Forgot password to factory reset (Bypass Password, PIN, Pattern) - Galaxy User Guide

So you have a Samsung Galaxy S, S, 20 s, 20 plus, or the 20 ultra and you're trying to do a factory reset because you forgot your password. Hence, you will have no hard keys for a hard reset and do a factory reset. But when you try to turn off your phone it asks for a password that you forgot to enter so I'll show you how to bypass this. It can then ask you to pin a password or maybe even a swipe code, anyways. It's pretty easy to bypass this. Now, in order to bypass this, what are we going to do.

First off, we're gonna force it to restart when it is about to restart - we're going to switch key combinations here to boot into the Android recovery menu so that we can do a factory reset. It's gonna be the power button and the volume down button, we're gonna press and hold for about, like 15 seconds, as soon as the 15 seconds are up. We want to go soon and continue to hold the Power button, but just go with the volume down and then press and hold the volume until we see the Samsung logo. They may take me a few times right now : I'm going to head and try it okay.

It's going to be the Volume Down Power button, press and hold both buttons, wait about 15 seconds so it's about to reboot and then go ahead and release the Volume Down button and press and hold the Volume Up button while always holding down the power button. Let go and then I'm pointing the volume up and I'm still holding the power button, so I hold the volume up and the power button up. Let me see: ok, I can go and let go Samsung logo I got it on my first attempt got pretty lucky again: I waited about 15 seconds, but sometimes it might be 30. Anyways, I booted up here to the Android recovery menu and only went to do from there.

You can use the volume rockers that go down to go down to where it says: white data / factory reset. There use volume rockers to move up and down so wipe the data. Take it back Teresa don't forget that when we do a factory reset it will be as if everything is going to be erased. You gonna lose everything on your phone and then once the reset is complete it will be as if you bought the phone brand new and took it out of the box anyways its own white data, factory reset to select it I'm going ahead and press the power button here.

Are you sure you want to do this because it can't be undone I'll go ahead and use the volume knob to go down to factory data reset right now I'm going ahead and click on the power button right here and now you can watch the bottom, my phone as soon as I press on power. Ok, white data, complete Okay, so it is now done by default. It moves back to here where it says that reboot System now, so we just reboot it, so we will simply tap the power button here to restart it, and this may take a few minutes to boot up and then we're in the beginning of setup, where you got to choose your language and all the other good stuff. Still stuck on this Samsung logo but still should go ahead and let it wait..

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