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Hi, Samsung Galaxy Note, the price is 3 million The original full set was done by Samsung Indonesia. Did the assistant die, let's immediately review the Galaxy Note Neng in 2020, if you guys get some research and technology and let's review Samsung Galaxy Note light as usual. If with 128 internal storage it is a supermarket. Of course I bought a turn signal guarantee and also an original full set. It's in the fox, bye guys as usual or maybe some of them. You can spec using the Exynos 9810 chipset which has a 1000 m screen in Bekasi for 6.4 inches, Super AMOLED, Okay, 516gb, wide display, finished, Canadian, headphone jack and also has a battery of 4000 MP3 which can fast charge up to 15 words. So nice they discussed the ibiza show for themselves.

This is still really premium, certainly not with good glasses and a metal frame for itself. I really like it I really like city cell phones, like this prettymuch guys, looks elegant and I think this is really cool. Even though the front screen is a pretty thick final battle, where today's cellphones are but Forzen still looks quite modern and for one-hand use, the HP Note signal is better for hands, If you use one of them, the cellphone knows the width so that I am easy to fall, I recommend it considering the use of prayer for the Galaxy Note 2. Another spoon also has a lover, its position above it is colored electrification, yes, of course Nounai has NFC and its position is in the camera. We directly test it with the DPR commission card,.

We try it now, mostly book you, Come on, our scan to Tokopedia is done. My own can say that 10 out of 10 are still super, responsive and very fast, and the next thing to do is to have your own, which is the position behind it and the speed, although not the fastest, but it's super accurate and pretty reborn, so continue to drink Reza, or rather, this air scanner super fast. As long as the position is right when it hits the bag. The speed of the installation is superfast, it's even faster than the setting and for the quality of the screen itself. Yes it's the same, but overall the screen has fabled colors, with good contrast and a single, perfect oval, comfortable, even viewing content on the Galaxy Note white, only for use in the sun, It's not good, fullright Nas, Hi Super.

Unfortunately, there is no war, so HP is used outside w even though it's still all there, but it now looks quite dark compared to the same Flexim. This last one is definitely different, just like other Samsung cellphones. The cheapest, most expensive ancestor doesn't exist, of course, and this lady's job is great. Today, it is comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Flip. Check it out, because here in Nice I tested using Doggos, This is still very flexible.. Of course the boss is very strong and has fun vocals., clear and also the Safaraz is a very good instrument or not about the status is really good Oplosan is more towards gloomy and I'm also trying to test the full volume using a cellphone. The cost per production unit volume is about seven percent.

It feels solid, hey, nice,. The quality of the dual speakers already supports it. It has a super wide voice thanks to more atmosphere with clear, vocal bells and a large pot. It is more a Beleng-shaped while at full volume it can be very loud with zero distortion. If you want to compare it with other cellphones the price is the same, the Galaxy Note Mini Boat of the best is in my opinion only great, to the point that it is compared to Gas Yasteen, which costs the same, only the front version. This is the MKGR Tour Package 2, 2 Wedok Wes cards and because of these two megapixel tasks, f24 teleport.to, thanks optical zoom, for this front camera, two cameras also play, A great, natural coloring and overall contraction is also very good.

The camera has also the same color temperature so that it doesn't look weird. Details are still shocking, with a little noise and the colors are still alive but we can see that some of these pictures look like Lancers. At night photos, for example, with bright light. Good even though the megapixel helmet detail is still sufficient short with white backlight, Fortuner can still focus well on objects. Okay, Guys use the recording resolution for the key system. Hey guys - I didn't try AC service, and this guy can only drain the video for 5 minutes.

Sharp concerns, I max forecasted vs mine for not, only 5 minutes off road, This video Hi, as if you can comment below where the audio paper and stabilization are now, Let's talk about this gaming performance, because my flash unit crashed using steps instead of packages Dragon but it uses its own Exynos 7885 chipset. Onflix I entered it, I tried to test it, I played gasoline. The overall gameplay is surprisingly smooth, guys, with a minimum starter. He has Fred, who is fairly stable, but after playing for more than 10 minutes or 15 minutes the HP feels hot and there will be Trawas. This hotel make a performance in tons of Dinot down, so many starters and frames. Which is definitely going down but Forzen gameplay is still Angel band.

So it's still pretty good boss? RCTI, S2 or sharpaquos ar22 can say that you play games on other glasses even though you use a spoon, but it feels smoother and leaves no problems at all, guys, like other Samsung cellphones, playing games with high difficulty or no audio at all. All classes are responsive to other top cellphones like the iPad, iPhone or Google pixel camera. We discuss, see that you are experienced, our mobile phone goes to settings,. We see that is the software version, it is not only big, it's already in Revelation. This Android security patch is still available in March. November 2021 seems to only support one month of the Crontab, Hence, it's a bit long to support the usual representative.com.

Unfortunately Skin Abeng still supports the Android version of Sangubanyu, The reference has become Superfly, but I always say: I prefer Wahyu over Mio ayam, of course, so aov.co.ud video performance or use still feels, Call it and very naqli multitasking, playing games, achieving love, Everything feels smooth and what certainly must be consistency because of the waiting, which is in my opinion very important for perfectionists. Like me and the brake pedal, the information is the article This cellphone is already on the first website. How come you can watch Netflix or other themes with the highest resolution? The last thing we discuss is the Tibet relief itself, guys.

He has a fairly large battery in his day, Brahma used a battery that could flash charge with 12 Words or wireless charging because the battery itself is still c enough. Solid novel Galaxy Note is playing for a full day and you only use social media and video streaming, and you have screen on time for about 6 hours and a half Hi. It's still quite OK. Google is quite OK in the afternoon even though I use only 15 watts of charge, which is certainly from 20 % to touch it took only an hour 21. have a belt that is still super premium audio quotes which are really amazing, in my opinion. The camera quality is very good and he also has an expansion for Noticers, of course.

This is one of the points where the gas is responded to: So you are not an SPT user, for those of you who use this spell, can be better than galaxies Why do I say it's better because besides the sp, in my opinion, at a price of 3.6 million 7.7 years the Galaxy Note is collapsing. This condition, guys, the Chief of Police, is willing to be original., Samsung Galaxy, S Tendi for the same price, Now it is in Japanese, so emails can be blocked at any time. So it's safer, just be happy, just gas when I die I'm Saudi Tomorrow. If I have the cellphone, I will put the link in the description. You can also indopaper, yesafira or you to be precise, I'll also register linggau, click on the description Ok, maybe try that, Hey, moemek, salad via Thanks for watching guys, see you next..

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