Let's see in what resolution you can shoot 4K with 30 frames per second or full HD at 60 frames per second, the main camera has 64 megapixels and when I change it to Ultra Light, then I get a little bit of quality that we have a digital that goes up to then when you explain here in 2x I can go up to 10 approx digital zoom action but it doesn't have a macro camera. It has a macro camera, but look, let's go back here so I can shout Mata's.

Camera need I come here in Mais and then yes, I click on macro Another was made for Marco's camera and then I bring the object very close here to be able to take a photo very close to that little detail that the other lenses end up not being able to catch, and then when we change it to a selfie camera it is 32 megapixels We have these two icons because we can it just gains a little bit of aperture here, that is, framing more people. By default we have this option to put a little bit less angle or open a little bit to fit more people, and then we also have the option of recording in full HD at 60 frames or in 4K at 30 frames per second and here an important detail is that pro mode or video mode here I have the camera the selfie one.

If I go over there and switch to professional video, for example, I notice that it already changes to the rear camera, that is, pro mode, both photography and filming it will only work with the rear camera Ok and about the performance of the Galaxy, a50 and 35 G that everyone wants to know. Let’s start here in the Brazilian version: it comes with 8 GB of RAM. You can increase RAM memory to 8 GB. It will remove 8GB from your internal memory, that is, from your storage I. 4Gb card, when I use 8GB there is 8GB Sérgio, we will have it in 34 Over the years, the software evolves, your cell phone is getting a little older, so it may be an option for you to increase to 16 GB RAM,.

Therefore in my opinion it is a resource that brings a useful life that is longer tilde for your model so as not to be outdated. There is one quickly, so 45 years from now, when the cell phone has already come to the standard with 16 GB of RAM. You can expand with your virtual RAM, and now I'm certain that it's a point that will generate discussions. In the version, a 52s, which was released last year, bring a Snapdragon 778g, and I know that a lot of people will ask to see this ex 1280. The Snapdragon 778 G, which comes with the 52s I, have to tell you fly and there are people. If you can also search the internet and you will see that the Snapdragon 778 G version has a slight advantage.

Especially when talking about single or multicolor processing and even in relation to the use for gaming s where if we have a slight advantage in terms of battery efficiency due to its 5 nanometer lithography compared to the six nanometers of the Snapdragon, 778 g and I make a point of putting it side by side on the screen. There are however differences in battery based on the Chipset and also in the input of the headphone that in the version is a 53 not exist. Consider yes, but it is worth it come on, my dear, as you have seen very few differences in relation to the version of 52 s5g, launched last year. The a53s can already be found for the cost there for approximately 2,300 reais -, as a counterpoint in retail stores.

You can also find the 52 s5ge version supports 5g for an approximate value of 1.700 Rees. The 500 ml batteries plus make this difference of 500 reais in your pocket, but we also know that the version 53 is recently released. And then, if this difference falls there to 200 250 reais, another 300 maybe, it's more in Yes, the version at 53 is OK, but then I show all the points here and the price difference here. So it's up to you which options are the best for you, beauty who is new to the channel doesn't know. In addition to several tips for you who are a user to be able to use and extract more from your Smartphone, which I wish you all the best to hug and bye..

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