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This is the Galaxy, s21, fe or fan edition, and has finally come out after a year of hype, teaser leaks and delays. So s21 Fe has what it takes to remain competitive in 2022? I'm going for gsm arena and let's find out in our full review [Music] The s21 fe is now released about a year after the s21 and brings the design language that looks to be a mix between the s21 phones and the a-series mid-rangers. It has a plastic bag with a soft matte pastel finish but at the same time the camera bump has the same wrap-around shape as the s21, although here, instead of being part of the metal frame, is actually an extension of the back panel.

The s21fe is thinner and lighter than the previous fan edition, which is nice and, as you would expect from a high-end Samsung, gets a ip dust and water resistance rated. Here also the full HD amoled screen is a little smaller than the s20 fes at 6.4 inches but it does bring Gorilla Glass, victis protection. It isn't adaptive to save energy, but the s21fe is able to offer a fast 240hz touch sampling rate in gaming mode and another improvement over the previous model is hdr10 plus support content looks excellent on the s21 fe, and this display can also achieve great colour accuracy based on your color settings.

We measured the max brightness at about 790 nits and, unlike other galaxy phones, you can get it not only in auto mode, but also manually with a slider like the rest of the s21 series. You get a pair of stereo speakers for your sound that are balanced and scored a good note on our loudness chart. Quality is also good with nice highs, but the bass is underwhelming, one of the freshest things you'll find on the S21 fe, at least at the time of this, video is Samsung's new Ui4 based on Android 12. This is the first phone that comes with this interface out of the box and overall it is similar to what we saw in the previous version, but there are a few new features.

One of the most obvious is something built into the new system-wide Color palettes of Android, that can match your quick toggle shades and even your icons to the home screen background. You also get plenty of options for widgets on the home page, they're a lot more customizable now better control over your privacy settings is also a feature of a ui, for there's now a dedicated privacy dashboard in settings. It's not perfect, but it is fun to play with and finally you can wake up and unlock the phone using an under display fingerprint reader, which is fast and reliable. These features are either powered by one of two chipsets, a snapdragon 888 for the international version of the phone or an exynos 2100 for select markets.

Ours is the snapdragon version and performance is excellent as you'd expect right up there with last year's flagships. Even though we will see a new top chipset pretty soon this year, the s21 fe delivers more than enough power for your daily tasks and heavy games. Here, that's not to say that it's bad, although it scored in our proprietary tests an endurance rating of 92 hours. As is trendy these days, the phone does not come with a charger in the box, but there is support for wireless charging and 25 watt wired charging. Another thing that you won't get this time round is expandable storage, but onboard you will get 128 or 256 gigs.

Next to the cameras the s21 fe has the same setup as the previous one, a 12 megapixel main camera, with a 12 megapixel ultra wide, with fixed focus and an 8 megapixel three times telephoto photo with ois photos from the main camera, with great resolution : high contrast, low noise and natural dynamic range. The colors are quite pleasant too, if on the warmer side, photos from the ultra wide cam are incredibly good for this type of camera. The sharpness takes a slight hit from the upscaling but besides that these three times zoomed shots are quite nice with high resolution detail as well as contrast, colours and dynamic range that match the other two cameras.

The fe is the better shooter There's slightly better sharpness and contrast and, in our opinion, more likeable colours, but these are only noticeable when you look from up close in low light photos from the main camera are superb they are rich in detail and contrasty with excellent color saturation. If you zoom in auto mode at night, in most cases you'll get a digital crop from the main camera that is soft and lacking in detail, but switching on night mode switches things over to the actual telephoto lens. However, the fixed focus sweet spot is not ideally tuned for shooting at arm length, thus selfie sharpness is less than stellar. They are very good with over average detail great colors, low noise and exceptional dynamic range.

They have nice contrast, are likable, and have great dynamic range but the videos are soft and detail is mediocre. They have a lot of detail and are very sharp and have contrast and dynamic range that are similar to the main cameras. That's the Galaxy s21 fe, which combines features worthy of a high-end samsung phone like a waterproof, build a high refuel left display stereo speakers, a flagship chipset, a fluid software experience and a great set of cameras all in all, it is a great showing a clear upgrade over the previous model but there are a couple of problems. So then the s21 fe could be a more budget-friendly option over the new flagships, except for now it is actually more expensive than the regular s21, while offering very similar features..

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