For this phone, 1 word... BORING! // Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Review - Galaxy User Guide

When Samsung first released the Galaxy Note, many people said it was an oversized smartphone, too large in the hand and even the term phablet. A combination of phone and tablet, came out.. Look at the last few years. All normal size phones are as big as the phablet. Maybe the larger screen for media consumption gives a better experience. That is actually done to cover a shortcoming - the battery life. The larger size allows manufacturers to have even larger batteries. Why did Samsung pretend to come out with a Galaxy S22 with a battery capacity? Shopee forgot to turn it off... Yes, Shopee, we're again advertising... Using a small Android smartphone has always been my choice.

I have been using the Samsung S10e for a long time and now my daily driver is the Z Flip 3. Isn't that small when I open it, but will compare that in terms of battery capacity. The Z Flip 3 has a battery capacity of 3100mAh and the S22 is slightly larger at 3700mAh. The biggest challenge in using a small smartphone comes from battery life. Is it enough for this to be used to the day without having to charge it up? Sometimes I still have to charge before going home. hmm, better..., better in the sense that it can be used all day if use is standard, social media, gaming as needed, a little productivity to check and reply to emails, photos, and others. If it is used to play intensive games, half a day will still be knocked out. My concern at the launch event.

Right? Wasn't proven. I'm not worried without reason. This phone has a smaller size than the S21. The battery size has also decreased and he does not also use an LTPO display like his brothers. Just that Samsung has found the right dosage recipe for a small smartphone. Good job. I was actually quite disappointed with one thing . That is a matter of design. Really, it's a matter of taste, or maybe it's because of my job as a gadget. I want a different design so there will be a special feeling when I want to upgrade my cellphone. One design like this will not add to the reasons for previous S21 users to upgrade to S22. That doesn't mean that the design is bad.

The design is still good and luxurious, with superior build quality, I am complaining because I think it just is boring. Fortunately in terms of specifications, He uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. As usual, not Exynos. The performance is really good. I am still enjoying playing rocket league and he is fun to play. Is it hot? Well I don't feel that way. It just doesn't get hot. Maybe it's because my hot standard is ROG, phone... It's real hot..., *laughs* Or maybe it is because I don't have a case on this phone. Don’t worry,. If it's with me, it won't break. It comes to breaking things, Irwan and I are different. But for digital providers, We agree Live.On is the least troublesome. The options are many, the quota does not have conditions.

It should be at no time at a specific time, and not limited to just the application. This means that it can be used anytime, anywhere and for anything. The quota doesn't run out in one month. It won't be forfeited since Live.On has data up to 1TB rolling. It's easy to get the first one, just order online and you can get it and your first activation at home,. Don't you see it's troublesome? If you have a friend who is disturbing you who wants to borrow money, that is it. Switch to Live.On. My advice: just buy live.On power go 20GB for only 50k. The link is in the description. Do you know the similarities between Live.On and the Samsung Galaxy S22 camera? Both of them are good. The main 50MP camera gives good photos. The color is cool, the details are also visible.

It looks like sharpening but not too bad. Now for point and shoot. Another improvement that I saw was in the tele. It is cool that the tiny mobile phone still gets. The result is good. The only thing that surprised me was when I pulled it out with digital jum... digital jum again... When I pulled it out with Diti... When with digital zoom,. I love that. Ultra wide is also good for taking photos. Video is also very detailed. The bokeh on the rear camera is also very creamy. The stabilizer isn't as smooth as the iPhone 13, but it's good enough. Maybe I'm complaining about the design, but for the overall experience, I feel that Samsung, especially on Android, has provided the most complete one. UI responsive, rich in features but not too much.

Edge panels that are very useful for me, the fingerprint under display, which is now super agile, even down to small details like the difference in vibrations. When typing and pressing the spacebar It's like a real keyboard where the ticks are different between typing the alphabet and pressing the space bar, right? It's so detailed and I think it is really good. To answer just to confirm whether or not he will replace my Z Flip, 3 or not, I am still confused, to be honest. I really like the Z Flip 3, even though I think that the S22 actually is much better. The camera is better too, the battery is also, the screen. It's fun, it is not boring while it's just normal. It's a really nice little phone, but it is okay. It’s, just that I am the PO on this phone too.

Yes, we'll see how it goes. Hahaha - I hope that helps..

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