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Hello, here was Rehan bang ripiu, so this Samsung Galaxy Tab S sixlight has been with me for about a week, yes, Muslims, to watch games, a little typing, also by using the keyboard accessories and also writing using the default S-pen,. For those who are still new to it or this tablet is an affordable version of the Galaxy Tab S six that I reviewed at the end of the last year. If this is Young Lex, the price is about half, yes. This price starts in the afternoon from 6.9 99 million for the variant of 4 gigabytes of RAM with eJ25 GB, and there is also a price of 7.2 99 million for 128 GB of storage. This tablet is much more affordable than the one that enjoys sunlight and, of course, there is a price too, Tridaya.

If it helps me My videos Thank you just for info I have already anecdote this Galaxy Tab, S, Sixlight. I'm certain you have seen it and it is still the same as my first impression at that time. In the design sector and body material. Comparing to online sports I'm. Honestly, more I like this because at first the edges of the screen are completely curved,. It's not too thin and during use, I had no complaints about the build quality. So the full metal body on the back and on the sides is definitely a plus, right? A tablet for 7 million has a pudding material like that and I also changed the navigation bar gesture with the use of the option, so I stayed on Sweep and I. The screen is 10 inches in the outdoor with a resolution of 1200.

The screen is not as crisp as in the non-light version, but the Galaxy Tab S Sixlight is already able. Hi for watching. yes, Netflix streaming and light games, The fun is that it is backed by a speaker that I have wheels. So it is because it's there if the hand is holding it like that, the speaker hole is not closed and for quality. The audio is pretty good,. I'll play Kuya's video as an audio sample, okay? The price is 2.7 - 99 million for the Galaxy e21s video RAM variant. , at this time, the unboxing was finished.. The character is that we travel long... The drawback is that the dimensions are thick and single. It looks bulky, especially when it folds like this and I have to paint it for the battery. It will go into stand by Rider mode.

Of course, the keyboard must first be turned on and then enter plate mode by pressing the FN key and the C key at the same time. I do not like the keyboard if the tablet is already installed. It is a bit tricky to take it off,. It takes a lot of energy - an extra for the Newport tablet from the Kenyan keyboard - so the grip seems pretty strong and you need to be a little careful ma'am - so that leadcat doesn't run out. On the back there's a holder for the SP, Eh, but I. Don't think that the position is even visible. Then the touchpad is absent, so the keyboard is not there, because it's quick like the Galaxy Tab S, version six. The keyboard has fast data if not, and I had also fun at that time.

Trying baconex mosam delanguu, which I normally use for I, went to the Android festival and unfortunately it didn't want to connect. In my opinion, the lack of the touchpad isn't a big problem; it's better to use the touchpad just for navigation. The smooth surface is also absent on this tablet, For those who don't know, the smooth deck can be activated, it will change the water It's like Windows, So it is like there's a start button so that I can do it each time the size is easy to make it easier for muted kings. This feature and smooth seems to be only present on Galaxy Tab S six, Please look at the video review that I did.

If you are curious about the name of the ability, the name is a pop-up feature, so you just have to access the pop-up mouth like this and it looks a bit like smooth or can you use speed? The switch to SPN Yes, this switch is more practical on a large screen. It is actually much easier to a charge because it doesn't need to be charged. But of course the remote is like that on the Galaxy Tab S, six non like,. Because of this feature, don't really have a problem. I also rarely use Venywe. What about the sp on G alaxy tab is fun. The non-light version is good for writing. Do you think all kinds of files are natural? The tip of Type C is really pointy so I scribble on it just. The screen feels slippery and there is a button after that.

The functionality provided by sp9rt is a lot for those who do not know. It is good enough for learning a foreign language and, of course practical, to support, study and work activities, for example. Then we can write directly on top of the screen capture, It is used if, for example, you are reading to Mother or while browsing and find things that you want to highlight or just make additional notes.. You can also have fun like this.. So yeah, no doodle or draw something like horns or a mustache on the face, and when we move we do the previous doodling or what we drew earlier. This tablet is the most suitable for productivity activities. A pen up application is available for pictures. There is a Samsung Note that can recognise our writing and can then convert it into text, yes,.

When my writing is bad, even though it is good then, if you want to take notes quickly, there is a scene of memo. The keyboard writes with a doodling pen for fun, pictures, yes, daily productivity activities have shifted to the current performance. This 9610 1 is mine that has 4 gigabytes of RAM with 64 GB in the afternoon, The Antutu score is as an illustration of performance like that. Atuh Ai with frame rates up to Hi too, but also during gaming. I prefer quality graphics with fret Hi for that reason, because it feels more stable. The good news is, it grows When The produced temperature feels cool, yes, type, H, heavy gaming... How come the car ran out of camera, so the rear camera has only one without flash, 8 MP yes for the front camera, the 5MP images are like this.

The rear camera has a digital zoom, twice, the rear camera has a tone, the colors are sometimes bombs and its immigration is lacking as well as the ability of the 0live photos, yo-yo, which can also be opened, yes. It turns out that the Muslim separation is quite neat. Your money is for the selfie capacity I like it, especially for the teeth that looks more natural by default, I'm there videography, so the front camera can evade 30fps resolution as well as the front camera specifically for the rear it claims. There is video stabilization, but it doesn't work for some reason. When I try to test the camera, the Samsung Galaxy, Tab, S3 light. What if the gyroscope feature is complete, so the recipe is there. There is then a SIM slot, I suspect it is one.

So this tablet can be used for calls and there is a dedicated slot for Micro, SD, u.s. If the capacity for the battery is 7040, milli, amperes and during use I can get the screen on. The battery is only five percent, and I think it is durable because it is a bit heavy to use so I use Muslim to watch netflix there, play the Rajaaudiomobil runtime game, it's going to be a while, It takes three hours 38 minutes to charge, but when I try to charge with the charger, it gives a Galaxies 20 Ultra charging time that is much faster. It takes only 19 minutes from 10% to 99% of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 light.

If you really crave the Galaxy Tab S, six, which I used to call the best Android tablet, yes, because there was no rival at that time and unfortunately, bc13 hasn't arrived yet, yes, this other version can be an alternative but there is a price, so that the latest 7 million Android tablets do not officially enter astaku, yes, other Android brands are busy making smartphones that consistently make tablets, and Samsung Saudi continues to decline between other Android. For now, the opponent is not to mention the existence of the S pen, which is already included in the purchase. Heavy games can still be made, but obviously the graphics options are lowered, yes.

It is optimally used for entertainment such as watching or playing light games that is definitely suitable for productive activities. Wie I said earlier : yes, write, pictures, write notes, take all kinds of notes by taking advantage of the built-in S-pen. Full review of Samsung Galaxy Tab S sixlight Thanks for watching Don't forget to follow IG and Twitter Cheese and see you see in the next video..

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