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This is the Galaxy Z fold three, the latest and most advanced foldable smartphone from Samsung. Take that back at least I have a real cover, screen and you're, so small people say sizes and everything, but don't believe it. I'm will for gsm marina and let's break it down in our galaxy z, fold, 3 review [Music] You won't find many devices that look like this e-fold 3 using foldable screen technology. It fits a large tablet style display in a form factor similar to that of a normal smartphone. This year, Samsung has taken extra steps to make its new foldable devices even more durable. The frame and hinge are reinforced by something called armor aluminum, which is supposed to be stronger and lighter and you get IP rated water resistance.

The cover screen is a tall and narrow 6.2 inch amoled with an 832 x 2268 resolution, there is a punch hole for the selfie cam and a fast 120hz refresh rate new this year. It's a foldable amoled of 7.6 inch with resolution of 1768 by 2208, and it also brings a variable 120 hertz refresh rate. It makes swiping and scrolling much smoother and the refresh rate ll dial down when you stop using the screen or if the content doesn't need it to save energy. High frame rate gaming isn't as well supported here. Here, as on the z-Purge, you can't enable a global high refresh rate for games and the results can vary for each particular title.

The panel is brighter than last year, with 480 nits reaching with a slider and a thousand nits in auto mode in bright, sun plus colors and brightness settings are tuned to be quite similar to those of the inner screen. But it's the inner display, which makes the Z-fold 3 so attractive that is significantly brighter than the model last year. The picture looks crisp and uniform across the two sides and it's extra immersive, because the phone hides the selfie camera under the display. Depending on the angle, it can feel if you swipe too, but once you start looking beyond the phone itself and focus on the content, you'll stop noticing it. You can use either samsung's s-pen pro or the new s pen fold specifically made for this phone.

There's even support for air commands to trigger various features. The stable features of the Galaxy Note Series across the whole portfolio now go to audio the z-fold 3 has a pair of stereo speakers that sit either at the bottom and top of the frame or left and right, depending on how you hold the device. [Music], you can wake up and unlock the z-fold 3 with the side mounted fingerprint reader power button. It's super fast and accurate and works whether the phone is open or closed. You get options for 256 or 512 gigs of storage on board, but it's not expandable. The interface of z-fold 3 is Samsung's Ui 3.1 based on Android 11. It's the same in many ways as on other samsung phones, but there are plenty of unique features here too.

One classic feature you get is an edge panel in which you can store shortcuts, and you also get support for samsung's decks for connecting to a PC or monitor. There are also plenty of ways in which the interface has been tweaked to take advantage of the folding screen. There's a huge emphasis on multitasking here, since there's so much more space to make use of, you can customize the split whichever orientation you want and save the pair for later. There's even support for 3-way splits, the more the better with the phone folded. The keyboard lies naturally on the bottom half so you can use the z-fold 3 like a mini-laptop. It's a little too busy for easy typing, though there's a similar feature called flex view within supported apps like the media player or gallery folding.

The screen will split the app into a top and bottom half with the bottom holding settings or navigation controls. It is also quite handy within the camera app as it lets you position the phone on a stable surface for shooting and you have easy access to the controls at the bottom and while you're in this mode the camera can even follow you. The z-fold 3 also struggles when it comes to thermal management under stress. The phone heats up quickly and cpu performance is throttled back within just five minutes of starting our stress test. Of course, real world use is not as intensive as our testing, but this phone isn't built for sustained performance during long gaming sessions. The z-fold 3 has a battery capacity of 4 400 milliamp hours.

For a device with a very good display and a power hungry chipset, that's actually divided into two packs, the phone obtained a modest endurance rating of 75 hours in our proprietary tests. By using only the screen cover, the battery life in our tests is a bit better at a score of 82 hours. Like samsung's other flagships the z-fold 3 doesn't ship with the charger, but it does support 25 watt chargeing, and when we tested it out with an official 25 watt samsung adapter, we were only able to get from zero to 33 in half an hour.

The processing is more laid back than we've seen from other Samsung flagships and colors aren't quite as exaggerated, but still pop detail is on point too, but some fine details and patterns don't emerge as nice here as some of the higher res competitors. When you take portrait shots, you can enable the cover screen as a viewfinder for your subject to see themselves in these come out great with better subject separation and defocused backgrounds than what we saw on the model of last year. If there's plenty of light, the telephoto can take shots that are comparable in quality to those from the main camera. Colors are consistent again with those from the other two cameras and you get an adequate amount of detail and good dynamic range.

Our biggest concern is that these are generally soft, perhaps due to the laid back processing, but adding more blending would have likely introduced other issues in low light conditions. The main camera is solid, producing shots with plenty of detail, good sharpness and well-controlled noise, enabling night mode fixes, the light sources are clipped and the shadows and highlights are more balanced, there's also more sharpness. Its photos are less noisy than the main cams, but you get plenty of detail and surprisingly well. Balanced exposure and light sources with night mode on results are sharper and highlights are reigned even better.

The Ultra Wide cam does not do a great job at night, but its shots are still usable despite being dark and soft with blown highlights with night mode enabled. The quality is significantly better The photos are brighter and sharper with more detail and better controlled light sources. The lack of autofocus isn't a big deal either, as the focus plane is quite forgiving. The light first has to travel through pixels before reaching the actual lens and sensor, so the picture is softer and sometimes you end up with weird color, framing and optical defects. Another option is to take selfies with the rear main camera. Videos can be shot with the main camera and 4k resolution with up to 60 fps 4k, using the cover screen as a viewfinder.

Here is flagship grade with plenty of detail: decently, wide dynamic range and low noise like with the stills but are not as punchy as other samsungs 4k video at 30 fps. This is flagship grade however the colors are slightly off from the main cams. Ultra wide shoots, pretty good 4k footage with consistent colors, even though there is more softness and narrower dynamic range than the other two. There is electronic stabilization available on all of the cameras on top of the ois on the main and the telephoto. That's the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3, you get that unique foldable design that provides a big amoled screen. Inside there's a flagship chipet, great stereo speakers and a solid set of cameras, plus there have been plenty of improvements since last year.

Refresh rate, support for your stylus, the hidden selfie cam and the new software features are quite neat. The chipset and thermals aren't that well optimized here battery life is nothing special and charging speed is pretty slow and, while the cameras are good, they're not the best, especially for this price, but at the end of the day, the z-fold 3 is no doubt the most advanced foldable phone on the market. Right now, if that speaks to you, it is worth recommending thanks for watching guys, stay safe and see you on the next one..

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