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Is the Samsung Galaxy 10e worth the purchase in 2020? In fact, it was launched in August 2019, so not too many months from now. Many carriers still offer it, and it is still very popular online. So in this video I want to have a discussion about whether or not you should get this phone or maybe consider something else. You can check that out through the link in the video description but also can get it from a variety of different carriers and I feel like the only situation where you would want to get. This phone is through a carrier because they typically offer really good deals.

Factory unlocked is worth it because there are many other phones offered factory unlocked in the 180 dollar price range that are much better, but I know that many carriers are offering it through buy one get one free deals or you even have the ability to receive the phone for free if you switch from which carrier is offering the device. Now you are included in this package a variety of different items. It could be now different based on the specific variation of the phone you get. The box has some literature so terms and conditions are both in English and Spanish. We also have English and Spanish QuickStart guides, so that is really helpful. We're gonna put it to the side.

But for a second, we also have a USBC cable for charging and transfers, so that this phone does have USB C, despite being one of the lower end Samsung devices. We have a SIM card removal tool and a wallet app. It looks like a 10 Watt adapter, but here is the actual phone itself. This is the Samsung Galaxy 10 e. Now the device has a very large 5.8 3 inch display. The display itself is now TFT, even though it is not AMOLED, you can probably see through the video already that it is extremely bright and vibrant. Overall, it is a good displaying display which is great for taking content home. We also have a little bit of thicker bottom bezel, and in this notch there is a 5 megapixel front camera.

If you'd like me to do an updated, 20/20 review of the device, then let me know in the comment section below, but we get 32 gigabytes of internal storage with microSD card expansion. You have the ability to expand that there is no wireless charging with the phone. There is also no fingerprint sensor at all, but we get face unlock with the device. Also if you are someone who is a fan of face unlocking, particularly someone who prefers it to a fingerprint sensor, then I think you are. I think I will definitely appreciate that with the Galaxy a 10 II now the camera on the back is an 8-megapixel camera and still takes decent photos and videos. Not going to win any photography awards with the phone, but at the same time it still takes decent looking photos and videos.

This device features 2 gigabytes of RAM and the Samsung Exynos 7 8 8 4 processor. Both are really great, but again this is kind of a lower-end samsung device. It's a fairly decent score for a lower-end device and will get the job done for a good chunk of people out there. Now, if you are someone that does quite a bit of social media on your phone or someone who does more advanced tasks such as high-end gaming or maybe you like to edit videos on your device then I definitely feel that you will run into quite a few slowdowns and will probably be looking for an upgrade not too long after getting this phone.

But if you are someone who does more casual tasks like a lot of phone calls a lot of text messages but maybe occasionally social media and occasional web browsing. Don't know if this is the case for the other variants out there, but this phone is still stuck on Android 9pi. It probably will come eventually, but at the moment there is no Android 10 and also no Samsung 1 UI 2.0, but for many people out there it's really a non-issue because now the phone does not have NFC, and as of now we have USBs see at the bottom.

So I'm certainly happy with that that sadly it doesn't have micro USB because we do have micro USB with the Galaxy a 10 but if I look closely at the hardware here overall I feel like it delivers here, especially considering that my expectations of the display with this phone before I used it are pretty low, but I think it looks really nice, it is nice and bright and clear, certainly not quite as good as AMOLED would be, but certainly does get the job done. On the left side of the phone, we have just the slot for the micro SD card and SIM card. We have a USB C port for charging and data transfer. Wir have the microphone and the speaker, and then on the back of the phone. We have the flash and the Samsung logo now this material on the back, of course, is plastic.

It does pick fingerprints as well, but I am happy with the build and quality of this phone, especially since it is so cheap. So, in conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 e, will be worth buying in 2020. Here's how Instagram looks on the phone - it is still a very smooth experience here, so surely not too bad at all. You can also swipe to create your own stories. I am creating a video now with the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 e. Another cool thing about this phone is that the microphone says they are decent as well. So if you are using this phone to create content, it would be not quite as good as a flagship, but at the same time the videos that you will be able to take with the device are still useable.

In conclusion, is Samsung Galaxy a 10e worth buying in 2020? That's really the big question that we're trying to answer here in this video and like I mentioned previously. If you buy this unlocked phone unlocked, then no, it is not worth it, especially if you end up paying 180 for it. If you are gonna get this phone locked, I would say that you really want to take advantage of the various carrier deals out there.

I definitely recommend getting in touch with your local carrier store to see if they offer any deals for this phone and see what their offer is, and if they are able to offer you a good deal then that might make this worth it but definitely with other newer A series phones out now, like the a11 for example which is pretty much selling for the same price as the unlocked variant of this phone and a01 and upcoming a21. You know that there are a lot of other awesome options out there, especially if you want to stick with Samsung one other thing. Now the US unlocked variant will work with all four US carriers including Sprint and Verizon, so also keep that in mind and that is the variance of 179.

I feel that this doesn't seem worth it, though I feel like there are better options available and 180 is just a lot of money to spend for this particular device, but I hope you found this video helpful and informative. If you have any questions at all, I could potentially make a follow-up to that, but this is the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 e in 2020 we hope you enjoy. The price is the most up-to-date for the device, but this is Kevin here and I will see you in the next one..

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